Sunday, 22 May 2022

Today's (22nd May 2022) breakfast photo

Back to the tropical fruits granola with soya milk this morning but with raspberries instead of blueberries for a change.  I've got a punnet of mango chunks to use up before tomorrow, so I'm thinking I'll squish some up with water instead of milk later on otherwise I'll have sticky fingers and no way to unstickify them if I have them for my breakfast tomorrow.  I've got a couple of punnets of blueberries that run out of date on Tuesday, so I'll have them on my breakfast tomorrow morning.

It's pizza's for lunch today and that'll be another test of our new oven... hopefully the cheese will be gorgeously melted and even have a touch of colour on it, without being burnt.

Here's today's photo:

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I've been sniffing and sneezing and sniffing and my eyes have been itchy and watery and itchy since I woke up, so it's gonna be another high pollen count day today.

I've already guzzled 1 litre of pop, so I'm gonna go and get myself a glass of water to keep me hydrated until my carer wakes up, then I'll go and make his breakfast for him and take his empty bowl through to the kitchen.  It's granola and raspberries for me today 'cos the top-up shop that Marie got yesterday had 2 punnets of raspberries with a use by date of today on them.

Just had the reminder come up to take my morning pills, so hold on while I do that now, before I forget.

OK, pills taken, so I've just gotta remember my lunchtime pill then refill my pill caddy ready for next week.

My carer is deeply asleep 'cos he's snoring and grunting so it'll be a late breakfast for us today, seemingly.  The caring totals for the week so far look like this:

Me caring for my carer:  71 hours 2 minutes
My carer caring for me: 3 hours 22 minutes

But apparently "I do everything for her" and "I make all her meals and drinks" which is total and utter bollox and he's got proof of how little he does now 'cos of the spreadsheets I've been asking him to keep since 1st January which he always forgets to do, so it's a good job that I update both innit!

He's just woken up and headed to the bathroom, so we're having an early breakfast after all.  Bet he'll fall asleep on the toilet though! Gotta go and water the seedlings too, between making my carer's breakfast and my own, so that I don't forget.

The virus scan didn't find any nasties on my machine, so that's reassuring.

I was wrong about him falling asleep in the bathroom 'cos he's just walked back in here, puffing and panting from making those 10-15 steps.  Yep, totally serious.

Better go and make his breakfast for him and go and water the seedlings now, 'cos it's not like he'll do it.

Saturday, 21 May 2022

Nite nite orl

I've just taken my last two pills of the day and was yawning before I took 'em, so I'm going straight to bed tonight.

Nite nite orl.

Just watered the seedlings and...

...the 38 Degrees seedlings are absolutely thriving!

Literally all I've done since sowing the seeds is watering them a couple of times a day and literally nothing else but they are growing like mad and they are gradually becoming stronger too.  I don't reckon it'll be long before they are big enough to maybe start flowering 'cos they are shooting up every day and in the 3 weeks since I first sowed them, they have absolutely flourished!


I last took a photo 10 days ago and there is a noticeable growth even since then!

Here's today's photo:

Time to...

...go and give the seedlings their afternoon drink now that I've made one for Steve.  Gonna try and remember to take a photo of the three pots too 'cos 2 of 'em (the bees ones) are absolutely thriving now!

Today's (21st May 2022) lunch photo

Another ready-made meal of lasagne (vegetable for me, beef for Steve) that was sooo simple to cook and tasted spot on.  Having a fan oven now definitely helps with the evenly spreaded cooking of whatever is in being cooked and I don't think it uses so much electricity either because it goes into a slightly cooler oven (in this case it was 180° instead of 200° for a non-fan oven).

It's pizza baguettes tomorrow so that will be another chance for the oven to impress us - will it brown off the cheese or just melt it like our previous oven did?

Here's today's photo:

Lunch today is... the oven now and it's definitely lasagne's (beef for Steve and veggie for me).  Tomorrow is the pizza baguettes then it's just Steve's pork sausages, a loaf of bread, 2 cornetto-type ice creams for Steve and the vegan sausage rolls left in the freezer then.  The little freezer is totally crammed with stuff (vegetarian pieces and a bag of vegemince along with 4 vegan ice creams, 2 vegan sausages and about a quarter of a bag of vegemince) so we're definitely eating a proper lunch today, hopefully tomorrow too, then it's just the veggie sausage rolls and the bread to get through between us and Steve's cornetto's and pork sausages to eat, then that's the freezer totally empty for the first time since Steve bought it!

Only 1 minute away from...

...having cared for my carer for 4 hours already this morning.

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Today's (21st May 2022) breakfast photo

I'd forgotten how dry the toast was and I'm left parched now, so I'm gonna go and get myself a glass of water to help my throat to recover.

We're gonna be defrosting our chest freezer soon, so we're using up all our stock, which means that it's lasagne for lunch today and pizza baguettes tomorrow and we've got a full loaf of bread in the freezer so it's gonna be toast for breakfast tomorrow at least, and potentially a couple of days next week too, depending on if Steve want's sandwiches for his tea or if he's just planning on having the bread for his sausage sandwiches next week.  Either way is fine by me, as long as it doesn't go to waste!

T'was 2 slices of wholemeal bread and dairy free spread for breakfast this morning.

Here's this morning's breakfast photo: