Tuesday 25 August 2020

Back home after less than half the distance this morning!

Mornin' all.


I've taken my pills and paid for my prescription PPC for the next 3 months (it runs out on Christmas Eve 🤣) so that's my pills paid for now.  I've gotta try and remember to do it for another 3 months in November, which'll take me through to March, then I'll do it for a year at a time again.


I've taken the puppy out for a short walk... she was feeling her age again, so I didn't force her, but I'll take her out for the other half of this morning's walk at lunchtime and back to normal again this evening.  She's an old lady now, so I'm not gonna force her to do more than she feels able to... maybe I should make it 3 walks a day as standard though❓❓  I'm gonna take my lead from the puppy today though - if she doesn't want to do any more lengths at all then that's OK and I won't force her.


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