Saturday 28 February 2015

Post 646/getting more worried as each day passes

Another OCD number and I'm getting more and more worried about him/her the longer s/he goes without reading my posts!

I know it's only 3 days since they last read a post, but I'm still getting worried about them!

It could be something simple like they've gone on holiday or something and they'll be back next week, but my paranoia keeps saying it's something negative and I can't shut it up  :-(

I don't know anything about my regular reader, except s/he's been reading my ramblings then suddenly stopped!

I hope they are OK, whoever they are!

White teeth can be achieved with...

... three things - an electric toothbrush, toothpaste and Listerine.


It doesn't have to be an expensive toothbrush or toothpaste... the brush I use was on sale for under a tenner and the toothpaste is just ASDAs own brand sensitive one!

You don't have to spend forever brushing either... 5 minutes each time, tops!

Just brush all your teeth using small circles on each tooth, in front and behind as well as sides of any teeth you've lost, then a cap full of Listerine swilled around your mouth until your lips start to tingle, spit it out, dry your mouth et voila!

Repeat whenever you remember and you'll have white teeth before you know it!

I hope M's proud of us on Monday!

Me and Steve have just had a big tidy up in here so I hope M's proud of us if she comes over on Monday!

Between us we filled up 2 small bin bags and a big black bag, Steve tied up the top and I put it in our outside bin so between us we deserve praise and encouragement to keep it up, instead of her usual cutting negativity!  All that achieves is me getting in a strop with Steve and him having a go at me.

Praise will always reap more rewards with both of us instead of constant negativity!

5 times in 4.75 years

That's how many times Mitzi has poo'd on the pavement.

Times I've picked her poo up:  5

Times I've left it there:  0

So now, at one end of the street, there's a bloke complaining about Mitzi weeing and at the other is a bloke complaining about her pooing!

We've got the council on our side with the weeing bloke because Steve phoned them last time he had a go at me about it.

I've never left Mitzi's poo on the pavement for more than 15 minutes while I get her poo pickerupper and a nappy sack to put it in.

They can both complain to the council if they like, neither of us are doing anything wrong!

Friday 27 February 2015

Just from looking in the mirror,

I can tell if the sniffles are because of a cold or hayfever.


Well, my eyelids swell to cover the top third of my eyes if it's hayfever.  It just feels like they are swollen if it's a cold.

If I'm sniffly and cold and bunged up, I just need to look in the mirror to find out what is making me feel cruddy.

Don't read this if you're about to, or have just eaten

Mitzi has just been out the back and wee'd for England and poo'd for Scotland!

She values her privacy when she poo's and won't go until nobody is watching her unless she can't hold it in any longer, bless her little furry paws!

I had to stand with my back to the bathroom door until she ran back into the house, celebrating!  lol

She's now asleep on the sofa, next to Steve, bless her little head... Steve's just laid back and Mitzi has jumped onto the back of the sofa, using Steve's arm as a ladder  lol

Post number 640

It's just gone 2pm and this is post number 6 already!

Will I make it into double figures by bed time?

Two OCD numbers a day already!

Mitzi had a busy walk this morning!

We got to the end of the road and someone on the other side of the road came out of their front door, said good morning to me and waved at Mitzi.

That was the start of Mitzi wagging her little tail off.

By the time we got to the end of the road, the person had turned their car around and started, slowly and quietly as a car can be, making their way up the road.

Mitzi followed it with her little head.

Then our next door neighbour came out and greeted us... Mitzi's little tail started wagging again.

On the second trip up the road, a cyclist rode past and Mitzi's little tail wagged again.

When we got to the top, a woman with a push chair went past the end of the road.  Mitzi's tail kept wagging.

Then as we were on our way back home someone else at the other side of the street came out and said good morning to me and Mitzi.  I don't think Mitzi's tail stopped wagging for more than a minute, literally, on her whole walk this morning!

She's such a friendly little pup!

March pay days

I usually have 3 pay days each month, but because there are 5 Monday's and Tuesday's in March, I'll have my normal 3 plus the extra 2 then won't have my next pay day 'til half way through April and my big pay days won't be until the end of the month again... just gotta remember that and not let my spending addiction take over!

Getting worried about my regular reader now

S/he last read my blog on 24th Feb and it's now 27th so I'm getting worried that something has happened to him/her because they were reading every day then nothing for the last 3 days!

