Saturday 26 April 2014


I'm now wondering if I should go with my original thought of a chair that does everything I want except raise the seat but would only need to charge the battery once a week or if I should go with the one I linked to on here a few days ago that only goes 6 miles which would mean charging the battery every other day but the seat rises.

Thinking sensibly, I only need one chair with a seat I can raise as I'll use the other chair to walk Mitzi so I'm prolly better off going with my original thought even though it's slightly more expensive, I know that I can fold it up to keep in our narrow hall and the battery is charged up offboard too which I was also looking for and I don't think the chair that goes 6 miles does.

Hmmm... what do I do?  I get less than £300 DLA money every 4 weeks and I'm going to get my ideal chair at the end of the year anyway so do I sit on my hands for an extra month and get the chair I originally found or do I go with the 6 miler?  I'm thinking of going with my original thought right now but I don't know for sure either way!

What do you think I should do?

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