Friday 31 July 2020

What a day!

I've taken all my pills and had 2 letters from the hospital about my procedure.  I've gotta go in for the pre-anaesthetic assessment on the 14th then the procedure on the 17th - I'm really hoping it'll go ahead this time!

I sent my GP practice a message first thing 'cos I can't remember my username and they want me to go down there with ID, but I'm starting a 2 week self-isolation on Monday 'cos of going into the hospital and the Coronavirus stuff.  I'm glad they don't just give out the information to whoever asks, but I'm gonna need more pills at the end of August and might not feel well enough after the anaesthetic to go down there with my ID afterwards!

Our grocery shopping came an hour early again, but Steve managed to catch Marie before she left home to come and help us this time, thankfully.

I'm currently reading an ARC of a book that I'll put the review up for on its publication day.  Gonna take the puppy out for her evening stroll then take my pills and head to bed for an early night I reckon.

Thursday 30 July 2020

What a lot of hoo-ha today!

By the time I came down here after waking up, the puppy was faaaast asleep and barely stirred for two hours.  When I eventually got her out at 9am it was waaay too hot for either of us to walk our usual distance, so it'll hopefully be cool enough this evening.

My Fitbit recorded a grand total of 600 steps for the entire morning, so I contacted Fitbit's support bods at lunchtime and because it's still in the warranty period they are sending out a replacement that'll be here in 4-5 business days - they displayed what customer services should be like as standard!

Basically there will be very limited Fitbit stuff to go on my site for this week and most (if not all) of next week while the new Fitbit learns about me again.

I've been reading a book all day and it's still getting a solid 5 stars from me at half way through.

The last of my eBay clothes arrived with the post so I've got a few bits to keep me going instead of wearing the same 2 sets of clothes constantly lol

Gonna carry on reading the book now and I'm hoping to have the review up before I head to bed tonight, but if not I'll have to remember to put it up in the morning.

Wednesday 29 July 2020

That's the puppy's food and pills paid for...

...just need to be picked up tonight and brought over here tonight, on Marie's way home from the supermarket now. 

Marie's brought it over and I'm heading to bed now.  Goodnight all.

Our spectacular little puppy dog can see again now!!

I've just cut off a good bit of fur that was hanging over the puppy dogs eyes and was scaring her whenever we went on walks because she couldn't see very much, so I chopped off the longest bits and she can see again now❗

I'll never be a dog groomer, but just emergency trims like that are all that she needs before she can get back to the groomer again.  We'll see how she reacts to this evenings walk now that she can see again... hopefully she'll be back to her usual, confident self now and can go back to enjoying her strolls rather than dreading them.

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Just tried the last 2 trousers on and...

...they both fit really well, so as of now I'm a size 12 at last!!  What is even better is that I know any cropped trousers are just the right length too, so I'll be getting a whole lot of choices of clothes in more places too for the very first time in my life!!

Gonna do my sit-ups and leg lifts now, then head to bed feeling really proud of myself.

Night night all.


I bought some size 12 trousers and tops off eBay yesterday, thinking that I could get prepared for losing a bit more of my belly and I cautiously decided to try non-petite lengths, but in ¾ lengths and cropped lengths, thinking that they would hopefully be just about the right length.

Four of the five trousers came with the post today, amazingly, less than 24 hours after buying them. 

I tried the ¾ length trousers first and they fitted around my waist but are further up my lower legs than I like, but they are light and perfect for warmer weather or when I'm wearing longer socks in Spring and Autumn.  I did my hourly laps of the house and back yard in them and they were perfect.

I didn't want to jump to too many assumptions too quickly, so I tried on a pair of cropped trousers and they are pretty much the perfect length and waist.  Did my next hours laps in them and like with the previous trousers they were perfect too.

I wanna try on the other two pairs of trousers when Steve gets back from his medical appointment, but it's looking like I can pretty easily wear cropped size 12 trousers now, which I've never been able to do in my life before❗❗

Assuming the other 2 trousers fit when I try them on when Steve gets home, I will know for certain that I'm size 12 now and have only got one more clothes size to drop before I'm back to the right clothes size for my height.

After an iffy start to the morning, I'm feeling a lot happier and more confident now, especially now that I know I'm not totally reliant on the miniscule petite section of a couple of shops on the High Street and Littlewoods and Amazon online... a whole new clothes section has been opened up to me now and it feels sooo good❗

Image I've just seen on Facebook

This is sooo me recently:

As of yesterday...

...I no longer trust anyone. 

Every single person I've trusted has known that I had huge trust issues. 

Every single person I've trusted has broken that trust and I will no longer trust anyone ever again. 

Everything stays inside me and the only way anyone will get a glimmer of insight into how I'm feeling is through this blog.  I refuse to be hurt again, so I'll just go along with whatever anyone else wants to do or say and keep my own thoughts, opinions, wants, needs and feelings to myself.  I will get blamed for everything again, just like has always happened.

I will be dieing next year so that Steve can get my full life insurance and nobody will have to put up with me ever again.

Laps done, pills taken...

...time to take the puppy for her morning stroll now.

I've set the monthly deep virus scan running, so won't be able to check my emails all day today.  I'll hopefully remember to tick the little box within AVG to shut my machine down when it finishes, then set the backups going as soon as I come down tomorrow morning.

Monday 27 July 2020

Lunch today was...

...3 packets of crisps 'cos my carer couldn't be arsed to cook for us.  Again.

We had sandwiches for an early tea though, so that was a bit better... messed my stomach up a bit for some reason, but the can of ginger beer worked its magic on me, just like it usually does.

I've put our grocery order in at Sainsbury's and had an issue with the voucher being accepted so I called them and it's all sorted now.

Time to walk the puppy dog, but she's more interested in sleeping under Steve's leg for some reason 😞  Gonna give it until 7.45pm then give up for the day I reckon... I'm not gonna force her if she really doesn't want to go out.

I've taken my last two pills of the day now, and my screen has darkened, so I'm gonna have an early night tonight I reckon.  We shall see though.


2020 is the last year I'm buying gifts for everyone.  I don't see why it should be one rule for me and something different for everyone else.  I'll continue buying gifts for the rest of 2020, but as of 1st January 2021 I'm only getting gifts for my mum and C 'cos they are the only ones who got me gifts last year.  It'll save me several hundred quid a year and will hopefully make everyone realise that it was me buying the gifts and Steve taking the credit.

No more.  I'll get a birthday and Yule gift for my mum and the same for C.  If I can afford it I'll get Steve a gift for his birthday, but nothing else for anyone else.

