Friday 22 April 2022

Just made... carers lunch for him and I experimented with two things without him knowing until I brought his lunch in today and they both worked an absolute treat.

The first experiment was to put the grill into the bottom of the drawer - it was sat on top of the porridge container totally unused, so I used my initiative.

The second thing was to pre-heat the air fryer with the drawer in, like it should be, instead of leaving it open 'cos Steve was filling the drawer while it was heating up.

It took a grand total of 41 minutes from me shuffling out there to bringing my carers lunch in for him instead of the over hour that it usually takes to barely cook things.

I also didn't shake the tray until the waffles had started to crisp up and even then it was just a gentle shake to get 'em all moving slightly instead of my carers violent shaking he did with the hash browns that make them come out totally separated into little bits of no more than a couple of centimetres each at their most put-together point, so I appear to be the air-fryer queen now 😃

We've got 18 waffles left to cook and I'm seemingly not eating for the rest of the day now 'cos my legs won't hold me up for long enough after making 100% of my carers meals so far today.

He tells everyone that he "makes all her meals and drinks" yet he's only made one meal and zero drinks so far this week.  He's cared for me for 73 minutes so far this week so he's still got to pull 33 hours and 47 minutes out of the bag before midnight on Sunday which would mean him putting in over 11 hours a day from now until bedtime on Sunday which just ain't gonna happen in reality.  Apparently he's my carer though <shrug>

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