Saturday 31 January 2015

Post number 543! Yay!

In a better mood today... I slept in so Steve had to answer the door to his carer and our bin is only half full so far (it's usually full by now) and we've already put a recycling box out with the second in the kitchen and we've been using our food recycling bin too, so hopefully I won't need to put up with waiting for the bin men next Monday (not the day after tomorrow, the Monday after that) which has put me in a hopeful mood too!

I've just got to find the other payments that I made to my publisher now!

I'm also meeting up with Chris tomorrow... yaaaay!

Friday 30 January 2015

In a foul mood now!

Steve's having another take away for his tea (I'm not having anything) and he told me he was getting fish and chips that would come in a carrier bag.

It's just been delivered.

I answered the door.


One of the 4 boxes broke and his nuggets fell on the floor.

I had to pick them up.



Steve just sat on the sofa while I was struggling.


Well not any more.

From now on, he deals with his own rubbish, his own recycling and answers the door himself too.

I'm fed up of being his slave and getting the blame for Steve's crap.

As of now, I look out for number one.

As of now I'll go to bed when I like, get up when I like and that's that.

Steve can sort out his own carer, his own food and his own fucking watch.  Tough shit if he doesn't like it.

Thursday 29 January 2015

Did I take...?

I got Steve a watch for Christmas, but the strap was too tight to comfortably go around his wrist.

I know I asked for the price of adjusting it, but did I actually take it in to be done?

If I did, did I pay for it before it was done or do I need to pay them when I pick it up?

Steve's on a call to his job right now, but don't want to forget to ask him so what do I do?

Maybe if I send him a message on Skype to ask?

Steve's carer/Mitzi's walk

I took Mitzi for double her usual walk this morning and I literally had time to close the front door and put my quad cane back in it's home before Steve's carer came to the door! 

If she'd come a minute earlier, we'd still have been on Mitzi's walk!  I didn't even have time to put my recycling bag back on the handle or sit down before she came to the door!

What timing... again!

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Steve was a good man this evening

We had Chinese for tea tonight.

Normally Steve would share his with Mitzi.

It seems that he's taken into account what the vet and Marie said and he didn't give Mitzi anything tonight!

I just hope it continues!

Our gorgeous girl is back home! Yaaaaay!

Mitzi's just got home with her new haircut and Westie face and she's now laying on top of the sofa, fast asleep.

Bless 'er!

She's put on weight though, so I'm going to double her morning walks for the next few months to see if that helps.  Steve has got to stop feeding her human food though! 

She was last weighed in November and she's had 5 chips and a Pringle off me in that time because I accidentally dropped them on the floor and Mitzi pounced and ate them before I could pick them up.  Steve, OTOH, gives her almost a quarter of every meal so he's got to stop doing that and he's heard it from the vet via Marie as well as me now.  I'm doing what I can for our little girl, but Steve has to as well! 

There's two of us owned by Mitzi, not just me!  :-(

Electric toothbrush + Listerine =

I've just brushed my teeth and used the mouthwash, Listerine... what an amazing feeling!

I last used mouthwash when I was a teenager until just now... what an amazing feeling in my mouth now!

The toothbrush improved the colour of my teeth in less than a week and the Listerine just makes my whole mouth feel cleaner!

No kidding, my teeth were yellow before I got the toothbrush, even though I brushed them.  Within days of getting the toothbrush they were white again.  Now that I've used the Listerine too, they are sparkly white and my whole mouth feels cleaner too!

If you don't like the colour of your teeth, get thee an electric toothbrush.

If your mouth doesn't feel clean even straight after brushing your teeth, get thee a mouthwash!

I can't recommend them highly enough!

Our pretty puppy is having another spa day at the vets!

Mitzi loves going to the vet for her grooming... I don't know how they do it, but when she goes she's so excitable and she comes back really chilled out and so relaxed, bless her little heart!  Even being at home doesn't chill her out as much as being at the vet!

You'd think that after the rough start she had she would hate it, but she's the exact opposite!  She loves it there!

Apparently she'll be sharing a kennel with Sydney while she waits... they will be together and like peer support as Sydney had a rough start too!

Mitzi the therapist! lol

Half of Steve's visitors has already been and gone!

Steve is due to see the carer and nurse today.

One of them has already been and gone and it's not even 10am yet!

Tuesday 27 January 2015

Just spotted another possible car on eBay

£370 this time but it's in Hertfordshire and we haven't got transport so that's another no... at least I'm looking though!


Auto Trader instead maybe?  Are they more reliable than eBay?