I've had enough now.  I really have.

That's the puppy walked and fed

Just got back from our 'Marathon Monday' stroll and the rubbish and recycling have been collected for another week.  The puppy has been fed and watered and I really have lost all trust in the hubby now.  Not only did he tell his mum what I was planning for their Yule gift, but he's bitched about it to her now, so I'll just do my BIL's family gift then that's it.  I'll still get birthday gifts this year, but I'll say they are from me alone again and I bet Steve takes the credit again, but this is the last year from now on... from now on I'll just get gifts for C, D and my mum and say that they are only from me too.

I'm gonna keep a record of everything he does for me as my carer then pay him for the previous week's care.  To get Carer's Allowance he needs to care for me for 35 hours a week, so we'll soon find out the reality of that.

Just renewed for another year

Got an invoice from my webhosts 💻 this morning, so I've renewed the appropriate domains for another year.  Got another one coming up in 84 days then it's over 100 days before my next renewals.  It's an expensive business if you've got more than a couple of domains and hosting, but it keeps me sane to be able to collect the domain names and it's spread out over the year too, which is a lot easier to manage.  Keeps me occupied, and they were only domains today, so those four domains are less than £50 a year combined and it's les than my SCBWI membership too, which is even better.

Sunday 26 July 2020

We had our lunch early today, because...

...we had a Sunday roast delivered from an awesome local, independent cafe.  It came at just gone 11.30am 🕦 and was, as always, incredibly yummy. Steve ended up getting 2 puds and me not getting any though, 'cos they put custard on both, which I'm allergic to.  I had a banana for my pud and I'm nicely full without being bloated now and I've got just enough calories left for me tea this evening.

I've also emailed Steve's mum and brother asking them for the things I asked Steve to ask them for a couple of weeks ago but he still hadn't done so I obviously need to do it all myself from now on 'cos I obviously can't rely on him for anything 👎😕😞

Steve's mum called to find out why I wanted the photo's and Steve told her exactly why I wanted them, so it's not a surprise for them any more.  Not at all happy and I've lost the very last tiny glimmer of trust I had left in him now, so I'm not going to share problems or ideas or money with him any more - I'll keep a record of all the things he does as my carer and pay him at the end of each week until he gets carers allowance again.

It's not right that you don't trust your spouse any more and have to keep a record of everything they do to care for you, is it❓ 👎

I'm going to bed now.  Nite nite orl, I'll see you tomorrow at some point.

Puppy walked and fed...

Just taken our senior puppy on her first stroll of the day and then we came home and she had breakfast number 2.  She'd picked up something from a cardboard bag and was chomping on it then was significantly quieter and had less inclination to pull in front of me like she usually does, so I hope it was just a leaf she ate instead of a hoverfly or even a wasp that were hovering around in the same area.

Steve examined her nose and mouth but couldn't see any swelling so he thinks she's safe from being stung... I just hope he's right.

That's me dosed up for the day again...

...and I've restocked my pill box for the next 7 days too.

I had to open a new bottle of the Calcium for the last 3 days and I'll have to open a new bottle of the Iron next week then I need to restock for another year.  They've really made a difference to how I feel since I've been taking them and I really feel the effects when I miss a couple of doses.

Saturday 25 July 2020

That's the puppy walked now, soooo...

...I'm off to bed for an early night for a change.  Nite nite orl, sea ewe in the morning 🌞

Awesome eBay purchases just now

Thanks to Nectar I've just bought 16 items of clothing for £11.72❗  Many people wonder what the point of cashback sites is, but this and my last shop at eBay as well as my bras are the reason I do it... you can get clothes almost for free, just by adding a couple of clicks prior to putting your order - takes a while for the points/cashback to build up, but I reckon it's sooo worth it when it comes to buying clothes especially.

I'm gonna go and walk the puppy now, then hopefully have an early night.

Immediate thoughts on my second new bra

My second front-fastening bra arrived with the post this morning and the fastenings come significantly higher than the first bra that I reviewed this morning so hopefully my boobs won't flop out of this one.  Like with yesterday's bra, I'll sleep in it and walk the puppy then write a review after we've put the rubbish and recycling out (or sooner if the puppy poo's on her walk again).

It's not as comfortable as yesterday's bra, but that's a small price to pay if it keeps my boobs inside it instead of them flopping out like they did twice in about 15 hours.

If it was the comfort of yesterday's bra with the support and higher up clasps of this one, then I'd have the perfect bra.

Review: Front fastening bra

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

This is a fantastic bra... as long as you don't bend over in it!  I slept in it and when I woke up my left "girl" (as my hubby called it this morning when I told him) had flopped out of the cup.  No biggie, it happens sometimes with new bras 'cos they haven't moulded to my body shape yet, so still 5 stars.

When I walked our dog this morning though, she poo'd so I bent over to pick it up, like I'm legally required to do, and my left "girl" flopped out of the bra again.  So embarrassing having to put her back into the cup in public, but it would have been even more embarrassing to have one side floppy and the other supported!

If I hadn't slept in it or picked up our dog's poo it would definitely have got the full 5 stars, but the floppidge (especially in public) means I'm knocking off a star.  It's a fantastic bra though and will definitely buy it again when I need to. 

The front fastening is fantastic if, like me, you struggle to put on a bra that fastens in the back... I can get dressed without needing to annoy my husband to do up the back for me now (my "girls" are too big to be able to do it up at the front then shuffle it round).  If it was literally a centimetre higher up then it would have got a full five stars too, but the falling out of it means I feel I have to knock off that star.

A definite must-buy from me, for all the ladies out there.

That's me dosed up

Just taken my pills so I'm all dosed up now, until tonight.

Requested another prescription online and the one I requested yesterday via the nurse has been issued so hopefully I'll get them both early next week.  Time to take the puppy out for her first stroll of the day, then I'll leave a glowing review for the bra... assuming I remember of course❗

Friday 24 July 2020

Immediate thoughts on my newest bra

This bra has just arrived and I've put it on... it's definitely the right size and I feel significantly more comfortable and supported than I did in the bra I was wearing half an hour ago.  So far it's getting a 5 star review from me, just wanna see what it's like when I take the puppy out for her evening stroll and what it's like to sleep in too.

It's not sold as a minimising bra, but my chest really is significantly smaller too.  I put it on totally alone instead of relying on Steve to do it up for me, which was the whole reason for trying a front fastening bra for the first time in my life.  So far I definitely recommend it.

