Monday, 16 May 2022

Updated totals for tomorrow

Steve wanted sausages and another tub of ice cream, so predictably that meant taking some of my stuff off and the totals now loook like this:

My stuff:  £9.34
Steve's stuff:  £24.72
Joint stuff:  £8.79

So Steve's stuff is well over half of the entire order yet again but it's my stuff then the joint stuff that comes off to make room for more of Steve's.  I don't think that there has been a single week that my stuff is significantly the most expensive, like Steve's is every week.  Last week was maybe £3-4 more expensive than his but that's an extremely rare occurance.

Today's (16th May 2022) lunch photo

Just had lunch made by Steve and it was delicious again.  A vegan spaghetti bolognaise with some Italian seasoning added to the bolognaise too.  T'was only 374 calories and I'm stuffed now, so I'll have to have at least one drinking chocolate this afternoon so that I don't risk losing any weight this week.  I can safely lose a maximum of 2kg and still be in the healthy weight range 'cos I'm right at the top of it atm, but I prefer to be at the top, rather than the bottom 'cos I find losing weight considerably easier than putting it on!

It's waffles for lunch tomorrow which should be interesting 'cos I didn't have *any* of the previous box so I dunno if I'll like 'em or not!  Looking at my previous lunch photo's I've had them once before this year but I dunno if they were the same brand or a replacement.  These ones don't have an allergen in so in theory they will be fine, I'm just cautious about trying new things in case they mess me up or whatever.

Here's today's lunch photo:

Today's (16th May 2022) breakfast photo

I cracked open the next bag of granola this morning and asked Steve to ask his mum to get me another one at some point soon.

It's vegan spag bol for lunch today and Steve still seems to be motivated to make it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be eating twice today.

Here's today's breakfast photo: 

Spreadsheet is now...

...sorted for another week, so next on my to-do list is uploading my breakfast photo to here and Instagram, then I can crack on with the news for the day.

Just weighed myself and...

...I've put on weight, thankfully, so I'm at the top end of my healthy weight range and I'll go back to just weighing myself once a week again now.

Time to get the spreadsheet sorted, then I can make a start on the news for today.

Mornin' all

Had a *very* late night last night and was asleep until 6.21am so managed just over 8 hours of sleep, thankfully.

I don't need to go and water the seedlings again this morning 'cos the Green Man arranged for that to happen overnight again.  The 38 Degrees seeds are going mad, the Amazon bees seedlings prefer their new location and the butterfly seeds have pretty much given up lol

I've taken my morning pills and I've guzzled about 750ml of water already this morning, so time to go and make breakfast for Steve now.  I put in over 86 hours of care last week (nearly 13 hours of care yesterday alone).  The daily virus scan was clear and he's just woken up so that he can take his pills, so I'll wait for him to do that before I go and make his breakfast for him.

OK, he's downed his pills, so I'd best go and make his breakfast for him now, then I can have my own while I wait for the rubbish and recycling to be collected, then I'll weigh myself and hope that I haven't lost any weight.


Sunday, 15 May 2022

Nite nite orl

I've cared for my carer for over 85 hours this week so I'm gonna head off to beddy-byes and hope that I don't wake up too outrageously early.

Nite nite orl, sea ewe in the morning.

Tuesday's grocery totals look like this:

Steve's just wasted 2 Cornish pasties and a cheese and onion slice 'cos they were all out of date and has replaced them on Tuesday's order with sandwich pastes so the totals now look like this:

My stuff:  £15.14
Steve's stuff:  £20.23
Joint stuff:  £5.29

So Steve's stuff is the most expensive and he's about to take my vegan ice creams off and replace them with yet more of his, so hold on and I'll do another update when he's checked out again:

My stuff:  £6.14
Steve's stuff:  £20.23
Joint stuff:  £12.49

So the joint stuff is double figures this week, which I'm happy about but Steve's stuff is still well over half of the shop and I'm in single figures again, but that doesn't seem to matter, despite it coming out of my account, right?


Today's (15th May 2022) lunch photo

Cor lummy!  Them breaded garlic button mushrooms were garlicky in the extreme!  I think I'm safe from Vampires for the next little while lol

Steve doesn't like mushrooms and I'm vegetarian so when the mushrooms were a replacement for something a couple of weeks ago, we decided that I'd have those when Steve had his chilli con carne.

Everything left in our cupboards and freezer is suitable for both of us and Steve's got meat and pasties in the fridge that he has for his tea (I don't usually eat in the evenings) and Steve's used our new oven for the first time now without it bursting into flames so as soon as he's got used to the personality of our new cooker, he'll be able to re-teach me to cook again.

The oven seems to cook in about the same amount of time, but "it pre-heated a bit quicker, which helped to speed things along a bit".  It'll be interesting to see what it's like with the Pasta Bake 'cos we haven't had that for at least 3 months and it's a really filling meal that we both enjoy (as long as we haven't had a big breakfast lol) which I think is on the cards for next week and I can't wait!

Here's today's lunch photo:

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