It might be something simple and I'm worrying for no reason, but I care about my regular reader even though I don't know them!  I just want them to be OK!

Post 636

Yep, another OCD number!

Next up is 640 then 646 then 650 then 654 (a big OCD number) then 656 etc etc

I never remember my dreams but...

... I had oneheckuva weird one last night!

Me and Steve lived in my mum's house while she was on holiday and I was back to full health.

Mitzi was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly a cat walked into my mum's house and said quite clearly "please help, my kittens are stuck down a big hole next door and can't get out!"

I followed the cat to the hole and laid down on my front to try to get the kittens out and Mitzi suddenly appeared, holding on to my legs so that I didn't fall down the hole too.

I gently lifted out the kittens, one by one, and the cat said thank you as I lifted each kitten to safety.

After I'd got all the kittens out, the mother cat hugged me and walked off with the kittens in a perfect line behind her.

I tried to stand up but couldn't.  I sat on the ground and my legs refused to move.

Mitzi pushed the electric wheelchair to me and Steve appeared just in time to help me get into the seat.

When we got back to my mum's house, there were ramps everywhere so that I didn't need to get out of the wheelchair and a stairlift upstairs to the bathroom.

Then I woke up.

I've never been owned by a cat or kitten, there is no way that Mitzi would be strong enough to hold on to my legs to stop me falling down the hole and she's only knee high at full stretch.  She's a clever pup, but she's only a small dog so there's no way she could even attempt to push a wheelchair in reality!

Also, the neighbour's house that I dreamed about is a full floor higher than my mum's house... in all seriousness a window upstairs in my mum's house is at ground level for the neighbour!

Anyone fancy taking a stab at interpreting this dream for me, please?

Thursday 26 February 2015

That's 3 times this week that...

... I've had some form of lasagne.

I had vegetarian lasagne on Tuesday with Chris.
I had vegetable lasagne for tea yesterday (Wednesday)
I've got Quorn lasagne for tea tonight (Thursday)


Good job it's my favourite meal, eh?  lol

Mitzi is either...

... a timid little girl or a huge slathering death beast!

When I took Mitzi for her walk this morning, we met someone who lives in one of the flats at the end of the road.  The man said hello to her and Mitzi's little tail wagged almost into a blur.

Ten minutes after coming home, the District Nurse came to do Steve's legs.  She called before she came and asked that we shut Mitzi away because she didn't like dogs.  When she came, Steve said that the worst Mitzi would do would do would be to lick her... the District Nurse didn't like that idea.

Mitzi sneezed and the poor nurse panicked that I was going to let her out.

I'm like that with spiders so understand where she was coming from.

Wednesday 25 February 2015

Is my regular reader OK?

I haven't had my regular reader or my new reader, reading this blog for 2 days now and I'm worried!

Are you both OK?

I hope so!

Watery nightmare avoided!

I wear, what I reckon, is an expensive watch.

I got it from Amazon, in one of their sales, for £85.

If I hadn't done an OCD check before I got in the bath, I would have washed that money down the drain because I was still wearing it.

It's not waterproof.

Luckily, I spotted it as I was going through my bath-time checks and came back in here, totally naked, took the watch off and then thankfully climbed in the bath.

I haven't been so glad to have OCD for literally years!

I know that might sound strange to say, but it's the truth!

So there!  :-P

The bath was amazing... relaxing, hot, long, bubbly and lavendar-scented... I'll sleep well tonight!  My legs and arms feel relaxed and pain-free and I feel so much more chilled out now than I was before I got in the bath!


On Friday, I need to remember to...

... take Patrick down to the pharmacy to drop off my repeat prescription request so that I can be sure of getting my meds before I run out next week!

You watch me forget now though! lol

As of Monday...

I'm going to move £150 into the joint account every fortnight for Steve's car and not spend anything else except for my mum's birthday, our anniversary, 2 birthdays in October and Yule, nothing else... bet I won't be able to though!  lol

I'm nicely in credit at the bank, but only just... it's the sort of amount I can feel good about but don't want to spend any more... if I can get through the next 6 months without going overboard with my spending, then I reckon I'll have beaten my spending addiction!  Yay!

Just got to take it a day at a time I suppose  :-)

Early starts all round this morning!

I woke up at 8.30am this morning, came down here and took Mitzi for her walk at 8.45am, got back at 9.05am and Steve's carer came at 9.15am!

