Tuesday 26 April 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?  My hayfever is already affecting me and it's only just gone 6am, so I'm guessing today will be another high hayfever suffering day today.

I've already taken my morning pills and remembered to bring my bottle of iced tea in and charge up my FitBit, as well as setting the virus scan going (still clear) and supporting my carer for almost an hour this morning.  I ended up doing double the minimum amount of care last night and I think my carer quickly realised what my plan was, but I'll keep it going either for the rest of this week, or until I'm below where it's healthy to be with my weight.  If that happens either today or tomorrow then I'll go back to having high calorie breakfasts so that I can rapidly increase my weight then I'll give the plan its second attempt when I'm at the top of the weight range, rather than just under the middle.  


So far, out of the three meals he could have made so far and that he tells everyone he makes, he's only actually made one.  I'm trying to remain hopeful that I'll have lunch again today and I think it'll be a higher calorie one than yesterdays, which is no bad thing.

I've also remembered to have my iced tea this morning, so I've already got 144 calories inside me, which is just under half of yesterday's calories for the entire day.

When my FitBit has finished charging up, I'll go and weigh myself to make sure I can keep on with the plan today or if I should abort the mission after only 24 hours.


Forgot to publish this lol

I'll go and weigh myself now then let you all know whether today is a continuation of the plan or if I am aborting the mission for a week lol

I've lost 300g in just under 24 hours, so the plan is still good to go for today... I can safely lose up to another 1.1kg this week if I need to, but if I lose more than that I'm instantly aborting the mission.

Our groceries are due this morning so I'm hoping that my carer will still be up for making lunch for us, otherwise my only calories today will be from the iced tea I finished off this morning.  I've had my 3 allowed servings of caffeine this week now, so it'll just be water unless my carer makes a hot drink for me/us this week.

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