Wednesday 30 April 2014

I really can do this... I know I can!

My spending addiction is behaving itself so far and I walked Mitzi this morning but almost went base over apex several times but as soon as I get the wheelchair I'll take her on longer walks without fear of falling over and not being able to get up!

I get paid again on Friday and I'll be in credit again!  Yay!  Then I just need to not spend anything until July and I can get the Capricorn wheelchair and start to get my freedom and independence back!

Just need to remember that whenever I want to spend anything!

I need some new skirts, trousers and knickers at some point soon 'cos the size 14 clothes are falling down on me!  So embarrassing!

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Vitamin B1

The people who usually get Korsakov Syndrome are alcoholics, it's rare to have it and not be an alcoholic.

I'm one of the rare ones.

My Korsakov Syndrome was diagnosed by a Neurologist because I was severely deficient in Vitamin B1 and because it was so long before I was diagnosed I won't ever recover.

I want to try and get some B1 back into me though, so I ordered 200 Vitamin B1 pills when I ordered the B12 pills.

I have to admit I'm nervous now... I know this is the best I'll ever be and things will only get worse now but I've got to at least try!

Wish me luck!

Money, money, money!

I was paid today and will be again on Friday when I'll be back in credit!  Yay!  If I don't spend anything during May or June, I'll be able to afford an electric wheelchair in July!  Yaay!

I really can do this!

Monday 28 April 2014


I got a letter in the post this morning saying that the company I've got one of my credit cards with had, at my request, reduced my monthly payments to £75 a month and the interest rate of only 3% which is a huge reduction from the 29.9% I was paying!  That's a 26.9% reduction just from one phone call a couple of weeks ago!

Before I phoned the company, I was paying £131 a month just to this one credit card company alone... that one payment was just under a quarter of my money every month!

Sunday 27 April 2014

Wheelchairs part 2

I heard back from the place I'm getting the wheelchairs yesterday afternoon and they said the Capricorn chair dismantles into 3 parts so I've just replied to ask if the battery can be charged offboard and that'll be the deciding factor... if it can then I'll get the Capricorn (the 6 miler) if it can't, I'll get the one I first thought of (the one that's more expensive but goes 20 miles on a full charge)... how's that for decision making!  lol

I'm definitely going to get the Lugano but it won't be until at least October but I'm going to get either the Capricorn or the Aries by hopefully June or July which will get me out of the house alone and further than the end of the street and I will be able to take Mitzi for longer, more interesting walks!

I can almost taste the freedom and independence!

Saturday 26 April 2014


I'm now wondering if I should go with my original thought of a chair that does everything I want except raise the seat but would only need to charge the battery once a week or if I should go with the one I linked to on here a few days ago that only goes 6 miles which would mean charging the battery every other day but the seat rises.

Thinking sensibly, I only need one chair with a seat I can raise as I'll use the other chair to walk Mitzi so I'm prolly better off going with my original thought even though it's slightly more expensive, I know that I can fold it up to keep in our narrow hall and the battery is charged up offboard too which I was also looking for and I don't think the chair that goes 6 miles does.

Hmmm... what do I do?  I get less than £300 DLA money every 4 weeks and I'm going to get my ideal chair at the end of the year anyway so do I sit on my hands for an extra month and get the chair I originally found or do I go with the 6 miler?  I'm thinking of going with my original thought right now but I don't know for sure either way!

What do you think I should do?

Friday 25 April 2014


I forgot to say yesterday that I've got an addiction to spending and I'm feeling really proud of myself right now 'cos I've just said no to a raffle for a charity I've donated to in the past!  They are going to try again in June so I hope I can say no then too!

Thursday 24 April 2014

It's been more than a year since I last posted here, but...

... I'm going to try and remember to post in here at least once a week as of now!

Quick update - I've been diagnosed with:

chronic a-typical psychotic depression
with self-harm tendencies and suicidal ideation


non-alcoholic Korsakov Syndrome
mild brain damage

dairy allergy
It wasn't easy to get all those diagnoses, especially the Korsakov Syndrome and the brain damage and the dairy allergy was pretty hard going too, but I'm still here and I'm glad my illnesses have a name now!
My memory is shot because of the brain damage and I use a quad to walk but I've been awarded DLA until 2018 and I'm going to get myself 2 wheelchairs with the money.
Why 2 wheelchairs?
The first one is to get me used to being out on my own... the seat rises 6.5cm so I'll be able to go to my GP on my own and go to the bank and stuff but it only goes 6 miles on a full battery charge so I'll need to charge it every other day... it's two months DLA money as I don't pay tax on things to help with my health and I'll use it while I save up for my ideal chair which goes a huge 25 miles on a full charge so I'll be able to take our dog on longer and more interesting walks and I only need to charge it up once a week!
Just need to stop spending now!  lol