Chris has offered to fill in the form for me, so if Steve doesn't do it on Saturday I'll take him up on it!  I'm not seeing him this Sunday 'cos there's something on at his Church and he may not be around the Sunday after, but hopefully we can meet up during the week 'cos I miss him if I don't see him every weekend!  Seeing Chris is the only time I leave the street or see anyone for myself instead of for Steve!  Thank you Chris!

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Just ranting and raving

I'm going to be swearing in this post so if you don't want to read it then that's OK, I just need to let it out somewhere.

Last chance to not read it!

I've just got off the phone to the Benefits bods and it was, to put it simply, a total fucking waste of time.

It said on the letter that if I wanted someone to fill in the form to phone them and they would arrange for someone to phone me back.

That's what I damn-well called them for.

The idiot woman I spoke to refused to do it for me and asked if I could get down to the CAB.

After repeating my fucking self three damn times that I couldn't get there, she asked if a family member or friend could fill it in for me.  I stupidly said I lived with my husband but we had a blazing row last time he filled in the form for me but that didn't put her off, she was like a fucking dog with a bloody bone after that!

I was on the phone for 13 minutes and 43 seconds and the only thing I achieved was to have another blazing row with Steve, my mood to hit the floor and I'm no further fucking forward!

You can't say I didn't warn you about the swearing!  lol

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Steve's agreed to fill in the form for me as long as I don't nag him about it, but it's only 3 weeks before the cut-off date!

I won't nag him about it until the weekend then I'll gently remind him and take it from there... it's 4 days without me even mentioning it, so hopefully that will be enough.

*heavy sigh*

I'm going to phone them at...

Steve's talking to someone at his job right now and I don't particularly want the other person to know about my disabilities, so I'm going to phone the Benefits Agency at 5pm when he's finished his work for the day... or shall I do it now?  The anxiety is bubbling beneath the surface, so should I get it out of the way now?

OK, so...

I've done 2 of the 3 things I wanted to do this week and I'll hopefully get the third thing done this afternoon... yay!

Yesterday was the shopping and I've just got back from having lunch with Chris then I'll do the Benefits Agency thing in the next couple of hours... just got to get rid of the anxiety first!

Wish me luck!

I seem to have another reader...

In the time it's taken me to write the previous post, I've had a second reader.

Thank you, both of you for reading what I write, it means the world to me!

In theory...

I'm meeting up with Chris in a bit then, in theory, I can phone the Benefits Agency when I get back and spend the rest of the week enjoying some relaxation in a long, hot, bubble bath.

It'll be so goooood!

Monday 23 February 2015

Today's tasks done and dusted, so...

... I'm heading to bed now!

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Chris which is so totally ace and, assuming I'm not out all afternoon, I'll call the benefits bods about filling in the DLA form over the phone hopefully tomorrow but if not, I'll be around all day, every day, for the rest of the week - yay!

If the week carries on like today has been, it'll be a great week and I can have early nights all week!  Yay!

Off to bed now, nite nite!

All done for the day, so...

I've done my assignments for this week, so it's just me and my emails head on then I'm gonna try phoning the Benefits Agency to see how long it would take to fill in the form over the phone 'cos I can't remember how to write any more, so I've got to do it over the phone instead... yep, totally serious!

Wish me luck!

Sunday 22 February 2015

Hello regular reader!

He or she got bang up to date with my posts while I was in the bath!

Thank you regular reader, whoever you are!

Almost 2 months

Just had a bath with the last few bath bombs and they've lasted about 2 months... great value for money!  Bubble baths for the next few baths then back to bath bombs then the last bottle of bubbles then I'll finish off the bath bombs while I'm waiting for more bubble bath from Avon!

That'll take me to about June which'll be about 7 months of luxurious baths - ace!

I'm not sure I should be enjoying baths so much!  lol

1 litre of water

I've just filled our pup's water bowl up which holds a litre of water.

I last filled it up 25 hours ago.

It was only the very bottom of her bowl that had water left in it so I've just filled it up for her... she's drunk a litre of water in 25 hours... no wonder she wee's so much!

Could it be a sign of diabetes though, to drink so much water, so quickly, in winter?

Mitzi was a naughty/good girl on her walk this morning

It started well... Mitzi flew out of the door and squatted straight down for a wee, then the dog at the end of the road started barking and Mitzi went nuts!

Mitzi and the dog at the end of the road have a conversation when we get to the door and I don't mind that, but today she started barking before she'd even finished weeing then pulled, hard, on her lead all the way up, barking all the way and totally ignoring the person at the other end of the lead!