Hold on while I take the puppy out for her stroll...

Back now.  Still very much 5 stars, so being able to sleep in it will be it's final test.  If I can comfortably sleep in it and take the puppy on a longer walk in the morning, it'll be getting the full 5 stars tomorrow afternoon.

Baby Bumble Bee

Either Baby Bumble Bee has significantly grown in the last 3 days or s/he's been gossiping about this reliable source of hydration, 'cos a huuuuuge bumble bee has just flown straight at me while I was doing my laps, so I filled up the foil apple pie case again, put it outside and closed the back door again.

I just hope the first bumble bee is OK if it wasn't him/her just now 🤞

Nothing much has happened so far today, soooo...

Been a pretty boring morning so far.  I've walked the puppy, taken my morning pills, had breakfast and done the laps of the house.  Currently waiting for my new bra to be delivered and lunch smells like it's pretty much done, so I'm gonna put my laptop on the floor in preparation.

Toodle-pip for now!

Thursday 23 July 2020

Pills taken

Just taken my last couple of pills of the day and Steve's gonna make me a decaff tea when he comes out of the bathroom, then I'm heading straight to bed.  I need to regain my energy from the pure exhaustion today has caused, even though I haven't done that much more than normal.

Dunno if there will be another blog post before I head to bed or not, so just in case there isn't, I'll say goodnight to you all now.  I'll be back at some point tomorrow 😊


...won't be happening tonight after all.  Can't blame her really 'cos the first walk of the day was only 4 hours ago, so I'm not gonna force her to go for the second one tonight if she really doesn't want to go on it.  I'm gonna try and persuade her at our usual time tomorrow 'cos that's our routine now, but if she really doesn't want to go, I'll leave it until about 10am 🕙 before I try again... she's a senior puppy so everything is done at her pace now.  You wouldn't expect a 77 year old to go on a 5 mile walk first thing in the morning and another 3 mile walk in the evening if they didn't feel up to it, so that's how I'm thinking on it with our puppy too.

A little question for you all...

Please leave me a comment with your reply to the question in the image❓  Pretty please❓

Thank you❗

Just walked the puppy...

...and she's absolutely cream-crackered now.  That's it until this evening now though and we're back on track for still doing the 50 lengths by the time it gets dark out there.  Maybe she just needed those extra few hours to regain some energy from the previous walks, 'cos she was really eager to get going this time instead of barely being able to lift her head up this morning.  I'll see how she gets on tomorrow and will maybe move the morning set of lengths back a few hours to see if she's more willing and able to cope with them then.

I just want the puppy dog 🐶 to be happy and healthy is all.

Just to bring you all up to date with the day so far...

Afternoon all

Our senior puppy didn't want to go out for her stroll this morning, so we didn't go after all.  I'm gonna take her out for a longer walk this evening, if she wants to though.

I've also been weighed again and got a bit of a telling off from the nurse for losing 3kg in a month.  She's given me some suggestions for things to try to increase my weight to re-gain those 3kg then maintain it otherwise she'll refer me to a dietician, so, starting tomorrow, I'll be having toast and soya spread for me breakfast, our usual lunch and sandwiches for tea, which is gonna be sooo weird 'cos it hasn't happened since I came out of hospital in 2003❗

I've had my hair cut too and my whole head feels a lot lighter now.  Steve's had his hair cut too, and a huuuge beard trim which has made him look significantly younger and he's actually got a chin now that he's been losing weight too❗

I had to reschedule my first bra delivery very first thing, in case it came while we were out of the house, so that's coming tomorrow, Steve's ordered some biscuits that'll be here tomorrow and our groceries are coming tomorrow evening, so it'll be a busy day tomorrow too.

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Virus scanned and backed up for another week

My backups have just finished so I'm all sorted for another week now.  AVG says I'm free of nasties and my external hard drive completed it all first attempt too, which is great going.

Medical stuff

I've got a new appointment for the procedure I was supposed to have a few weeks back that was cancelled because the anaesthetist wasn't happy to put me under.

It's on 17th August and I've got to self-isolate for 14 days before, so unless Steve does it, the puppy won't be walked.  I'm gonna keep doing my laps of the house and yard so that my legs don't sieze up on me, but it'll be weird not taking the puppy out for our twice daily strolls again❗ 

Not being allowed to take my supplements for 2 weeks is gonna be absolutely awful - my body needs them to properly function and I started significantly feeling the affects after only a couple of days last time, so I'm gonna be a shell when I have to go without them for 14 days... in a way, it's worse than the Covid-19 tests I might have to have❗  I just hope I'll be able to take them as soon as I get home is all.

I'm gonna go back to...

...doing individual posts instead of the once a day ones.  I never remember to update my blog after the first one, so I'll just do the potentially multiple ones a day starting now.

It's prolly not gonna be for long, just until I remember to update more than a couple of times a day is all.

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Tuesday 21st July 2020

Morning all.

I've taken my pills already, so I'm all set for the day now.

I keep getting messages in Firefox that an update has failed, so I'm just gonna reboot... brb.

Back now and everything is working fine again, thankfully.

The puppy dog was significantly struggling on her walk this morning so I've asked for ideas of things to give her as she ages, like fish oils are recommended for humans.  I just want her to feel well and pain free for as long as possible is all.

Several hours without an update again - sorry❗

I've had my tea and taken the puppy for her second walk... she was back to her usual self again, so maybe she was just having a tough few hours or something, judy like we all do occasionally❓

Totally cream crackered so I'm heading to beddy-byes now.  Nite nite orl and I'll be back again tomorrow.

Monday 20 July 2020

Monday 20th July 2020

Morning all.

Very early start on the puppy's walk this morning 'cos I wanted to be sure we were home in time for the Freegle lady - we were home just over an hour later, same as normal, and we've been able to recover for the last hour now 👍.

I've taken my morning pills... a lot later than usual, so I'll have to take the Calcium at 3pm instead of 1pm.  Such is life I guess.

The rubbish and recycling have been and gone so I've brought the bags and box in for another week now.

Had a reminder for my vision test needing to be done, but there's no way I can afford it atm, so I've put it back until August now... as soon as I've got enough cash, I'll definitely book an appointment though.

I've forgotten to update this page all day, but it's been very boring.  We had Quorn sausages and hash browns for lunch today and I've achieved each blob in the FitBit app so far.  Gonna go out and do my 5pm laps now then update you all about our hair cuts and the Freegle things and hopefully manage an early night tonight!  BBS!

Back now.

