Wednesday 28 January 2015

Electric toothbrush + Listerine =

I've just brushed my teeth and used the mouthwash, Listerine... what an amazing feeling!

I last used mouthwash when I was a teenager until just now... what an amazing feeling in my mouth now!

The toothbrush improved the colour of my teeth in less than a week and the Listerine just makes my whole mouth feel cleaner!

No kidding, my teeth were yellow before I got the toothbrush, even though I brushed them.  Within days of getting the toothbrush they were white again.  Now that I've used the Listerine too, they are sparkly white and my whole mouth feels cleaner too!

If you don't like the colour of your teeth, get thee an electric toothbrush.

If your mouth doesn't feel clean even straight after brushing your teeth, get thee a mouthwash!

I can't recommend them highly enough!

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