Saturday 30 April 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

My hayfever is alreaday through the roof so I'm gonna be sniffing and sneezing and my eyes are gonna be streaming all day today.

I've taken my morning pills and got everything ready for planting, so I'll go and take the collapsed Amazon boxes and paper packaging through to be recycled then make breakfast for us, weigh myself then let my breakfast "go down" a bit before I do the planting - busy day today!

The virus scan is running and I'm onto my second pint of pop already this morning to try and increase my weight a touch more.  Gonna wait until after I've had breakfast before I weigh myself each day now 'cos that's what I used to do.  I'm gonna weigh myself every day until I've got my weight back up to where I want it to be then back to once a week on a Monday morning again.

Time to go and make breakfast for both of us when my carer has woken up.  Nope, not joking - he spends 8-10 hours asleep during the day and all night asleep, so he's only awake for about 6 hours out of every 24 and  that's spent either cooking (2-3 days a week) or talking about sport that I couldn't care less about so I dunno where he gets the caring for me for 5 hours a day (minimum) fitting into it!

I'm gonna go and have a bath when I've done the planting, so I need to find fresh clothes too, but they will have to wait until later on in the day.

The virus scan has finished now and it's still showing up as clear, thankfully.

Gotta remember to keep reading and reviewing last nights book too... all go to day by the looks of things lol

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