Tuesday 26 April 2022

Just had...

...the substitutions email for our groceries and my ice creams (the vast majority of my total) are unavailable and haven't been replaced so the total is £31.99 instead of £47 lol

Here are the totals for today:

My stuff:  £2.07
Steve's stuff:  £20.25
Joint stuff:  £7.17

So Steve's stuff is ⅔ of the entire order today and I bet he'll forget to reject the replacement for the vegetarian pieces which we won't be able to use so that's gonna go onto Olio and it's £2.50 so an expensive waste of money that I would prefer to keep in my bank account, rather than putting it straight onto Olio because Steve's accepted it rather than rejected it.

Because the pieces aren't there, we're having toasted cheese sarnies for lunch and I bet Steve'll find an excuse not to do it, so my entire calorie count today will be from the iced tea I had for breakfast, so under 500 calories for the entire day for the second day on the trot.

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