Thursday, 20 August 2020

That's the puppy dog walked and fed now...

It was really good this morning.  The puppy didn't poo like she has done on her last two walks since I came out of self-isolation so I didn't feel anxious and she'll be getting a biscuit when she poo's in the back yard.  I've taken my morning pills and the survey I was supposed to be doing this morning has been postponed until tomorrow now... thank you Gaia and Green Man❗  Means that I can stop being anxious about the interview and the fire alarms clashing now.

Apparently the bread is 4 days out of date and it'll be too close to lunchtime to have porridge when the fire alarm checks have been done, so I'm hoping for a biiig lunch today instead.  Pasta, meatballs and sauce 🍴 for lunch today, apparently 🤤

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