Is it sensible to...

...  buy a car off eBay? 

There's one I've spotted for £600 with free postage and the seller has 100% positive rating which looks great to me, but Steve says it's "too old and it would be better with sliding doors too" so I've sent him a different URL with all the search results in it.

I've saved up £750 so far and I'll have £4,000 by December but I can get the one I spotted right now and still have £150 left over.

I reckon Steve was looking at the breadcrumb trail which said it was linked in the WW2 bit, but he's the driver, not me, so I have to rely on what he says!

It's only got 2 days and a couple of hours left before the listing ends though!  :-(

Monday 26 January 2015

The bin men have just been...

...and took a box with 2 bin bags and 2 carrier bags inside.  This time though, the bin man said they "shouldn't really do it" which is the first I knew of it - the usual bin man doesn't usually have a problem with the extra bags so maybe it was the box that today's man had a problem with?  :-(

Our bins are only emptied every fortnight and I've emailed the council about getting an additional bin and it was on the bottom of the standard email they sent me that asked how many additional bags there were every fortnight without any prompting from me!

If the bins were emptied every week, instead of every 2 weeks, then we wouldn't need to give them the extra bags at all!


Sunday 25 January 2015

Can someone please remind me...

... at the end of the week we are just about to start, to drop off my repeat prescription with the pharmacy please?

I'm about to take me pills and head to bed after a big tea from our local chippy and I don't trust my memory is all  :-)

Thank you!

Steve's dream last night

Mitzi sleeps on the sofa with Steve and last night Steve had a dream that Mitzi was "surfing on the duvet and ended up on the floor" to quote Steve!

Apparently Steve woke up suddenly and Mitzi was looking at him to make sure he was OK!  I'm guessing he was calling her in his sleep or something! 

Bless 'im!

Steve's also mentioned that he went for a day-trip to Australia and he wouldn't have lost the day at all because they are 12 hours ahead of us?!

He reckons he doesn't remember his dreams though!  lol

My breakfast this morning is...

...3 Bounty chocolate bars - yumsk!

Mitzi drank half a bowl of water and had a couple of mouthfuls of her breakfast then came back in here  *sad sigh*  The food she's on from the vet must be shrinking her stomach or making her thirsty or something.

Saturday 24 January 2015

Steve was right about the hot water

Like last time, I set the washer/drier going then got in the bath.

Like last time, the water was hot right from the start of running the bath

Like last time, I was in the bath until the water started cooling down.

Unlike last time, the water didn't come out of the hot tap nice and hot... in fact, it was barely tepid!

So I had a cold, shallow bath instead of the hot, deep one like last time!

Sorry Steve!

Steve's carer has got brilliant timing!

I'd just opened the front door to take Mitzi for her walk and by the time I'd turned around to close the door, Steve's carer was almost at the door!

When I saw her, I said for her to go in while I took Mitzi for her walk and she was still here when we came back, so I locked the front door (it was on the latch while we were out) and came in here with our little girl!

Mitzi was a good girl on her walk but I'm thinking she'll need to go out for a poo within the next couple of hours because her tail is sticking up and she hasn't poo'd for a couple of days that I know of!  Poor puppy.

Our little girl is going to be groomed on Wednesday and I give her 10 minutes before her mouth is dirty again!  lol  She loves being groomed bless her!  Our pretty puppy is brushed here too and falls asleep within a couple of minutes of starting it!  So sweet!

Friday 23 January 2015

This morning, on Mitzi's walk...

... it felt slightly warmer and there was a thin dusting of snow on the cars too, so the bitterness has finally broken after a week!


Thursday 22 January 2015

19 minutes 22 seconds

I've just phoned my secondary bank because my online banking card reader wouldn't let me access it.

I was on the phone for 19 minutes and achieved absolutely b***er all!

The only thing I achieved was that I'm getting a new card, pin number and banking pin number and I can't do any online or telephone banking until I get them *sigh*

I'm grateful that they are so secure, but all I wanted to do was return £100 to my main bank account and I can't do that until the end of next week now when it'll be pointless because I'll be paid again in 10 days time!

Stoopid thing!

Just tried to...

... charge up the batteries for Patrick only to find that they are already fully charged!

I want to apologise to Steve because I accused him of unplugging the extention lead when the charger didn't start whirring into life when the batteries were already charged!  Sorry Steve!

