Tuesday 19 April 2022


My carer actually helped to put the groceries away today... it should go down in the history books!

He spent a good five minutes ranting about how nosey and unhelpful the driver was, but that's nothing new - unless the driver takes the initiative and bags up every single thing we've bought then hands the bag to Steve to swing from one side of his body to the other for me to take through to the kitchen, they are unhelpful apparently!

He's now deciding he wants cheese sandwiches for lunch "with half of the cheese that came today" instead of the sausage sandwiches that he decided on this morning which was another change from the menu that he agreed to at the weekend.  Either way, I won't be eating by the looks of things again <shrug>

Now he's wasting a 1kg bag of vegetables because we're not gonna be having vegetables with any of our meals, so I'd better go and photograph them and put them on Olio then.

Steve's having cheese sarnies for lunch and I'm having nothing, using up the bread so I'll be having less for my breakfasts and I can see him wanting a take-away for his tea too.

I give up, I really do.

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