Thursday 21 April 2022

Does anyone have... idea/rocket I can shove up my carer's bum to motivate him to do two things please?

The first is to pay his mum back for our hair cuts now that he's got access to his online banking again.

The second is to ask his brother and/or sister if they wouldn't mind coming over to get rid of all the dead weeds in the back yard so that I can get the bag of compost that Steve's found on Amazon and plant the wild flowers to help to feed all the bees that are rapidly dieing out and even approaching the verge of extinction.  I can't do much, but I *can* do that for them.  

The seeds are due to arrive next week so I wanna get it all sorted before then.

I'm giving Steve until tomorrow morning to contact his family about both those things that he's promised to do or I'll do it myself.  Again.

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