It's also given me a new appreciation of babies who crawl... I've got bruised knees now just from crawling from the bottom of the stairs to the kitchen and back twice to plug the charger into the chair and into the extention lead and back again to unplug it!  I was on my knees for all of 2 minutes total and they are now bruised so I want to somehow show my respect for the little one's knees for doing it all day, every day for months!  The babies must have so much determination to crawl through the pain!

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Almost went base over apex just now!

I didn't do anything other than walk past my wheelchair in the kitchen, but I didn't pick my left foot up high enough this time, caught it on the lever bits I push a foot down on to lift up the front wheels and almost landed on my face on the floor!  If the kitchen counter had been 5cm further away from me I'd have been on the floor, unable to even attempt to get up!

Luckily I stumbled over to the counter before I fell over this time though!

Blimey Charlie!

It's so freaking cold outside right now!

We were supposed to get snow overnight and the temperature out there before I went to bed was almost guaranteed to snow.

It's now 11.30am and it hasn't warmed up at all!

Stoopid freaking British weather!

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Mitzi made a new friend this morning!

I took Mitzi for her normal morning walk to the normal place and she stood firmly at the corner, wagging her little tail.

A woman came around the corner and Mitzi's tail was wagging into a blur.

The woman carried on walking to wherever she was going and Mitzi's little head followed her then decided it would be a good time to take notice of the person at the end of her lead and we came back home.

Bless her little tiny teddy bear feet!

Monday 19 January 2015


... Marie and the Sainsburys van crossed each other at a round about and Marie thought to herself that it would be our shopping.

The Sainsbury's driver phoned at 5.30pm and asked if he could deliver our food early tonight... Steve said to give it 15 minutes to let Marie get here to help to put it all away.

Fair do's to him, he took the boxes into the kitchen and closed the front door, then it was literally enough time to let Mitzi out of the living room before I had to usher her back in here when Marie knocked on the door!

Mitzi is now sat on my foot and Marie is putting the shopping away for us!

Marie is ace!

I don't care what Steve thinks about the hot water...

... but I know how it feels when the washing machine isn't on and I have a bath (hot for about 5 minutes and that's it) and when the washing machine is on and I have a bath (really hot for the entire length of the bath)!

Steve reckons the bathwater comes out of the boiler upstairs.

Yes.  It does.  I'm not denying that.

What I'm saying is that the washing machine makes the hot water really hot while it's washing the clothes and I'm in the bath!


I had a 2 and a half hour bath this afternoon while the washing machine was on.

When it isn't on, I'm lucky to be warm for an hour then the cold water returns because I've used all the hot water filling the bath up and it hasn't had time to re-heat!

I know how hot the water is and for how long, so from now on I'll put the washing machine on when I want a bath!

Sunday 18 January 2015

Mmmmm, yummy!

Steve did us pasta bake for tea tonight.

Yumsk again!

I'm still licking my lips and I can still taste the cheese and sauce... Steve thought that the pasta wasn't cooked properly on some bits but I still ate the lot and it didn't taste under-done to me!

Yes, there were some bits that were slightly firmer than usual, but that's what al dente means isn't it?  Isn't that how pasta is supposed to be... what chefs aim for?

We had it nice and early too, so I'm going to take my pills and head to bed at about 6pm tonight with a full belly and smile on my face again!

It should be illegal to...

... play Pet Rescue - it's cute and simple but sooo addictive!  I spent £30 for 500 gold bars and within 4 hours I was addicted to playing it again!

I originally went upstairs to have a nap for a couple of hours but instead of being asleep, I read 2 magasines and played Pet Rescue on my Kindle Fire!

Oops!  lol

Soo tired again, so...

... I'm going back to bed!

Saturday 17 January 2015

Cheesy potato pots

I used to love "just add boiling water" pots of mashed potato and Steve's just said that you can get cheesy potato pots that you do in the oven... sounds yummy!  One of the nashed tatty pots used to be enough for a meal for me so if the cheesy tatty is anywhere near as yumsk then they will be a healthy regular addition to our shopping basket that I can have for lunch instead of cookies or crisps or whatever!

My first 3 attempts will be "au naturel" nashed tatty, then nashed tatty with tomato sauce and the third will be with brown sauce to see which I prefer!

Yummy, yummy
in my tummy!

Bad luck with the number 13?

I know that any month with Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

I know that some people believe the number 13 in anything is unlucky.

That's why I'm writing this post so soon after my previous one... the previous one was number 513 so this makes 514 so I'm a happy bunny now!  lol


Just had me tea, home-cooked for the first time this week and we tried a new ready-to-cook vegetable thing.


Steve had burgers, chips and half the veggie pot.  I had chips and the other half of the pot.

