Sunday, 20 September 2020

Had me tea so now it's time for me pills

We had egg (and Steve had sausages) and chips for tea and apparently I get a point for badgering him to cook and he loses a point for breaking the eggs.  I'm not fussed about broken egg yolks... you've gotta break them before you eat them, so it's just saved me part of the job is all 🤷.


I've updated my navigation page with the completed course and certificate and put this past week's walkies spreadsheet up on my homepage, so time to check my emails, take my pills and head to bed now.

Nite nite orl.

Just finished the course and there *was* an assessment...

...which I failed the first time 👎 but passed the second 👍 with a score of 80% 👌, so it's time to code and upload the certificate and celebrate with egg sarnies for tea... my arse is gonna stink tomorrow 😄

Scratch that food bit up there... Steve's gonna make me fried eggs and chips and he's having sausages and chips, so my arse is still gonna be rancid tomorrow 🤣

I was wrong about...

...adding a new label.  Literally all I did was type it into the "Labels" section, saved and published the post, then started this one and it was there 😌 I like it when things are easy 👍 😄

Up to module 145 now, out of 164

Not bad going for 2½ days of studying❗  I'm seriously hoping that there won't be an end of course assessment 'cos I can't even remember the stuff that I learnt this morning, let alone on Friday.  Steve's meeting B via Zoom as soon as B wakes up so I'm hoping I can wait until the call has finished before the assessment happens so that Steve can give me the answers to the questions I don't even understand.

I've hopefully added another label to this post so that I can use that whenever I talk about what I'm eating - it won't be that easy though, will it❓❓

Puppy walked, fed and medicated...

...I managed to study a module before we went and Steve's just made our breakfast, so I'll put that into the app then carry on with the studying.  Steve's got a Zoom call with his family that starts "between 2 🕑 and 4 🕓 apparently" to quote Steve.  We're having a light lunch of "cakes and stuff" 'cos Steve "really can't be arsed to cook today, sorry".

Time to get on with my studying now.

Virus scan finished, pills taken... it's time to start studying until the puppy wants to go for her walk.

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Last two pills taken, so...

I can spend the rest of the evening studying and getting as far as possible so that I've got more time to work on the end of course assessment tomorrow.


Puppy has been walked, fed, watered and medicated for the last time today, sooooo...

...when my laptop has recovered from the blue screen of death, I'll be able to keep on studying and hoping to reach at least module 110 before I head to bed tonight.  I'm currently learning about the basics of using Python and I wanna try and work out how to put a programme with the "magic 8 ball" on it.  The course has said how to do it but I haven't had the guts to try it yet, so I'm gonna finish the course and try it, with Steve's help, after that's done and dusted so that there's no time pressure and I can get Steve's support whenever I need it.


Wish me luck❗


Cheese and onion sarnies for lunch

Just had our lunch - I had sarnies but the bread wasn't thawed enough for Steve to have sandwiches too, so he had a make-do lunch of chicken slices, cheese and onion.  Simple but yummy and quick as well as involving no cooking, which is what Steve wanted today.


Time to carry on with the studying now I reckon.  I'm learning about the Python programme this afternoon, so may need Steve's help as it starts getting more complicated.


That's the puppy walked and fed, so time to start studying now

 I eventually managed to persuade our senior puppy to go for her morning stroll, she poo'd 💩 so I picked it up and we carried on with the walk.  When we got home I fed her and Steve put our porridge into the bowls, so we're all fed until lunchtime now.  Steve said it might be sarnies for lunch today 'cos he really doesn't feel like cooking, which is fine by me and the spread will significantly increase my calories too, which is even better.

Time to get on with studying now though.