Sunday 4 January 2015

Home cooked food

Steve's just made us a home cooked meal - nothing fancy, just hash browns for me and burgers and hash browns for Steve and it tastes so much better than stuff you get delivered!

We both love cooking but Steve's "window of cooking opportunity is very small some days" and I'm not stable enough on my feet to bend down then back up and my arms are too weak to lift very much, but I'd like us to have more home-cooked food during 2015. 

It doesn't need to be too much or anything fancy, but maybe we could both come to some sort of arrangement where we each cook 3 times a week and then on the 7th day we have something delivered?

I'm hoping that if we start small and simple, we can slowly build up each other to cook at home more often. 

I can confidently use the grill without going base over apex but I haven't tried using the oven yet because it is so low down that I don't want to fall over and burn myself and drop our meal.

I'm hoping to do pasta bake soon as a start to using the oven... or maybe I should start with hamburgers under the grill and hash browns in the oven like Steve's just done?  I'll hopefully be able to cook it, but I'm not tall enough to dish up unfortunately! 

The grill is about my rib height so I can cook using that with no problem, but the worktop is boob height and the weakness in my arms means that I physically can't lift the grill up to the worktop safely  :-(

Maybe if I did the cooking and Steve did the dishing up, we could work it like that? 

The same with the pasta bake... I do all the cooking but Steve gets it out of the oven and dishes up?

It's certainly a thought! 

We've just got to get into a new routine  :-)

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