Thursday 28 April 2022

Mornin' all

So far this morning I've:

  • started the virus scan
  • taken my morning pills
  • ordered myself some more batteries for the scales 'cos I think they are on their last legs and not giving me an accurate weight reading after losing the best part of 2kg in 3 days, despite eating a *very* high calorie lunch on Tuesday
  • added some last minute gardening things to the order that'll help me to keep track of what's growing and seeds to help the bees and butterflies to survive potential extinction
  • started charging up my FitBit and
  • cared for my carer for nearly 2 hours this morning

My to-do list for today is pretty simple:- I'll go and weigh myself after I've posted this then finish charging up my FitBit while I wait for someone from Freegle to come and collect her things.


On the menu for today is a mug of instant soup again, 'cos of the monthly virus scan, but I'm predicting that today will be my second (and hopefully last) calorie-free day of the week 'cos I can't see my carer making lunch for either of us again even though he tells everyone who asks, that he makes all my meals and drinks for me.  So far this week he's made 2 meals and no drinks, as I predicted at the weekend <shrug>

Steve's got a medical appointment again just before his surgery closes and I'm predicting that he'll cancel the appointment and not go yet again.

Right, time to publish this, reattach my FitBit to my ankle and go and weigh myself I reckon.


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