We got to the top of the road, Mitzi yapping and wanting to turn back the whole way.

On the way back there was another loud conversation between the 2 dogs.  I feel sorry for the people living in the street for the first part of the walk!

When we turned around and started walking back for the second part of Mitzi's walk, she barked once but the other dog didn't reply this time so Mitzi was a good girl for the second half of her walk!


Post number 616

Another OCD number, sorry!

Saturday 21 February 2015

Cor lummie...

... that was a struggle to get through the cone of chips!

I is bloated now!

I've planned out all 50 chapters of this year's NaNo novel now though, just need to come up with a good first few paragraphs now!  I've got until November though, so hopefully I'll come up with something by then  :-)

Chippies for tea, then...

... I'm taking me pills and heading to bed!

So good!

I invested in a shoulder massager a couple of years ago and I'd forgotten just how good it felt!

I've just changed the batteries in it and put it over my shoulders, set it going and OMG!  It's so totally awesome!

It only takes 2 AA batteries but it feels incredible!

I think it was under £20 too which is even better!

I've got no idea what knots are, but this is getting rid of them and relaxing me at the same time... the only negative is how noisy it is but for less than £20 and running off batteries that is so totally forgivable in my eyes!

If you want a basic neck and shoulder massager, get thee a Homedics Snuggly Bear massager and you won't go far wrong!  They do massaging slipper boots too, but I haven't tried those... yet!  So totally awesome!

Friday 20 February 2015

27 down, 23 to go

I've planned out 27 of the 50 chapters I'll be writing for this year's NaNo... just got to find another 20 ideas before the end of October now!  lol

My regular reader is back... yay!

I don't know anything about them, but they read all yesterday's posts while I was asleep overnight!  Yay!!

I still hope they are OK, just busy yesterday!

Thursday 19 February 2015

Is my regular reader OK??

He or she usually reads my posts at least once a day but he/she hasn't read any of them yet today so I'm starting to get worried about him/her now!

I've asked Steve to get me...

... the Braun Oral B 5-in-1 toothpaste and another bottle of Listerine with next week's shopping because, I'm guessing, those and the electric toothbrush is the ultimate in clean, white teeth!

I've always wanted white teeth but it's only since getting the electric toothbrush that they've gone from yellow to white and the Listerine has made them sparkle.  The toothpaste I've been using is just ASDA's own brand sensitive toothpaste but the toothpaste I want to try, offers sensitivity stuff, whitening and something else (OK, 3 others if you want to get technical) so Steve will prolly whine about it being more expensive, like he whines about the Just Right cereal, but it will shut me up about it if it works!  lol

That saves me...

... about £5 a month!

OK, so a fiver isn't much, but every pound adds up!  £60 a year at the very minimum!  After 18 months, that's £100!

The regular reader of my blog will be sitting there, looking confused now, right?  ;-)

I've just found out that the multivitamin I take has got over 80% of the RDA of Vitamin C in it, so that's one less pill I need to pop!

It means that I need to take 4 supplements a day instead of 5 and I'll still be getting most of the RDA of Vitamin C!

I'm guessing I can stop taking the B vitamin booster too, but could be wrong about that 'cos I haven't checked that yet!

That takes it down to 3 supplements a day (multivitamin, calcium and B12) plus my 2 prescriptions!  The multivitamin is awesome - OK, so it doesn't save a fortune, but reducing my daily pill count by 2 just from the multivitamin is wonderful 'cos I hate popping pills, but I need to take the prescriptions for my mental health, the calcium because I'm allergic to dairy and the B12 because I get low in it really easily.  The multivitamin covers everything else because I'm a disabled vegetarian!

I really appreciate Simply Supplements making the multivitamin packed with the things I need into one pill!  They sell them in packs of 360 too, so from now on I only need to spend £10 a year... so worth it!

Soggy doggy!

It was raining outside when I took Mitzi for her walk this morning so the poor pup was a soggy doggy by the time we got home and she jumped up on the sofa and parked her cute little bum right next to Steve's thigh,  so Steve's got a soggy thigh now... serves him right for inviting her up there! lol

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Post 606 is...

... a number that pleases the OCD of course!

10.5 weeks to go...

... until I go from being Mrs Amanda George to Aunt Amanda!  Yay!

Devoured in seconds!

