Thursday 28 April 2022

Just taken... lunchtime pill and I'm also currently giving myself a huuuge guilt trip.


Because about half of Tuesday's grocery total is stuff just for me which I don't think has ever happened before.  I willingly took off all my pop 'cos I've still got 10 bottles in the kitchen (after not even letting myself have that this week) so I went searching for vegan treats that I could have.


I started off with the chocolate protein soya milk, then spotted an oat ice cream that seems to be me-friendly, then a couple of vegan chocolate cupcakes and vegan shortbread, which took the total over the budget, so I took the cupcakes off and checked out before the guilt trip won.  


Of a £49 shop, mine is over £20 of it for a very rare change.  I can guarantee that I won't get all of it by the time it's delivered, either because Steve's taken some/most/all of it off to make room for his stuff and/or it'll be out of stock on Tuesday morning... it's good that I'm allowed this very rare treat though!  


I've just gotta keep ignoring the guilt trip I keep giving myself though.

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