Thursday 28 April 2022

I'm predicting...

...that Steve won't be making lunch today and potentially tomorrow or even for the rest of the week.


Because his box of beef jerky has literally just turned up and he's diving into it already so he's sorted for lunch today too, which means he'll fill up on the jerky and be too full for a proper lunch today.  He will also scoff at least 2 packets for breakfast tomorrow and potentially another couple for lunch so I don't reckon he'll be cooking tomorrow either, so the earliest I'm predicting (but seriously hoping I'm wrong) I'll eat this week will be potentially Saturday.

I've eaten twice (for lunch on Monday and Tuesday) so far this week instead of the 10 meals he tells everyone he's made for me by now.  Steve's eaten 3 times every day (so 10 times so far, as well as the snacks he pretty much constantly eats) so far this week but my belly is left to rumble.

Apparently I'm lying about that though <shrug>

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