Tuesday 26 April 2022

That's a bit more...

...of the spare room tidied up now.  Other than a couple of stationery trays, the top of the (very dusty <sneeze>) desk is totally clear and I've got more stuff to go onto Freegle now... wanna recover a bit first though so that I don't lose more weight than strictly necessary.  


I'm gonna take the photos and email them to myself tonight/tomorrow, but I won't advertise them until I've put the weight on that I'm bound to lose this week.  I wanna move around as little as possible this week so that I don't use up more calories than I consume... shoulda thought about that before I went up to do the spare room, but the tiny amount of tidying up in the kitchen motivated me, so I wanted to make the most of it while I could lol

I'm a sweaty Betty now though, so I really will have to have a bath after I've finished planting in the back yard lol

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