Apparently the chips take a bit longer than the rest of it, but other than that, just bung the veggie pot in the oven and the burgers under the grill for 20 minutes, et voila!

I want to give it a go now that I know how yummy it is... just gotta remember to move Steve's rollator over a bit so that I've got room to stand in front of the grill and oven to put everything in and take it all out alone!

Hopefully Steve will remember to get more ready-to-cook pots for us now that we know how yummy they are!

There is one reader a day to my blog...

... and I'm just nosey about who it is, is all!

Is it one of my 9 followers?
Is it someone on my site?
Is it someone that I know IRL?

I'm just wondering who you are is all!  I appreciate your daily visits, I just want to know who you are!

Just Right cereal is...

... yummy, scrummy in my tummy!

I'd forgotten just how yummy it was but I've had 2 bowls of it in the last half hour!  lol

Apparently it's expensive and the makers "saw me coming" but it tastes so good that it even takes over from chocolate cereal which I've always loved!

Seriously, invest in a box of it and have a taste... if you don't like it, send it to me and I'll take it off your hands!


I'll be paid again on Monday! Yay!

I've just checked my bank balance and I'll be paid again on Monday and the last of the direct debits will come out then too which means I can move another £150 to the joint account for Steve's car and still be comfortably in credit!

I'm not rich by any means, but at least I'm not overdrawn any more!

Friday 16 January 2015

Ho hum!

We've had take aways every day again this week.

Now that our freezers and oven work properly I was hoping we could only have a couple a week and cook the rest of the time.

I love cooking, but I can't do it safely and Steve has his rollator in the way of me opening the oven door properly and I'm not strong or safe enough to crouch down and put the tray into the oven then get back up alone.

I want to cook and we have plenty of food in the house, it's just getting full of rubbish in the kitchen again.

I've asked Steve several times to take the bag out of the kitchen bin because I'm not tall enough to do it myself.

He keeps saying he will but never does  :-(

Ho hum!

The hearing aids are incredible!

I can actually hear with them in (quelle surprise lol) and I can turn the TV right down with them in... I just need to work on their positioning now 'cos the left ear felt irritated by something but the right ear was totally fine! 

I can also put them in without a mirror now too!

Yup, the supplements are fast workers!

Took my supplements again this morning and within a couple of minutes I was seeing life in HD again!

On a side note, I've just checked my bank balance and most of the direct debits have now come out... just got a couple of £75 to come out and that's it!  Yay!

Thursday 15 January 2015

If you read my blog...

... can you just send me a quick comment on here to let me know please?

I've got 9 followers and one person reads each post I make... I'm just nosey is all!  lol

Just taken the supplements and...

... the B12 is already starting to kick in!

I know, I know, I've heard the "it's all in your head" malarky, but I can definitely feel the difference within 5 minutes, so does it really matter if it's all in my head or if the supplements really do work that quickly?

I feel better so quickly after taking them, so surely that's the important thing, right?

Sooo tired right now, so I'm gonna...

... take my supplements to see if they wake me up!

I've worked out that my vitamin B12 is low when I can't shake the sleepiness, so I'm gonna take the supplements now so that hopefully they will wake me up now and get me to sleep deeper when I go to bed tonight so that hopefully I'll be able to shake the sleepiness overnight and I'll wake up full of the joys of spring in the morning... I only need to take them for a couple of days then I'm sorted for a week or so!

If you're frequently tired for seemingly no reason then maybe ask to have your vitamin levels checked?

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Stupid toolbar!

The Nectar toolbar isn't working again.

Stupid bloody thing!

Tuesday 13 January 2015

The hearing aids, again

I've just put in one of the hearing aids and I can hear things a lot clearer now... assuming Steve puts the batteries in the right way around of course!  lol

I'm going to put them in for a few minutes a day to start with, then slowly build up from there and it's only on number 1 out of 6 levels so far so lots of room for my hearing to get a lot worse!  Each aid comes with 3 batteries and it only takes 1 in each aid so I've got lots of spare hours worth of hearing before I need to buy any more!  It's less than £3 for 50 button batteries too!

If you have problems hearing then definitely give eSecure hearing aids a go... they are less than £10 each at the moment 'cos they're on sale (they're usually £30 each) and they are so worth it - just got to build up confidence using them now!

Monday 12 January 2015

Marie had amazing timing this evening!

I heard the shutter door on the side of the Sainsbury's delivery van being pulled up and I answered the door to him then came in here and by the time I sat down, Marie had arrived!

