Friday, 7 October 2022

I'm loving...

...reading this book so far.

I'm already 38% of the way through and I only started it at lunchtime and I've barely utttered a word all afternoon, other than to let Steve know what I wanted for my very early tea!

My tea isn't laying too heavily on my stomach atm so I'm hoping that I'll be able to go up to bed at around 8pm tonight.

I'm product testing a little something that I'll reveal properly when I've given it the full test next week after my Covid jab, then I'll let you all know my thoughts on it.  Steve's initial thoughts were pleasantly reassuring and I think I approve of it too so far so it's a 5 star feedback rating so far - just gotta put it through the ultimate test next week lol

Today's (7th October 2022) tea photo

I've gone from one extreme to the other in the last 36-48 hours after not eating anything at all yesterday, then just having a couple of slices of bread and dairy free spread for a late lunch and now I've had 9 hash browns (which I forgot to take a photo of - sorry), regular crinkle cut potato wedges, 2 lots of garlic aoli and a foot long sub less than 2 hours later my stomach doesn't know how to cope with over 2,000 calories hitting it in 3 hours and I'm feeling a touch iffy now, but I've got nobody to blame but myself this time.


Oh dear

Just finished my tea, 2 hours after I had my lunch and my belly is now going "WTAF were you thinking you daft cow?!".  I'm more than 2000 calories over budget though, so hopefully that'll show itself on the scales on Monday 'cos it makes up for not eating anything at all throughout the day yesterday.


Gonna resize and put the photo's up now in a separate post, but I'm now verging on bloated lol

Today's (7th October 2022) lunch photo

Today's lunch was a very simple two slices of seeded bread and dairy free spread.  I'm having a rare tea today 'cos it's being ordered "soon" which means that hopefully it'll be here and eaten before my food cut-off point, so I'll be able to head to bed without feeling sick tonight with any luck.

The spread sent my calorie count through the roof and my tea will send it skyrocketing even more, but that's OK 'cos I need all the calories I can get to make up for yesterday!  Today's lunch was the first solid thing to pass my lips since lunchtime on Wednesday!

Here's today's lunch photo:

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I've already taken my morning pills and cared for my carer for over an hour this morning.  I had a veery late night and wasn't allowed to go to bed until after 9.30pm, which means that I put in a 12 hour 30 minute day of care which has bumped the weekly total up to 50 hours and 24 minutes, plus the support this morning, makes it 51 hours and 46 minutes of care so far this week.  Steve's achieved 1 hour and 41 minutes of care for me, so there's very little chance of him hitting even 10% of the minimum this week, let alone the full minimum requirement to be classed as a carer - apparently he "do[es] everything for her" and I don't do anything to support him <shrug>

He's gone for a wee now, so I can breathe for a couple of minutes before he comes back and I'll have to make his first meal of the day for him.  It's SuperRice for Steve and hopefully cous cous for me, but I'll have to see how steady I am on my feet after I've made Steve's lunch for him.  I've got half a loaf of bread now, so I can make myself a couple of slices of bread and dairy free spread when I've recovered this afternoon with any luck.  He still hasn't decanted the granola for me, so I'll be missing breakfast again, but I can have a few biscuits to see me through until lunchtime again.

We've got someone from our electricity company calling us today between 10.30am and 6.30pm and I bet Steve'll say we can afford the £299 a month, despite that meaning that I'll only just have £100 in my account every month for everything else, which is only £25 a week for food which won't even cover Steve's food (which is £35 a week) let alone things that I can have!!

Steve's back now, so I'd best go and make his breakfast for him.

Thursday, 6 October 2022

Nite nite orl

My internet connection is incredibly unstable tonight, so I'm gonna publish this then give up on being online for the night I think... maybe it's Gaia's way of telling me to rest for a few hours before it all starts again in the morning?

Nite nite orl.

Fully dosed for...

...the first time this week 'cos I've just taken my evening pills and I remembered my lunchtime pill for the first time this week, so I'm just waiting for my carer to finish his tea so that I can take his plate out and keep supporting him while he's sleeping his 3 meals and multiple snacks and half-drunk drinks off.  As always, I'll have to wait until he stirs enough before I actually leave the room and head to bed, even though I usually shut down half an hour or more before that happens - doing that means that I can go straight up to bed as soon as he wakes up enough for me to say goodnight to him so that he doesn't wake up and wonder where I've gone before he falls asleep again.

Carer has now been...

...given his third meal of the day, all made by me.  


Literally the only solid things I've eaten in the last 30 hours is a packet of crisps and 6 biscuits.  It'll be the same tomorrow too, but at least I'll be able to have a couple of slices of bread and dairy free spread when I've recovered from making either my carer's breakfast or lunch which'll give me more calories than I've eaten all day today.

Ooh! That's different!

The top-up shop has just been dropped off and put away and the bread is kinda long and thin rather than square, which is a bit weird to look at, but as long as it tastes OK then that's OK.  It seems to be about the same amount of bread as a normal square loaf, it's just longer and thinner is all.  It's too late for me to try tonight, but I'll definitely give a couple of slices a try tomorrow and if it tastes OK then I'll see if I can squeeze half a loaf onto our normal Tuesday shop so that I actually get to eat *something* on a Thursday rather than a packet of crisps and 6 biscuits!

So far today... calories have come from 2 coffee's, 1 mug of tea, 2 drinking chocolates, 1 packet of crisps and 6 biscuits.


My carer has had a mug of drinking chocolate, breakfast, a mug of coffee, 5 bisuits, lunch, another mug of coffee, 3 chocolate muffins and more biscuits.


So far this week, I've made 8 meals for my carer and he's made 3 for both of us.  I haven't eaten a meal for 28 hours, but my carer has eaten 5 times since yesterday morning, four of which have been made by me.


I'll be making my carer's tea for him tonight too, as well as all 3 of his meals tomorrow and potentially go without eating a meal myself if I'm not safe enough on my feet to make my own food after making my carer's for him, so will have to get all my calories from drinking chocolates again, which is far from ideal, but I'm not being given the choice seemingly <shrug>


If Steve's sister brings the top-up shop over tonight then I'll hopefully be able to have a couple of slices of bread 'n' spread after I've recovered from making my carer's breakfast and before I make his lunch for him tomorrow, but that will be the only solid thing I'll have all day so I should be grateful I guess <shrug>


Apparently he makes all my meals and drinks for me though <shrug>