I bought this for Mitzi the other day and it arrived this morning.

The biggest hit she's given for anything... she checked the package for dogginess and when I gave it to her, she sniffed at it then took it off me and devoured it as if it was the best thing she'd ever eaten!

In all seriousness, it took her less than a minute to eat the whole lot... what an awesome treat!

We *both* made friend's on Mitzi's walk this morning!

Just got back from walking Mitzi and we both made friends today!

Literally as soon as I walked out of the door with our pup, before I had even closed the door, someone asked how to get to the hospital.

I told him and we carried on with Mitzi's walk.

We got up to the end of the street and Mitzi's doggy friend started barking.

Mitzi started yapping in reply.

They were having a good conversation!

I almost fell off the kerb because a bin that was taking up most of the pavement so instead of risking it again, when we came back past the house, I took her down the other end of the street before coming home.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

AVG is...

... wonderful at keeping me safe!

I'm using the paid-for version and it's just detected and removed a virus from an email.  I can't remember how much it cost but I'd willingly pay more than a tenner a month, every month, for the peace of mind and protection it's giving me!

I've got the full protection and it's so worthwhile!  It's an anti-virus, firewall, online protection and something else all for the one price... it's brilliant!  It's one programme for total safety online and other than the first week when there were loads of updates to it and virus definitions and stuff because it was a fresh install it's been running in the background ever since!

I definitely recommend it!

If you want total protection but want value for money at the same time, get AVG - it's so worth it!

Monday 16 February 2015

Bumpy start to the day but...

... it all worked out OK in the end!

I can now relax for the rest of the week and catch up on my emails!  lol

Sunday 15 February 2015

That's a point...

Post number 600 and my teeth don't feel clean any more... my mouth feels dirty and dry and yucky!  :-(

I thought the electric toothbrush would put a stop to that and it has up til now but maybe I need to start brushing my tongue too?  Or brush my teeth twice a day?  Or both?

Only one more post...

...after this one and I can celebrate my 600th post since I started this blog!

Something I discovered yesterday...

February 14th is Valentine's Day, yeah?

Well starting in 2005, SAD was recognised - Singles Awareness Day!  That's on February 15th each year, so, to all the singles out there, I hope you've had a great SAD so far!

Make that 2!

I've just put our 2 full recycling boxes on top of our 2 bins and put the waste food caddy on top of one of them!  I hope the recycling person is tall tomorrow otherwise it'll be a health and safety nightmare!  lol


We've filled up one and three quarter recycling boxes this week and there won't be any bags to give to the bin men when they come either 'cos we got our second wheelie bin this week too!

Just gotta get used to using the food waste bin now after so long without it!

Gotta make the council earn their wages!  lol

Saturday 14 February 2015

Post number 595 and...

...I've texted Marie and Chris so I just need to have a bath now then that's it until tomorrow!

Productive morning so far!

So far this morning, I've watered and walked Mitzi, let Steve's carer in, fed Mitzi, taken 2 bags of rubbish out to the bin, sent the scanning, texted Chris and I'm about to text Marie about the kitchen bin 'cos I've given up asking Steve and I'm too short!

Now I just need to have a bath and get dressed then have breakfast and my supplements and that's it until tomorrow!

It's only 11.30am!

Oh dear! lol

Steve was watching the 50/50 cricket overnight and dozing off sometimes.

Everything went as expected until the early hours when he suddenly woke up thinking that Andrew and Jacki had just had their baby (2 and a bit months early) and Andrew had phoned Guerrilla cricket to let Steve know!

What had actually happened was that someone on the internet broadcast that was playing had just had their baby.

Poor Steve!  lol

Friday 13 February 2015

How do fellow Brits pronounce...


Is it Kinwa like in New Zealand?
or KwinOhAh like it's written?
or something else entirely?

That was easier than I was expecting!

Just got back from my secondary bank to change the PIN number and the hardest bit was getting my card out of the machine at the end!  lol

I just hope I can remember my online PIN number now!

Marie took me over to the bank then went to get another bag of food for Mitzi while I changed my number and I'm so grateful to her!

She had an appointment cancelled this afternoon so she came to pick me up to go over there at very short notice!  Marie is ace!

Another OCD number

This is post number 590 so I've only got 5 to go for another OCD number and 10 for a big OCD number!  Woohoo!

