Friday, 31 July 2020

What a day!

I've taken all my pills and had 2 letters from the hospital about my procedure.  I've gotta go in for the pre-anaesthetic assessment on the 14th then the procedure on the 17th - I'm really hoping it'll go ahead this time!

I sent my GP practice a message first thing 'cos I can't remember my username and they want me to go down there with ID, but I'm starting a 2 week self-isolation on Monday 'cos of going into the hospital and the Coronavirus stuff.  I'm glad they don't just give out the information to whoever asks, but I'm gonna need more pills at the end of August and might not feel well enough after the anaesthetic to go down there with my ID afterwards!

Our grocery shopping came an hour early again, but Steve managed to catch Marie before she left home to come and help us this time, thankfully.

I'm currently reading an ARC of a book that I'll put the review up for on its publication day.  Gonna take the puppy out for her evening stroll then take my pills and head to bed for an early night I reckon.

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