Thursday, 21 June 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements... only the Iron didn't need to be crunched up before I could swallow it today!  👎

That's harder than it needs to be then!

My savings cheque cleared this morning so I phoned my bank to warn them that there was going to be a large amount of money going out of my account today so that I can pay off and close my final credit card.

"No problem", the lady at the bank says "There's a transaction limit of £1,999.99 on your card so it'll need to be done in two transactions".  Shoulda known that things wouldn't be easy from there!  lol

I phoned BC and said I wanted to pay the full amount and close my account.  "We can't take such large payments over the phone, have you got online banking?"  Nope.  "You'll have to pay it off in the bank then because it's such a large amount".  I'm disabled and can't get into town to do it, that's why I phoned up to pay.  "Let me talk to someone about it then" says the lady at BC. 

She came back a couple of minutes later and said that because it was so large she could only take part of it over the phone today and I'd have to phone back to pay the rest tomorrow.

I paid the biggest chunk off with her and she's put a note on my account that I'm calling back tomorrow to clear the rest of it.

I can understand why they do it - it's for my own protection against fraudsters and stuff, but it's annoying that I can't pay off the full amount of debt that's been on my card since I was 18 (I'm 40 now) and I need to phone them twice to pay the whole lot off instead of being able to do it in one call!

Ho hum.  I'll be debt free at this time tomorrow though, so I suppose I can deal with the annoyance of having to call twice.

It's only taken 22 years!  lol

I'm never getting anything on credit ever again... if I want something that I can't afford then tough!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Amanda 2 V phone survey bods 0 lol

Just had another survey company on the phone so I started going through my survey questions with her, she started getting angry and I just remained my calm, sweet, innocent little self.  The angrier she got the sweeter I became until she told me to stop wasting her time, so I replied with "you were the one who called me" and she hung up on me.

Such a powerful feeling to play them at their own game!  lol

Amanda 1 V survey bods 0 so far today

What a feeling of power!

We've just had a survey company on the landline and usually I let them talk to themselves until they hang up then I keep our phone connected to run up their phone bill for them.

Just had someone on the phone and I remembered that I had a survey of my own ready for anyone who wants to waste my time.  They are genuine questions that I'm genuinely interested in knowing the answers to, but they are phrased in the way that survey companies phrase them.

Didn't even get an answer to the first one before the poor lady got in a bit of a fluster, thanked me for my time then hung up... if I had any sympathy for them then I'd be feeling sorry for her now.

Hopefully word will quickly spread that I'm a survey bod too and every cold caller will get the same treatment so hopefully they'll leave us alone soon!  lol

Supplements taken

The Calcium and Iron went down OK but the Multi was a right royal PITA to swallow this morning!!

Puppy walked

Took the pup out for her stroll this morning... not as excited as yesterday but much better than the weekend!

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The pup is booked in to be groomed on Thursday

The groomer and Steve finally got together on the phone this afternoon and Mitzi is booked in to be groomed on Thursday afternoon - it's been needed for weeks and the weather is starting to heat up so she's going to be nice and cool for a few weeks after Thursday... bless 'er!

Puppy walked, supplements taken

Took Mitzi out first thing and she did an extra half without me even realising until it was pointless turning back!

Took me supplements and cracked on with checking my email then caught something on the telly that inspired me to write another Early Reader... just gotta find a friendly security guard online first so that I can check me facts!

Monday, 18 June 2018

If my twins had lived...

I miscarried twins the week of my 19th birthday.

If they had lived they would be 21 by now, maybe married and maybe with their own children.

If they had lived, I might have been a grandma by now and Steve might have been a step-grandpa.

If they had lived, they might have been married and living with their chosen partner in their own little house.

Now there's very little chance of me becoming a mum (I've got Endometriosis which has prolly left me infertile and now that there's a family history of cancer I don't want to risk passing that on to any child we might have had) unless we adopt but because we are both over 40 the chances are slim even for that.

If my twins had lived, would they have come to Gloucester with me or wanted to stay in Oxford with their father?  Would they have loved Steve like I love him?  Called him Dad?

I'll never know now  😢

Sound problem sorted

Steve told me about Spotify 4 or 5 days ago and everything was fine for the first day and a halfish, then my headphones got really crackly so I bought myself a new set.

As soon as I plugged the new headphones in, I knew the problem was with the Spotify app instead of the headphones.

I've worked out how to fix most of the crackling now - don't have Chrome open at the same time and it works fine then!  Chrome was using over 2GB of memory on it's own so the whole time Chrome is open, it's using 80-odd% of the memory so I can totally see why Spotify was having problems now so from now on it's either having Chrome open and no music or close down Chrome and listen to music.

Annoying but necessary unfortunately.  Hopefully it'll mean that I can concentrate on writing for NaNo and JanNo without the distraction of Facebook or whatever trying to lure me away from writing the next best-seller in children's literature!