Shoulda known! lol

Just had my MIL on the phone... my FIL can't take me to the bank today after all and I'm "not allowed", according to Marie, to go into the town centre in my wheelchair to go to the bank alone even though I've been there and back twice safely alone without her permission and I'd have a reason to go this time!  The first 2 times were just to see if I could do it (first time) to give me confidence to go in alone the second time!

Now that I've got the chair, I'm still not allowed to have the independence I've been craving for the last decade!  :-(

I'm a fully grown woman FFS!

Just emailed the magazine so...

... just waiting for my FIL to take me to the bank now then hopefully that's it for the rest of the month!

I can almost guarantee there will be something else that crops up over the weekend now!  lol

Got to remember to...

... email a magasine about my twins today too!

You watch me forget!  lol

Our little puppy/I hope...

Our little puppy made 3 friends on her walk this morning.

A lady and 2 men!

Her little tail was wagging into a blur and all 3 friends acknowledged her as they walked past the end of the street.

She's such a friendly little pup!

My FIL has agreed to take me back to my second bank today to change my PIN number *again* and Marie is going to bring Mitzi's food over this afternoon too!

Hopefully that'll be it for a while though... I'll still walk Mitzi up and down the road twice every morning but hopefully I won't need to change my PIN number again for a good long while and hopefully Mitzi's food will last a bit longer this time too!

Thursday 12 February 2015

Post number 585

Just another OCD number!

Next up will be post number 590  :-)

Gorgeous accent/busy, busy, busy

Steve's nurse came just before his carer was about to leave and she had a gorgeous Northern Irish accent... love that accent more than any other.

When Steve's carer explained what the nurse needed to do, the nurse said she wasn't allowed to so called a different nurse to do it who has just arrived.

Three different people for Steve in less than an hour!  lol

Should I feel jealous of so much female attention being given to the hubby?  ;-)

4 Valentine's cards yesterday!

I sponsor 4 Dogs Trust dogs as well as re-homing Mitzi from them too.

My 4 sponsored dogs sent me a Valentine's card each which came with the post yesterday and they are so cute!  I feel so loved now... my puppies love me!  Yay!

Mitzi's morning walk

I usually take our little pup up and down the street twice for her morning walk, but I couldn't this morning because there were 2 cars parked too close to 2 bins.

We squeezed past the first one without any damage to us or the car's mirror but I didn't fancy doing that another 3 times, so we got to the top of the street and crossed over.

Mitzi looked at me as if I was nuts!  lol

We walked all the way to the end of the street on the other side, then crossed over and came home.

Mitzi made a friend just before we crossed over... he said hello to me, then said "hello pup" to Mitzi!

She's been choking/coughing this morning though so I hope it's just the doggy version of a cold!  She's fine now that she's back home, but the whole time we were out she was coughing!

Bless her furry little paws!

Wednesday 11 February 2015

So *that's* how to do it!

Just had a bath and this time it was hot throughout!

This is what I've learnt this afternoon:

  • The boiler and shower water heater need to be on (which they are all the time anyway)
  • Then fill the bath up about a quarter of the way up
  • Turn the hot tap off and get in
  • Catch my breath
  • After about 15 minutes (to let the boiler fill back up and heat the water again) turn the hot tap back on and fill the bath until it's about half full
  • about 15 minutes later, fill the bath up to about three quarters full
  • relax
  • When I notice the water cooling down a bit (roughly half an hour), empty the bath out to about a third of the water
  • repeat as required!

The important thing is to NOT use all the hot water in the boiler straight away... don't rush things otherwise the water will run cold because it hasn't had a chance to re-fill and re-heat.  Slow but steady is the secret to having a long, hot bath in this house!

If I'm in a hurry then a shower is the name of the game, if I've got at least an hour spare then the bath is the way to go!

Yesterday afternoon...

... the lady who owns next door came to see us.

The paint on her outside wall which backs onto our bathroom has been peeling off.

Steve's main carer's dad is a builder and Steve was going to ask his carer to ask her dad about getting it sorted out.

He forgot.

That's my job!  lol

Hopefully he'll ask her tomorrow... maybe I should come down before she comes to remind him?

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Post 579 now!

Another OCD number!  lol

Nutty puppy!

After taking Mitzi for her walk this morning, I fed and watered her.

Nothing nutty about that...


After a few mouthfuls of food, she wanted a drink.

Her food and water bowls are right next to each other.  My wheelchair is on the left and her U-turn area is to her right.  There's a worktop with a wooden support leg in front of her bowls.

