Saturday 24 January 2015

Steve's carer has got brilliant timing!

I'd just opened the front door to take Mitzi for her walk and by the time I'd turned around to close the door, Steve's carer was almost at the door!

When I saw her, I said for her to go in while I took Mitzi for her walk and she was still here when we came back, so I locked the front door (it was on the latch while we were out) and came in here with our little girl!

Mitzi was a good girl on her walk but I'm thinking she'll need to go out for a poo within the next couple of hours because her tail is sticking up and she hasn't poo'd for a couple of days that I know of!  Poor puppy.

Our little girl is going to be groomed on Wednesday and I give her 10 minutes before her mouth is dirty again!  lol  She loves being groomed bless her!  Our pretty puppy is brushed here too and falls asleep within a couple of minutes of starting it!  So sweet!

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