Since 8am today, I've managed to get rid of the bras and dog toy, promised a couple of arty things that Marie didn't want, as well as some very out of date baby wipes.  They are all going on Wednesday 'cos we're having our hairs cut on Thursday instead of Wednesday now. 

The last of my eBay clothes arrived this morning too, so I'm gonna have a long soak in a hot bath tomorrow so that I can shave my legs and arms and try on one of the eBay things, then I'll have a shower on Wednesday so that I can wash my hair again, ready for Thursday and I'll try on another eBay item - maybe the denim skirt.

I'm pondering on offering the 2 coats and a denim jacket on Freegle, but wanna try and put them on first, just in case they fit me again now.  There's a weird bath thing that's supposed to shine colours as it floats in the bath, so I'm gonna try and remember to give that a go tomorrow, instead of using bubble bath.  Now that I've started giving stuff away I don't wanna stop 😀

OMG❗❗  I've just tried all the coats on and every single one of them fit me❗  Even the denim jacket, that I was certain would be waaaay too small on me, actually fits... it's snugger than I usually like, but it won't be long before that's wearable too.  The Winter coats are really baggy on me, but that's OK 'cos I like baggy clothes and it's easier to pull them closer to me for extra warmth when I need it.  Means they won't be Freegle'd after all and I'm sorted for coats for all weather's now (except peeing down rain and Indian Summers of course).

I'm absolutely cream crackered, so I'm off to bed now.  Nite nite orl 💤

Sunday 19 July 2020

Sunday 19th July 2020

Morning again all.

My sleep pattern is back to being normal for me again.  I was asleep for almost 9 hours, awake once and restless 6 times, so my body has caught up again now.

The puppy was showing a great deal of Westitude this morning and it took the best part of 3 hours to get her out of her bed and getting on with our first stroll of the day.  It's all sorted now though, so that's it until our evening walk at like 7pm 🕖 or 8pm 🕗 tonight... hope she's more willing to go then❗

I've taken my pills and even went back to taking the 5-HTP again which significantly helped my mood and anger.

We're having crisps and cake for lunch today then Quorn sausages and chips for lunch tomorrow.  I'm still not hungry after yesterday's omlette 🤣  The sausages have been open and in the freezer for at least the last couple of weeks and there's no more room for anything else in there now.  We've got at least 3 open packets in there, so surely it's better to finish off those before starting yet another new packet of something Quorny, right❓  Still got lasagne's to use up too, so maybe that could be Tuesday's lunch❓

The rubbish and recycling have gone out so that's sorted for another week now, just need to bring the bags and box in tomorrow.

Time to do this hours laps then dive into our lunch now.  I'm hoping to read more of the book today than I did yesterday though 🙄🤣

The bras have been promised to someone who is coming to pick them up tomorrow... not bad going for under 10 hours.  Just waiting for the trousers to go now, then someone wants to check with her boyfriend about the kitchen stuff, but if he agrees then that'll be more space in the kitchen when they come to pick them up in a couple of weeks too... I love Freegle❗

The dog toy has been promised to the bras person and they are being collected tomorrow morning.  I've also just put baby wipes on there that are a few years out of date but still moist and usable for things like camping trips and beach holidays and general non-food preparation surface wipes too.  I'm slowly but surely tidying things up a bit.  I've got a new art case of supplies that have never even been opened, let alone used, so I'm gonna see if Marie wants them first, but if not, they will be going onto Freegle too.  Hall today, main bedroom tonight and tomorrow, top of the stairs after that, then the spare room, then in here, then finally the kitchen.

Just asked Steve if Marie is still into her art stuff like she used to be and he doesn't think she is, so I'm gonna go and do the final laps, take the photos and send them to Steve to pass on to Marie.

I'm off to bed for the night now.  Hoping the puppy will be ready to go as soon as I come down, so that I can be sure I'm home and ready when the Freegle person comes to pick up the stuff.  Nite nite orl.

Book Review: "The Last Charm" by Ella Allbright

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

So far so good with this book!  It's gripped me for the last 45 minutes and I can't wait to keep reading it!  Still deserves the 5 stars every book starts off with so far!

I'm wondering if the author has gained permission to use the brand names she's used?  If not, she could get into serious legal hot water!

This is a great book, but I'm wondering which age range it's aimed at?  The book started with pre-teens and 50 pages into it they are sixteen... it's too mature for the Young Adults market but not mature enough for adults!

This book is just getting better and better... the author has really got into her stride with it now and I'm totally into the story... WTG author!  This is definitely a must-read for chick-lit fans!

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  That chapter has my eyes prickling with tears and I *never* cry while reading books, which is hopefully all the proof you need of just how amazingly well this book is written.

Wowsers.  That was an incredible story... a touch rushed at the end, but that's OK.  This author has written an incredible story that has to be read, beginning to end, just be prepared to get emotional in parts - I certainly did.

Saturday 18 July 2020

Saturday 18th July 2020

Morning all.

Another late night last night and another night with only 6 hours sleep 🙄

I've taken my pills and persuaded the puppy to go for a stroll with me and done my morning laps to get my blobs and active minutes sorted.  Also just asked on Freegle if I'm allowed to offer clothes... if they say yes, then I've got at least one pair of trousers to put up straight away and loads more in a couple of months now that I know I'm size 12 instead of size 14 🤣

My bras haven't even gone out for delivery yet, so I'm gonna read more of the book and hope it doesn't make me cry again 😃

Me bras are out for delivery now and are due between now 🕦 and 3.30pm 🕞 so I bet they'll arrive just as I bring me omlette and chips in 😆

The bras have arrived, but my lunch is very nearly ready so I'll try them on when I've had that.

First omelette ever and it was really yummy and a lot more filling than I was thinking it would be❗  Time to try on one of my new bras now... BBS.

I've got one of the new bras on and it's still too big for me, but we're getting there slowly now... maybe the next band size down (yay❗) and two cup sizes smaller then we'll pretty much be there I reckon.  Gonna leave it until they've been through the wash to see if they shrink before I buy any more though.

Just taken a photo of the trousers and bra's ready for Freegle... there's plenty of life left in the trousers and the bras are new but it would cost more to send them back to Amazon that I paid for them, so I've just offered the lady who took the shoes and rings first refusal but I've got photos ready if she wants to see them as well as to add to the two posts (one for the trousers, the second for the bras) if she doesn't want them.  Better to pass them on than bin them after all, I reckon.

I've read a little bit more of the book, but I'm definitely having an early night tonight after such late ones for the last two nights, so I'm off to bed now.