What she usually does when she's thirsty while eating is to take 1 step backwards, 2 steps to the left and has a drink then the same to get back to her food bowl.

This morning she was totally fruitloop. 

Instead of doing her usual routine to get to her water, she walked around the back of her food bowl to her water and strained her neck as much as she could to reach her water!

Nutty puppy dog!

OK, so technically she's not a puppy any more and we didn't know her when she was, but she will always be a puppy to us!

Monday 9 February 2015

What great timing!

Steve ordered the shopping to be delivered between 6pm and 7pm... same as always.

Marie came at about 5.45pm.

She literally had time to greet Steve, sit down and take a few mouthfuls of her cuppa when the shopping bloke knocked at the door!

Marie is now in the kitchen, chatting to Steve while she finishes her tea then she'll go, I'll do the scanning and go to bed!  Yay!

Come on bin men and IE!

It's getting on for 11am and I'm still waiting for the bin men to come 'cos I've got 3 extra bin bags for them to take in the hall!

I'm also waiting for IE to stay responding for long enough for me to do my online assignments!


Sunday 8 February 2015

Post 575 at last

... and I'm going to shut up, take me pills and head to bed now.

Nite nite orl!

Scratch that, Steve's just given me a garlic pizza bread so I'll have that then take me pills and head to bed...

Scratch that too, I'm going to get the food waste bin, put the garlic bread in it then I'll go to bed... sorted!

Mousse? Moose? Something else entirely?

We've just seen a TV ad for Rolo mousses but we can't agree on how it's spelt.

I reckon it's got 1 U and 2 S's.

Steve reckons it's the same spelling as an animal.

Cue argument!  lol

But I'm right, no matter what Steve says about it!

A bar of chocolate has milk in it.
A chocolate mousse has milk in it.

There is less milk in a bar of chocolate than in a mousse, yes?

That is why I eat bars, but not mousse's!

Decisions, decisions!

I had a letter from my life insurance yesterday giving me an annual update.

I've had the policy since 2003 and we're now in 2015 so that's 12 years.

When it matures, I'll be getting just over £1500 so that's just over £100 a year.  I've been paying £30 a month so that's a crappy return!

It got me to thinking though... should I start a savings account or just move £200 to my secondary bank?  That's a lower rate of interest but I would have access to it whenever I needed it!

What do you reckon I should do?  Leave me a comment to let me know!  :-)

Saturday 7 February 2015

5 posts in less than 15 minutes!

I'm a chatty bunny this morning!  This is my 5th post this morning!


It's now 10.13am and I'm already starting to feel more awake, I'm starting to see the world in HD and I'm starting to get more energy... told you it was a fast worker!  3 minutes!


I've just taken my vitamin B12 at 10.10am... let's see how long it is before it starts working!

So tired, but...

... I'm about to take me supplements so hopefully I'll be feeling awake and living life in HD again in a few minutes!

Post number 567... yay!

Next up, post number 570 lol

Friday 6 February 2015

Got back from my secondary bank and...

... the cashier is sending me a new PIN number because someone, somewhere, has obviously changed it without my knowledge.  Grrrrrrrr!

I'm just glad it wasn't my main account!  When I've got the new number and changed it, I'll see if whoever it is has cleared out my account!  There's only a couple of hundred in it and I don't have an overdraft on that account, thankfully, so if someone *has* cleared out the account then I'll be peed off but it's not a major disaster or anything!

Whoever it is, has got a good fraud thing going on because I don't know how they managed to do it without my debit card!  The only thing going out of that account is PayPal and they've got my account number not card number, but other than that, nothing goes out of the account!

*mutter, mumble*

Thursday 5 February 2015

I've given up with my secondary bank's online banking

That's 3 cards in 2 months it's happened to so I'm going to go to the bank in town to get my card unblocked, hand in the card reader and give up with their online banking.

I can bank with my primary account online and I've still got the secondary account so I'll just use it as a no access savings account.

When I've paid for Steve's car, I'll put £200 a month extra (I'm already putting in £100 a month so I'll be putting £300 total into the account) and just forget about it.  It'll be a nice surprise whenever I want to see how much is in there... if my maths is right, it'll be £3,600 a year that I can keep for emergencies - awesome!

Steve's delivery has just turned up, so...

... I can now have my lunch in peace then have a long, hot bath and an early night.


