Sunday 16 August 2020

Laps done, pill taken, puppy fed, tracker charging

Woke up relatively late this morning at just gone 6am 🕕 (for the last little while, I've been down here before 5.30am 🕠 most mornings) so did my laps, took my morning pill, fed the puppy and noticed that my FitBit needed charging up... it's at 75% full, but I won't have time to charge it up tomorrow and I don't want it to run out of charge while I'm in hospital, so just for a change I'm charging it up before it hits 50%.

This is, hopefully, my last day without supplements 'cos I'm hoping I'll be able to take them as soon as I wake up from the anaesthetic tomorrow, while I'm waiting to be discharged... my body is crying out for them and is really struggling to function without them, so the sooner I'm allowed to take them again, the better.

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