Steve had already asked the driver to take the shopping through to the kitchen and Marie was already putting the stuff away by the time the driver collected up all the boxes and closed the front door so I stayed out of the way 'cos there weren't any bags to take between the hall and kitchen which is my usual job!

Mitzi was a spectacular puppy too... just stayed in her bed until the front door closed and I opened up the living room door for her!

Just waiting for the chippy to deliver our tea now!

Sunday 11 January 2015

This is the magic post number



Yay me!

Just got back from having lunch with C...

...and he said to use his name instead of his initial so, from now on, I'll try and remember to call C, Chris but I'll still keep calling H by her initial until I have her permission to use her name in this blog!

So, here's the names of everyone and my relationship to them:

C is Chris and he's my best male friend
H is a friend that I've known for a few months
Steve is my husband
Marie is my sister-in-law
M is a pain in the bum

So now you know!  lol

That's impressive!

The hearing aid bods replied to my email at just gone midnight and are sending out replacement hearing aids as the original 2 seem to have been lost in the post!

Just the speed of the reply is impressive enough (less than 12 hours on a weekend) but the fact that they are sending out replacements is brilliantly amazing too!

Steve's carer has just been and gone so I'm going to jump in the bath now too... it's only 9.15am and I'm in such a good mood now!


If Steve's carer comes between now and 10am I'll have a bath.

If she comes between 10 and 11.30 I'll have a shower.

If she comes after 11.30 I'll just get washed!

Saturday 10 January 2015

I'll hold them to their email! lol

Just had a standard reply to my email to the hearing aid bods which says that they will reply within the next 24 hours or the next working day at the latest, but it's usually within a few hours.

So, in theory, I'll have heard back from them by Monday according to that email!

We'll soon see!  :-D

Just emailed the hearing aid bods...

... and, according to Amazon, I should hear back from them within 3 working days which is Wednesday because today and tomorrow are the weekend.

I hope they get back to me within that time!  They've had lots of positive feedback about being fast to deliver the orders but, unfortunately, that isn't the case with me  :-(

That's not their fault though, it's Royal Mail's!

Post 494 - 6 to go to the magic 500!

Title says it all, I'm close to my target which will hopefully be reached by the middle of the week!  :-)

7.30am = dark 8am = light!

I walked Mitzi at 7.30 this morning and it was pitch black.

It's now 8am and it's light out there now!

Friday 9 January 2015

3 days and counting

The hearing aids still haven't turned up, so I'm going to give Royal Mail until Saturday's post comes through the door then email Royal Mail, Amazon and Esecure to see what the next step should be.

The last estimated day at Amazon, was Tuesday but because it was only an *estimated* delivery, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt until the weekend then take it from there

Thursday 8 January 2015

Not happy

The post has just arrived.

The hearing aids haven't.

That's 2 days late.

Not happy.

So far today...

... I've walked Mitzi, brought her home, went back out to clear up her poo from the pavement, answered the door to Steve's parcel from Amazon and I'm now waiting for the post to come in the hope that my hearing aids will turn up today.

Ho hum!

Got 2 emails from a friend as well, but WLM doesn't want to download them for some reason  :-(

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Ho hum!

I ordered a couple of hearing aids from Amazon on 27th December.

They gave a set of delivery dates between 1st and 6th January.

They didn't turn up yesterday so I'm giving them until the post comes today before I email them to see what's happened and if they sent them via Royal Mail or a courier in the hope that they can chase them up for me.

Hopefully I won't need to though... hopefully they'll come with the post!

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Yesterday's plumber again

When I went to bed last night, I realised the plumber had put everything that was on the shelf above the heater onto the bed and there's no way I can reach the shelf because I'm too short so it's temporarily living in the spare bedroom doorway atm.

I'll tidy it all up in there when the deliveries have been  :-)

Monday 5 January 2015

Now I can relax for the rest of the week!

I've eventually got everything done and dusted for this week... just waiting for 3 Amazon deliveries then that's it, all done!

I want Marie to see how much I've tidied up in the bedroom but I don't want her to be disappointed that I haven't started on the spare room yet... as soon as the deliveries arrive I'll definitely make a start on the spare room though!

3rd time was definitely a charm for us!

The plumber has been and gone within half an hour and we didn't even know each other existed this morning!

Apparently it was just something that was set wrong in the new emersion heater but it was fixed within a couple of screws of his screwdriver and it was sorted!  We now have hot water again (or at least we will when the tank has refilled), no more drips from the light socket in the house and an added bonus is that the overflow into the yard won't run any more!

