Thursday 22 January 2015

Just tried to...

... charge up the batteries for Patrick only to find that they are already fully charged!

I want to apologise to Steve because I accused him of unplugging the extention lead when the charger didn't start whirring into life when the batteries were already charged!  Sorry Steve!

It's also given me a new appreciation of babies who crawl... I've got bruised knees now just from crawling from the bottom of the stairs to the kitchen and back twice to plug the charger into the chair and into the extention lead and back again to unplug it!  I was on my knees for all of 2 minutes total and they are now bruised so I want to somehow show my respect for the little one's knees for doing it all day, every day for months!  The babies must have so much determination to crawl through the pain!

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