Nite nite orl.  💤

Friday 17 July 2020

Friday 17th July 2020

Morning all.  How are you all doing today❓

I had a bad night and only got 6 hours of sleep, so I'll be having an early night tonight methinks.

Swallowed me pills and got the first two blobs of the day which is awesome, but what's even better is that I'm now one clothes size away from the size I want to be (UK size 10) after two decades.


Because the trousers I was wearing were size 16 and I had to permanently hold them up whenever I was on my feet so that they didn't fall down.  I've just found a pair of size 12 trousers that I honestly didn't think would fit...

...but they do❗❗❗

For the first time in getting on for two decades I can get into a size 12 and they are slightly loose on me too, so it won't be long before I go on another shopping spree to get some size 10 clothes... hopefully before the end of the year❗❗

It's most recently due to investing in my FitBit at the end of September 2019 because it's made me more aware of what I'm eating and how much I can achieve every day.

I can sooo do this❗

There's a tiny (I'm guessing very young) bee crawling around in our back yard right now and I read recently that when they do that, they are dehydrated and the best way to help them is to leave a small container of sugar water out for them and leave them be for a while.  We haven't got any sugar in the house but we frequently have a box of apple pies between us and I found one of the silver trays from the last box we had in my bin and it thankfully had a few tiny crumbs of pastry left in it so I've half filled it with cool water, taken it outside and put it right in front of the bee.  I've got no idea if that really will help or what the bee needs right now, but I've gotta try something to help it.

I'm reading a book ready to review it and the chapter I've just read has my eyes prickling with tears.  I never cry over books, but this author has achieved something that very few others ever have.

The shopping has just been and gone an hour early, so we've got enough food to last us all next week, ready for our next grocery delivery next Friday evening.

I did a quick check of the back yard for the bee and it was nowhere to be seen, so I'm really hoping the make-shift pastry water really did help and it was able to drink some and fly off again.  The poor puppy shot out of the back door and immediately squatted down for a wee, bless 'er!

I'm gonna do my 5pm 🕔 laps then keep reading this amazing book.

I'm gonna head to bed now - nite nite all.

Thursday 16 July 2020

Thursday 16th July 2020

Morning all.

I've just bought myself 3 bra's, 4 trousers and 2 skirts but only paid a grand total of £15.49 for them all combined, including postage❗  I used Steve's anniversary Amazon voucher for the bras and paid £6.40 for them and £9.09 for the trousers and skirts on eBay thanks to the refund I got from the broken FitBit... not bad going for a morning's shopping❗  The bra's were on Prime, so they'll be here tomorrow and the eBay things will hopefully be here by the weekend or early next week, but it will mean my boobs are more supported and I won't be hoinking up the waistband on my trousers every time I walk like I do now 😀.

Steve's making me a coffee and I've gotta take my morning pills and start the daily virus scan off, then walk the puppy for the first time today.  Busy, busy, busy❗

OK, that's my pills taken and the virus scan started, so just gotta drink my coffee then take the puppy for her first stroll of the day now.

My calves are really sore, so I'm thinking that I overdid it with the slopey bits yesterday, so I'm not gonna even think about attempting them for a few hours so that they have a chance to recover.  I don't want them to give way and me to fall into the road and get run over after all.

That's the puppy walked, fed and watered for the morning.  Steve worked out for me that I've saved over £100 on my clothes buys this morning thanks to the Amazon voucher and refunded Nectar points, so that's even better than I was thinking.

We're having pasta and sauce and cheese for lunch, so that'll hopefully whack up my calories in the Fitbit app.

Got an ARC copy of a book to read and review today so not sure how long it'll take me and how emotional it'll be, but I'll read it today and potentially tomorrow so that I can get it sorted ready for its publication next month... you watch me forget though 🙄.  Best set up a reminder in the calendar so that I remember on publication day 🤣.

I've been reading the book all day and it's still got a strong 5 stars from me.  I'm going to bed for an early night now though.  Nite nite orl 💤.

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Wednesday 15th July 2020

Mornin' all.

Had a pretty eventful morning so far.  Were supposed to be going to get our hair cut 💇 this morning, so remembered not to turn my laptop on when I came down... nothing wrong so far.  Walked the puppy 🐕 which was, again, uneventful.  Took my morning pills 💊, which went down pretty easily, which usually means it'll be a good day, so I let myself get hopeful.  Went out to wait for Steve's dad to take us over to their place and things start going wrong now.  We were out there for the best part of half an hour waiting for him which really effed up both of our legs.  Steve then gets a message to say that his dad's car 🚗 had broken down so we wouldn't be getting our hair cut after all 😞.

I've set the virus scan going a couple of hours late, so it'll prolly be finished at about 4pm 🕓 backups'll take a couple of hours, which means I won't be able to check my email until about 6pm 🕕 tonight 😔.

Such is life I suppose 😟.

Been a busy morning since not having our hair cut.  I've taken a few photo's of the puppy dog and put them on my homepage, achieved all except one blob for 250 steps and gone face to face with my anxiety about slopes 3 times so far without falling over.  I'm just taking things really slowly and pushing myself to over-ride the anxiety, just like I did with kerbs and the back step.  I'm going to use the Corona virus to force myself to be able to leave the street alone.

I've been out every hour to do the slopes and after a little wobble a couple of hours ago, the confidence I'd slowly been building up this morning had completely vanished, but I pushed through the anxiety for the last couple of hours and I'm slowly starting to rebuild the confidence again now.  I'm nowhere near confident and I'd feel so much better if there was someone with me just in case, but I'm more confident than I was first thing and I've built up that confidence totally alone.

Heading to bed for the night now 'cos I'm absolutely exhausted.  Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe at some point tomorrow 💤

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Morning all.

I've taken the puppy for her first walk of the day, fed her, taken my pills, done 2 hours worth of blobs and got a grocery delivery slot for Friday.  Gonna go out and do my next set of laps then jump in the shower, ready to wash my hair for tomorrow.  BBS.

Back now, but only for a couple of minutes so that I can go and jump into the shower.  👌

Had my shower, washed my hair and done loads of hours worth of laps but still looking after the puppy while Steve was at his medical appointment.  I've just put the Fitbit email report up on my site too if you wanna see it?

Steve's just got home and is making me a hot drink just in time for me to go out and do my 4pm 🕓 laps.