Literally the only negative was the price - £108 but our peace of mind is priceless so it's worth the money and so much more to us!

It's an amazing company that we'll definitely be using again if we need to!  If you're in the UK, or more specifically, Gloucester and you need a plumber but you can wait until a weekday, definitely go with Able Group - they are a spectacular company who value their customers... you get what you pay for I suppose!

*sigh* Another let down!

We had a plumber booked to come over to us at 9.30am today.

Almost 3 hours late and we're still waiting.

Steve's said he'll give them until 1pm to either turn up or contact us then he's going elsewhere.

It was the same with a Freegle-er... he said he would come to pick up the jeans mid-morning and he didn't, so he said 1pm on Boxing Day but didn't show up then either!

Sunday 4 January 2015

Home cooked food

Steve's just made us a home cooked meal - nothing fancy, just hash browns for me and burgers and hash browns for Steve and it tastes so much better than stuff you get delivered!

We both love cooking but Steve's "window of cooking opportunity is very small some days" and I'm not stable enough on my feet to bend down then back up and my arms are too weak to lift very much, but I'd like us to have more home-cooked food during 2015. 

It doesn't need to be too much or anything fancy, but maybe we could both come to some sort of arrangement where we each cook 3 times a week and then on the 7th day we have something delivered?

I'm hoping that if we start small and simple, we can slowly build up each other to cook at home more often. 

I can confidently use the grill without going base over apex but I haven't tried using the oven yet because it is so low down that I don't want to fall over and burn myself and drop our meal.

I'm hoping to do pasta bake soon as a start to using the oven... or maybe I should start with hamburgers under the grill and hash browns in the oven like Steve's just done?  I'll hopefully be able to cook it, but I'm not tall enough to dish up unfortunately! 

The grill is about my rib height so I can cook using that with no problem, but the worktop is boob height and the weakness in my arms means that I physically can't lift the grill up to the worktop safely  :-(

Maybe if I did the cooking and Steve did the dishing up, we could work it like that? 

The same with the pasta bake... I do all the cooking but Steve gets it out of the oven and dishes up?

It's certainly a thought! 

We've just got to get into a new routine  :-)

Mitzi is so sweet!

Her favourite toy is a rubber squeaky chicken ("Mr Chicken") and she's just been squeaking him with her bum high in the air.  When I asked her to bring him to me, she dropped him just out of my reach and walked off!  lol

Saturday 3 January 2015

Far from ideal, but better than nothing hopefully!

I've just had a shower and washed my hair and I'm thinking I could maybe try filling the bath up with water from the shower on it's hottest setting to see what happens...

All I know is that my joints are killing me, I'm wiped out and I don't think my knees will hold me up for much longer... they need a rest and having a nice, hot, deep, bath would be ideal but we've had to turn the hot water off after last night so it's a case of making the best of a bad situation I suppose!

Not a good start to the New Year :-(

I had a lovely bath yesterday afternoon, until Steve told me he'd felt a drop of water on his head from our hall light.

Our immersion heater is directly above it.

We've got someone coming out to have a look this morning - hopefully!

I've just had enough of life right now.

Friday 2 January 2015

Shoulda known :-(

Shoulda known yesterday was too good to be true... I was in the bath for less than an hour again today because the water wouldn't heat up again  :-(

36 hours

I've achieved more in the last 36 hours than I have all week!

36 hours ago I'd totally forgotten about planning NaNo 2015's novel and for 15 of the 36 I was asleep or in the bath but it's totally planned out now so I can tick something else off my "to do" list and I've already crossed my first resolution off too.

Next stop, a timed trip to the nervous patient dentist... I'm not going to the Spiritualist Church after all but the dentist is about the same distance, just on a different side of the road and I need to start going back because half of one of my teeth has broken off  :(

I'm off to have a bath now  :-)  I was in there for almost 3 hours yesterday because I discovered how to have a hot bath for longer... up until yesterday it was barely a quarter full and I was in there for less than an hour each time.  Yesterday, I filled the bath half way up and refilled it three times in those 3 hours! 

The difference? 

I didn't stop it when the water ran cold to start with like I had done before, I let it run cold then gradually heat up yesterday and I'm going to do that again today... long, hot, deep baths again, yay!

Thursday 1 January 2015

Our little girl this morning

Mitzi was amazingly cute earlier on!  OK, so she's cute 90% of the time, I know that, but this morning she was in her bed, deeply asleep, snoring her little head off and running against the back of the bed.

It must have been an amazing dream!  lol