Monday 24 August 2020

Our first 'marathon Monday' stroll for 3 weeks and...

...we're both totally done in now.  


The puppy is already asleep between Steve's feet and my legs are sorta going "what the..." so that's it for both of us until like 🕓 4 o'clock this afternoon.  I'm not gonna move far from the sofa, and I can almost guarantee that the only time the puppy will move will be to go for a wee and have her lunch.

Talking of food, apparently I'll be having my first ever chip butty for lunch, hopefully with the spread so that my calories can go through the roof again, to help me put on more weight.


I've taken my morning pills and phoned the pharmacy to chase up my prescriptions being delivered, the lady said it'll be "at some point today" so I hope she's right, 'cos I'm running very low on my pills... talking of which, they've just arrived 😀  Still only got 28 of the 2.5 so I hope the CPN can prescribe, like Brad could otherwise I might have to go down to 5mg instead of 7.5mg 🙄

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