Saturday, 1 August 2020

I've got Chrome back at last!

I was forced, by something going wrong somewhere, to use Firefox for web browsing instead of Chrome.  I had an update to AVG or Windows or summat a few days ago and figured I'd see if Chrome was working again yet - it was last night and still working when I came back down this morning too, so I'm back to using it as my main browser now... yaaaay❗

I've taken my pills (a few hours later than I like and was already starting to feel the affects after only 27 hours, so being forced to go without them for two weeks again will be awful❗

Both of my fitness trackers are currently charging up and I've achieved all the blobs so far this morning in my FitBit app, so I just need to put them back on before I do the next hours worth of laps 😁

We're having burgers for lunch today.  The rolls are way too small for my veggie burger patties, so Steve's gonna have all six rolls with his meaty burgers again... I'm hoping there will be chips and veggies to go with mine, to fill me up a bit more, so keep your fingers crossed 🤞 that it actually happens.

Gonna carry on reading the book now... I'll hopefully be able to read a chapter before my next set of laps are due.

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