Friday 29 April 2022

Mornin' all

Started caring for my carer pretty late this morning - 5.45am - but I had to keep caring for him after I shut down my laptop last night so I've already cared for him for almost 50 hours this week and this morning's care so far takes us over 50 hours, so there's a pretty good chance that it'll be another 85 hour week.

I've taken my morning pills, drunk half a litre of water and my belly is used to not having anything to eat all day now, so if we have lunch today then I don't know what'll happen.  I'll force it down if I have to, but after two full days of zero calories, my body desperately needs calories by now otherwise it won't be able to function healthily.

My carer did the washing up (but "forgot" the pasta boxes yet again, so I'll have to do them later when my deliveries have been) and made a bottle of squash for me, so his weekly total is now 108 minutes for the entire week, so there's very little chance of him hitting the minimum required to be recognised as a carer and I've already done more this morning alone than he has all week, but apparently I'm not the carer <shrug>

I'm not gonna do the news today - don't wanna be interrupted by the delivery and lunch and caring for my carer is all.


The virus scan was clear, thankfully, so I'm safe from nasties again, which is a relief.

I've meant to publish this three times so far this morning, but have kept getting side-tracked, so I'm gonna publish it now before I forget yet again lol

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