Sunday 30 August 2020

Achieved a lot this morning too


  1. submitted a manuscript to a publisher, 
  2. taken my pills (including the Calcium),
  3. started the daily virus scan,
  4. taken the puppy for her first walk of the day, 
  5. fed and watered her, 
  6. cleared up her poo 💩 and 
  7. taken the rubbish and recycling out ready for tomorrow morning's collection. 

It's so hot that I said to put the fan on after less than a third of the puppy's walk this morning and it's been on ever since too. 

We're also getting rid of one of our bags of bags to Steve's mum when we go to get our hairs cut again on Thursday.  Usually it's her getting stuff for us, so it feels good to be able to repay her.

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