Just done the 5pm 🕔 laps and been approved for another book to read and review.  Gonna do the most recent one first 'cos it's published a month before the original one, but won't be until tomorrow afternoon at the very earliest 'cos I ain't turning my laptop on until I/we get back from having our hair cut tomorrow morning.  I just don't want the virus scan to start and have to leave my laptop on while we're out is all... safety first and all that jazz.

Done another hours worth of laps, taken the puppy out for her second walk of the day, taken my pills and I'm having an instant soup for a very late tea.  Not gonna turn my laptop on until I come home tomorrow so it's almost guaranteed to be a very short blog post.

Apparently it's 'patch Tuesday' today so I'm gonna shut down now.  Night night all.

Monday 13 July 2020

Monday 13th July 2020

Morning again all.

I've taken my morning pills 💊, done my 7am 🕖 laps of the house and back yard, taken the puppy for her first stroll of the day, then fed her.  We're both totally wiped out now though.  We can both flake out and recover until it's time for me to take my Calcium and give the senior puppy her lunch.

Hopefully I'll remember to update this post today 🙄🤣

That's the rubbish and recycling been taken so I've brought the bags and boxes in ready for another week.  Already got 103 active minutes in the FitBit app and 9183 steps after our 'marathon Monday' stroll and laps of the house and yard to get the active minutes up.

That's the FitBit spreadsheet up and ready for viewing now.  I've just been approved to read and review a book too, so gonna make a start on that after I come back from my laps for this hour.  Keep your fingers crossed 🤞 that I hit 30,000 steps again today, please❓

It's looking incredibly doubtful that I'll hit the 30,000 steps today after all 'cos I'm currently at 24k with just over an hour to go, so there's no way I'll get 6k steps walked in that time.  Disappointing aim for today is 26k - I'm not giving up, just building up very very slowly is all.

I'm just over 26k steps now and I'm absolutely wiped out, so I'm heading to bed now... see you all tomorrow.  💤

Book Review: "28 Summers" by Elin Hilderbrand

⭐ out of 5

This is an OK-ish book at best so far, but the first 3 sections have jumped through so many years in random order that I'm already confused.  I'm about to start reading about Summer number 1 which is 1993 apparently... I seriously hope it'll all be in year order from now on or I'll be knocking off the first star.

Thankfully the second chapter is in date order, but sooo boring that I skipped through most of it.  There is such a tiny amount of speech and lots of dull descriptions.  If Summer number 3 is no better then I'll be knocking off a start and flicking through that chapter too... waaaay too dull.

Oh dear, I'm knocking off a star and skipping to Summer 4... I am hugely disappointed by this book and I can't wait for it to end for all the wrong reasons.

I've skipped even further ahead to Summer number 8 and it's no better so I'm giving up on it now.  It's getting a single star review 'cos I can't leave a review without any stars.  A huuuuuge disappointment and waste of my time today.

Sunday 12 July 2020

Sunday 12th July 2020

Mornin' again all.  How are you doing today❓

I've done my 2 hours worth of 250 steps and taken my pills, as well as re-filling my pill box ready for next week, so it's time to walk the puppy now.  BBS.

This is going to be a veeeery short blog post today 'cos it's almost bed time for me now 🙄 🤣

I've taken all my pills and taken the puppy for her 2 walks today, tthe hourly steps in the Fitbit app has turned green but I'm still 96 steps short of my steps showing up on the exercise graph for the week, which is really annoying. 

I've done a tiny amount of practising going up and down the kerb outside our house this evening, and as long as I remember to put my quad cane on the ground before I step off or onto the pavement then it's definitely achievable.

Just asked Steve to be my confidence booster on the slopey bits at the end of the road at some point tomorrow, 'cos they are the things that I can't do alone in case I fall over and can't get back up.  I'm determined to conquer it by the time it gets to my doc appointment so that I'm not totally riddled with anxiety when I go from the car park to the surgery and back again.  My blood pressure will be through the roof otherwise, just from that alone.

My anxiety will not win.

It's gone 10pm 🕙 so time for bed now.  Nite nite orl.

Saturday 11 July 2020

Saturday 11th July 2020

Morning all.

The puppy has already been out for her poo 💩 and I've walked and fed her.  Very nearly fell over on one of the lengths which really scared me and my normal walking anxiety went through the roof 😟.  I carried on walking the pup though and didn't have any more anxiety until a flippin' seagull swooped down to eat the rubbish that was all over the road.  I don't fancy being attacked by it and I wanted to protect the puppy too, so we came home a bit early and we'll do the rest this evening when hopefully the seagulls will have flown off somewhere else.

Time to take my pills 💊 and do my 9am 🕘 laps of the house and yard now.


That's me pills taken, so time for the first laps of the day now.

Currently up-to-date with the hourly blobs and it's almost time for the 3pm 🕒 blobs now, so I'm gonna go and make a slow, easy start of them after putting the curly bits under this section:

Just gonna reboot so that I can hopefully finally start reading the book I downloaded last night.  BBS.

The book has disappeared from my shelf for some reason, so maybe that's why I was having issues opening it❓❓  I've got a children's book to read and review anyway, so that will keep me occupied for a while 👍

I've walked and fed the puppy now and she's flaked out right in the doorway bless 'er.  Scratch that, she's on the back of the sofa now 👌

Off to beddy-byes for the night now... night night all❗

Friday 10 July 2020

Friday 10th July 2020

Morning all.

I took the senior puppy for her morning stroll and she poo'd 💩 again.  As predicted, my anxiety went through the roof, but I managed to pick it up without falling over, which was a huuuuge relief.  I need to try standing with my feet further apart to see if that gives me more stability next time.  I've fed and watered her, done my 9am 🕘 lengths of the back yard and taken my morning pills 💊... it's Friday so took the FA which means I can't take the Calcium until lunchtime.

I've had an email from Equifax to say my credit score has changed, so just been to have a look and it was a search that Equifax did last year that was deleted.  I'm really proud of how significantly my score has changed from being "very poor" when we had all those financial problems all the way up to "good" and very nearly "excellent" now!  Yay me!

Time to do this hours lengths now.

Done 2 hours worth of lengths since I last updated this page and I'm definitely having scrambly eggs for lunch today 🤤

Gonna put my laptop on the floor now, in preparation.


I was wrong, the eggs are out of date so they've been binned and I'm having biscuits for lunch instead.

The hours have turned green so I'm off to beddy-byes now.  Nite nite orl.

Thursday 9 July 2020

Thursday 9th July 2020

Mornin' again all.

