Wednesday 26 August 2020

First walk of the day, completed

 Just got back with the puppy dog and she had a very social walk this morning 'cos she got stroked and talked to by a builder and the children next door were at their window for the first time since I started my self-isolation and there have been a couple of birthdays in their family since then too.  The puppy was starting to struggle towards the end of her walk and she's flaked out between Steve's feet now, bless 'er.

We're having toast for lunch today, 'cos Steve forgot to take the soup out of the freezer overnight.  That's OK though, it'll send my calories through the roof again which will hopefully go a small way to helping me to put on more weight so that I don't have to see a Dietician and leave the spot open for someone who really needs the appointment more than I do.

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