Sunday 27 April 2014

Wheelchairs part 2

I heard back from the place I'm getting the wheelchairs yesterday afternoon and they said the Capricorn chair dismantles into 3 parts so I've just replied to ask if the battery can be charged offboard and that'll be the deciding factor... if it can then I'll get the Capricorn (the 6 miler) if it can't, I'll get the one I first thought of (the one that's more expensive but goes 20 miles on a full charge)... how's that for decision making!  lol

I'm definitely going to get the Lugano but it won't be until at least October but I'm going to get either the Capricorn or the Aries by hopefully June or July which will get me out of the house alone and further than the end of the street and I will be able to take Mitzi for longer, more interesting walks!

I can almost taste the freedom and independence!

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