Saturday 17 January 2015


Just had me tea, home-cooked for the first time this week and we tried a new ready-to-cook vegetable thing.


Steve had burgers, chips and half the veggie pot.  I had chips and the other half of the pot.

Apparently the chips take a bit longer than the rest of it, but other than that, just bung the veggie pot in the oven and the burgers under the grill for 20 minutes, et voila!

I want to give it a go now that I know how yummy it is... just gotta remember to move Steve's rollator over a bit so that I've got room to stand in front of the grill and oven to put everything in and take it all out alone!

Hopefully Steve will remember to get more ready-to-cook pots for us now that we know how yummy they are!

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