I've just taken the puppy for her first stroll of the day and she poo'd 💩 again, so I cleared it up but managed to scrape my fingernail through a tiny part of it as it fell out of my grip which was pretty gross and made me feel dirty for the rest of the walk.  We came home and I immediately scrubbed my hands though❗  I've fed the puppy and taken my pills so I'm all sorted for the day now.

That's my second set of laps done and dusted.  I'm slowly growing in confidence going up and down the doorstep with the help of my quad cane now.

Zoop for lunch today 'cos we didn't have it yesterday and pasta bol for lunch tomorrow 🤤

Gotta reboot 'cos my laptop ain't talking to my phone and vice versa.  I've rebooted my phone, so it's time for the laptop now.  BBS.

Back now.  Gotta add the zoop to my Fitbit app then go out for this hours laps then hopefully put the photos of the puppy dog onto my site.

I asked about the pain in my right side on Facebook and one of my friends pointed me to a video that showed me that the handle on my quad cane was significantly too high.  I've just got back in from the first hour of re-educating myself and while my anxiety was through the roof and I significantly wobbled several times, I didn't actually fall over and the pain is pretty much gone now❗ 

I'm gonna keep practising using the new height handle and take the puppy out for her stroll at 7pm 🕖 instead of 4pm 🕓 so that I've got as much time as possible to relax into the new height.

I can so do this... just gotta take things really really slowly until I'm used to the new height and have re-gained my confidence now.

That's the puppy walked and I discovered that the pavement is ever so slightly slopey so that the rain runs off the pavement and into the road and I've got the pain back now 😞.

I'm dosed up with my final 2 pills of the day, just in time for the last set of lengths.

Just started yawning, so it's time for me to shut down for the night now.  Night night all.

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Mornin' all

Already got my 7am 🕖 blob achieved, just by doing a couple of laps of the kitchen and hall.  The puppy is in her bed so I won't disturb her until closer to 8.30am 🕣 to take her for our stroll, bless her tiny furry paws.

I've gotta remember that my FA is in the organiser instead of the box, so I'm gonna take all my morning pills now... BRB.

That's me dosed up until lunchtime now.  The weekly virus scan is underway and I remembered not to open my email programmes too 😆

The puppy has been walked and fed.  She poo'd on her stroll this morning so I picked it up and brought it home.

I also managed to book a grocery slot for 3 weeks time with Tesco, which is the first I've been able to do since the lockdown started back in March.  I'm gonna keep trying with Sainsburys too in case I can get one for next week... wish me luck.

That's the weekly virus scan finished.  Still free of nasties, thankfully.  Backups under way and should, judging by last week, be finished in a couple of hours so that I can check my email for the first time today.

It's taken all afternoon, but I've finally been able to check my email and create a system restore point... my mood has gone through the floor though and I'm sooo angry for some reason, so I feel sorry for anyone who phones or comes to the door before tomorrow morning now.

Going to head to bed now.  See you all again tomorrow.  Nite nite 💤

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Mornin' all.

I've kinda walked the puppy, but she was feeling her age this morning (she's 11 years, 1 week and 1 day today), so it was just a shorter stroll, but when she came in from her poo she was back to her usual self again, so I'm pondering on taking her for part 2 in a bit now that she's recovered, then we'll be back to normal at 4pm-ish... I'll take my lead from the puppy though and if she really doesn't fancy it then I won't force her.

I've taken my pills and accidentally popped out the FA so I've put that in the organiser ready for tomorrow... you watch me forget tomorrow though 🙄🤣

The puppy didn't want to go for part two of her morning stroll, so we'll just do a longer walk this evening instead.  Keep us both on our toes 😉

It's 10.30am 🕥 and I'm only just having my breakfast 😆

I've seemingly lost the last 5 hours worth of posts in this blog for some reason❗ 😠  Ho hum.  This'll be another short blog post today then.

That's the puppy walked and fed for the last time today.  We walked a lot more and the puppy seemed to enjoy it more than this morning, so maybe it was just too early for her and she hadn't properly woken up or something❓

Heading off to bed for a relatively early night now.  See you all again at some point tomorrow.

Monday 6 July 2020

Monday 6th July 2020

Morning all.

I've taken the puppy for her marathon Monday stroll, fed and watered her then did my 9am 🕘 lengths and took my pills.  Steve's gonna ask Marie to take H's gift from me back with her on either Wednesday or Friday and I've got someone coming from Freegle for the rings and shoes at lunchtime, so I've got a busy few hours coming up.

My Fitbit is charging up and I've gotta remember to have my breakfast to try and increase my calories, so I'm gonna do that now.

Just done my second set of lengths of the day and brought the recycling boxes in.  Gotta add the Fitbit spreadsheet to my site and code then upload the photos of the puppy dog too.

That's the Fitbit stuff sorted, so time to sort out the photos now.

Just called my doctors surgery about the pills so that's something else out of the way now and I can do my initial laps of the house now 🤣

I've decided against putting the photos of the senior puppy up... they aren't very clear unfortunately  😞

The Freegle stuff has just gone... only 1½ hours later than agreed 🙄

Chips for lunch today and it smells like Steve's just taken them out of the oven 😋

That's the 3pm 🕒 lengths done and my Calcium taken, so I'm all set until tonight now.

My next target is to get at least 2k steps an hour and I think I've worked out a more interesting way to do it instead of just up and down our back yard - laps of the whole of our downstairs in addition to the backyard lengths.  I'm also gonna try upping the hourly times, just on a Monday up to 20 minutes an hour... gotta keep challenging myself and it'll hopefully be an easier way to reach my daily steps goal too❗

Time for me to shut down and head to bed now.  I'll be back tomorrow though (laptop permitting), so I'll see you then.  Nite nite orl.

Sunday 5 July 2020

Sunday 5th July 2020

Mornin' all.

I've taken my pills and refilled the organiser ready for next week, walked and fed the puppy, sorted out the rubbish and recycling and achieved 4 hourly blobs in the Fitbit app.  Time to put my liquid intake in too, then try my first breakfast biscuits for a looong time❗

The breakfast biscuits were OK, just very very dry.  They've filled me up, but were only 70 calories which is a lot less than I was hoping for, but it's 70 more than yesterday so it's better than nothing.

Been out for my 11am 🕚 lengths and I'm doing the monthly discharge of my laptop battery again.

The battery has just died so it's plugged back in and charging up again now.

Taken a few photos of the puppy dog this afternoon/evening and they are up on my site now.  Time to walk the puppy for the second time today now, then get the spreadsheet coded and uploaded.

I've just taken my last pills of the day, while I'm waiting for my FTP programme to load up...

