Saturday 30 April 2022

Achieved quite a lot today!

After taking my morning pills and making breakfast for me an' 'im, I went out to plant/sow the seeds (which turned out to be more stressful than I anticipated), then had a lovely warm (as opposed to barely tepid like I was dreading), lavendar-scented bubble bath with waaay too many bubbles and I actually managed to get a small warm top-up out of the emersion heater this time too, which is usually unheard of, then I had a home-cooked lunch instead of a take-away and I've spent the rest of this afternoon continuing to read and review an ARC of a NF book on philosophy until my Kindle ran out of juice after spending 10 of the last 24 hours using it non-stop and without charging it.

I'm charging my mobile up now too, so that it doesn't die at silly o'clock and I get flustered about having broken it.

I've taken my night-time pills and I'm ⅓ of the way through the book now, so I'm on track for finishing it on publication day (3rd May).  I very much doubt that there will be any news until the book is finished and reviewed though, but I'll keep on writing blog posts and stuff, it's just that the news usually takes me all morning to do which is valuable reading time atm, so this book is taking priority until I finish it.

Steve's made his own tea tonight, so I can, in theory at least, have a wonderfully early night.  Gotta wait for the side effects to kick in first though  😉

Support totals for today look like this:

Amanda's care of her carer:  9 hours 16 minutes
Carer's care of Amanda:  1 hour 26 minutes

So far this week, the caring totals break down like this:

Amanda's care of her carer:  72 hours 14 minutes
Carer's weekly care of Amanda:  3 hours 46 minutes

I'll spare you the rant that I'm sure you all know off my heart by now  😉

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