Friday 22 April 2022

Last two pills of the day...

...have been taken and I've only got one left of each of 'em.

Can someone remind me at some point between when I head to bed tonight and when I come back downstairs in the morning that I need to charge my FitBit up please?  It's currently at 82% so it'll record my sleep tonight but it won't tomorrow if I don't charge it up very first thing, 'cos it starts to stop recording things when it gets below 75% which'll be tomorrow lunchtime and I wanna be able to move around without having to take it off, set it charging, decide I need a wee, put it back around my ankle, put my boot back on, go to the bathroom, come back in here, take it back off, set it charging again then the cycle starts again a couple of hours later lol

It's looking increasingly likely that I'll hit the 12 hour mark at 7.35pm and possibly the 13 hour mark at 8.35pm but I want an early night tonight, so I'm not gonna push my body much beyond the 12 hour mark and I'll listen to it when it tells me it's had enough for the day.  I've already put in a 60 hour week and haven't had a healthy last 24 hours of them, so I'm gonna give my body the extra rest it needs tonight to hopefully get things back on track tomorrow morning.  Hopefully last night's tea will have worked it's way out of my body by tomorrow, 'cos that's what has caused the bad night and day I've had.


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