OK, it's all uploaded now, so I'm gonna quickly check the forums then hopefully have an early night.

That's all sorted, so I'm just giving my phone a touch more juice so that it survives the night, then I'm off to bed.

Saturday 4 July 2020

Saturday 4th July 2020

Mornin' all.

I'm back to doing the once a day blog posts now.

Done the first lengths of the day and taken my pills... it's Saturday so I didn't take the FA which meant I could take the Calcium too.  The back ache I was having and the utter rage a couple of days ago was PMT, so I'm gonna be a right cowbag for the next 5 days 'cos I won't be able to control it.

The virus scan showed no nasties so that's a positive.  Gonna try taking the puppy out for her first stroll of the day now.  BBS.

I've been out for loads of hours worth of lengths and I've now, officially, given up on getting Chrome to work.  I've put my most frequent sites in Firefox now, so I just need to add them all to the start page now, then I can finally relax.  BBS.

That's that done and another set of lengths completed, so time to relax now... after the stress of the last few days, I think I deserve it.

Got another hours lengths under my belt and just one more hour to go to turn the semi-circle green again.  Almost guaranteed to hit 25k today which will hopefully get me set up for sneaking through to just about 30k on Monday, which is my next target I'm aiming for.

Need to take my evening pills before I forget, so I'll BRB again.

That's them down the hatch, so I'm dosed up for the night and I've just got one more hours worth of lengths to do, then I can head to bed.

Friday 3 July 2020

Just taken my pills and Steve's...

...ordered our tea (chips and baked beans for me), so I'm gonna put my laptop on the floor in anticipation.

Chrome still doesn't want to play nicely, so I've officially given up on getting it to work now until the morning... gotta put a review up first though, drat!

I'm hopefully back now...

The system restore has just given me a blue screen of death but whatever it was doing seems (🤞) to have sorted out the problems I was having with Chrome yesterday.  I'll keep doing individual posts for the rest of the day, then go back to the once a day posts again tomorrow.

Pills taken

Just taken my morning pills, so need to put the liquid into the online version of the Fitbit app now.

We're having a Mugshot for lunch today which is cool and groovy with me.

Still waiting for the restore thingy to finish - been 19 hours now!!  Not happy with that at all.

Still no computer, sooooo...

Morning all.

The restore thingy is still going after 13 hours so I'm not gonna be making a long blog post today, just several shorter ones until it's sorted out so it's temporarily back to the good old days again.

I discovered how to keep track of my active minutes and hourly steps soon after I woke up this morning, so that's even better and I'll worry about it a lot less now.

Need to do the first hours lengths and take my pills now though.

Thursday 2 July 2020

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Mornin' all.

I've walked the first set of lengths, taken my pills and done the second set of lengths then tried to call my doc about the newest prescription literally every minute, but it's always been engaged, so I'm just not gonna take the new prescription now and gonna give the box back to the pharmacy next time they deliver our prescriptions.  I'd just rather not risk doing more harm than good. 
Means I can take the puppy out for her first stroll of the day now though❗ 👌

That's our senior puppy walked and fed.  It started raining very soon after we started our stroll... thankfully not heavily, but we're both soggy now.

Time to do my 10am lengths now.

That's the third set of lengths done and I've got 98 active minutes so far today.

Apparently we're having vegetable burger patties, fries (as in the long thin ones, not the big chunky ones) and plenty of brown sauce all over it for lunch 🍴 today.  A good opportunity for veggies too, but Steve "can't be arsed 'cos it will mean another pot to deal with" 😞

An update on lunch - it's now veggie burgers, fries (possibly cheesy if the cheese is still in date) and baked beans 'cos I've tempted him now 😋 🤣

Gonna reboot while I'm doing my 11am lengths 'cos nothing is working in Chrome, despite closing and restarting the browser several times.  BBS.

That's Patrick insured for another year and my life insurance is the same price for the next 5 years too, which is awesome.  The cheese was out of date and we're not having baked beans after all, so we're back to the original plan of vegetable burger patties and chips with plenty of sauce, so it's time to put my laptop on the floor ready to bring the plate in now.

Back now.  That was a very yummy lunch and even Steve enjoyed a totally vegetarian meal for a change (he loves meat and has it with most meals usually).

Gonna reboot for the fifth time already today 'cos I still can't access anything in Chrome 😟

I'm doing a system restore thingy on here again that has taken the best part of 3 hours so far, so I'm gonna publish this now then have a really early night after I've finished my mug of tea... think I deserve it after so many late nights recently lol

See you at some point either later today or tomorrow.

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Mornin' all.

It was a very rushed morning 'cos I was still asleep at 7.30am, so I had to rush downstairs and put in a quick 15 minutes before I lost the hour in Fitbit, then I just about had time to go back upstairs and put my socks and hairband on, pick up my phone and bring it all down before taking the puppy for her morning stroll and doing my next hours active minutes.

I took my pills and set the virus scan going when I came back, but got a very dry mouth so I called my GP for advice after being told to stop taking them if I got any side effects and I've gotta call back at 2pm instead.

Managed all my hours blobs so far, but my knees are killing me.

The virus scan has only got 2% left to go, so hopefully that'll be sorted and the backups completed in the next hour or so, so that I can relax and de-stress about calling my GP while the backups are under way.

Steve's gone out to make my usual Wednesday zoop, so I'll have that then start the backups and then call my GP.

That's the zoop drunk and backups started, Calcium taken and I've been for a preparatory wee so that I don't wet myself while I'm on the phone to the doc.  Just gotta wait for them to open now!

Tried to call my doctor twice since they re-opened after lunch and it was engaged both times.  I'm gonna give it one more try then go out and do this hours lengths before I try again.

Gotta call again tomorrow at 8.30am to get a phone appointment with a doc... why couldn't they have just told me that this morning  🙄😄

I've taken all my pills for the day now, just gotta keep on going out to do my walks every hour and walk the puppy dog once more then that's me out for the day.

That's the puppy walked and my 6pm lengths done.  My body is really starting to struggle now, so I'm not gonna move off the sofa until it's time for my 7pm lengths now.

Done my last 2 sets of lengths and discovered that I've been feeling cotton-wooly just before my 6pm sets is because of what I'm pretty sure is a slump in my blood sugar, so I don't suppose anyone fancies giving me some ideas of things that will keep my blood sugar level for the last few hours before I go to bed, do they?  Pretty please?

I'm gonna head to bed now for an early night... those 'marathon Monday' lengths have really taken it out of me!

Nite nite orl!