Monday 31 August 2020

Cake for lunch and puppy walked, so I'm ready for bed now!

 Evenin' all.

We had cakes for lunch, then the puppy had her lunch and slept the afternoon away in her bed.  I took her for her second walk of the day and she went straight back into her bed again... today has really taken it out of her, poor thing.  She was fine when she got going and enjoyed our strolls, but by the time I took her harness off, it really seemed to catch up with her and she got in her bed to sleep it off and recover.  It's only once a week and she didn't have any walks at all during my 2 week self-isolation, so maybe her body just needs to get back into it again.

I'm gonna have a really early night tonight and hope that my body can manage the extra 30 seconds on top of my usual nightly exercises... we shall see❗

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