1 to go

My prescription has just been delivered, so we're just waiting for Steve's Amazon order now, then I can relax in a hot bath and have an early night... it's not even lunchtime yet!  lol

So fast!

Just taken my supplements again and they're already kicking in!  I'm not talking fast as in hours, I'm talking minutes and the B12 is a handful of seconds!

If you're feeling grotty then ask your GP to test your vitamin levels and take it from there!

I've always taken supplements to help my body along a bit but didn't really see much difference before I found out my B12 levels were so low... I've added a B complex and vitamin B12 to my list of supplements and I'm also taking vitamin C to help my immune system as well as Calcium because I'm allergic to dairy and my standard multivitamin and I see the world in HD within minutes of taking them instead of grainy black and white when I don't!

They really do work for me!

Busy, busy, busy

I've been awake for maybe an hour and a half, but already, in that time, I've walked, fed and watered Mitzi, she made a new friend and was concerned about a lady with crutches on the other side of the road on her walk.

I was sat down for literally 3 minutes when a nurse came to the door for Steve.  Mitzi ran out of the living room and made friends with the nurse then came back in here and I closed the door.

Literally 5 minutes later, Steve's carer came to the door, I said the nurse was here but she came in anyway to say hi to Steve and do the paperwork while the nurse finished off and left.

Then I've just had Nursery World magasine on the phone to find out why I cancelled the Direct Debit... I explained that my disabilities would stop me from working with children now and she said that was unfortunate but understood.

Now I'm just waiting for my prescription and Steve's Amazon order to be delivered then I can have a long, hot, relaxing bath to ease my "George knees by marriage"!  lol

Wednesday 4 February 2015

One last post before heading to bed for the night

This is post 560 and I've been chatty this afternoon 'cos this is my 5th post of the day.

Right, I really am going to bed now!  lol

One more post then I'm heading to bed

I make a monthly donation to the Dogs Trust, I sponsor 5 dogs with them and we re-homed our little girl from them too.

I've just bought some stuff on Amazon for the re-homing centre we got our pup from too.  I hope the pups enjoy their treats from Mitzi!

She got them 36 cans of Chappie food to go in Kongs and to hide medicines in and stuff and they're also getting a box of Cesar food too... can't remember what size the box was though!

Right, I'm heading to bed now!

Nite orl!

Steve's just been shopping on Amazon for our little girl

She's getting 2 stainless steel bowls (one for food, one for water) and some toys... squeaky and throwable, apparently!

He bought them using Prime so they will be here tomorrow... I'll have to answer the door 3 times (once for his carer, once for my prescription and once for the Amazon stuff)!  lol

Just waiting for Steve's tea...

...then I can have an early night for the first time in weeks!

In a much better mood this morning, but...

... I can't help thinking there's something negative lurking in the shadows!

I woke up nice and early - positive

Mitzi was a good girl on her walk - positive

Mitzi still loves her Christmas toy from H - positive

Steve's carer has just arrived - positive

Mitzi is now laying on my foot, fast asleep - positively cute

Just waiting for my prescription to arrive tomorrow now!

Nowt negative at all, so why is there a grey area lurking in the background?

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Post number 555

and everything is sort of OK so far with the Amazon TV thing, the TV screen is just flashing a lot right now so I'm thinking people with Epilepsy should avoid it?

Steve phoned the pharmacy and... GP surgery hadn't given them the prescription to fill and deliver, so they are going to chase them up and deliver it tomorrow!

Steve's Amazon TV thing turned up and it's tiny!  He can fit it in his hand and wrap the top of his fingers around it!  Apparently it doesn't turn off, just goes to sleep so he's not sure how it will affect the digibox but we'll soon find out I guess!

I like Gary, he knows what he's doing!

I've just been on the phone to my secondary bank again and spoke to Gary.

Apparently there's nothing wrong with my PIN number so he thinks something has gone screwy with the card reader but he doesn't want to send out another one in case it's something else, so I've got to call back and talk to a telephone banking bod about it after 5pm today.

I was on the phone for 20 minutes but I was actually talking to Gary for 15 of those minutes instead of being on hold!

They could do with turning the volume of their "on hold" music down a bit though... Steve could hear it from across the room!  lol

That's a point...

...I can't phone anyone until the post has been because Steve ordered the Amazon Fire TV thing last night and it's supposed to be coming today and yours truly will have to answer the door.  Again.

Steve just sits on the sofa and orders things then expects me to answer the door ev...

The post has just been and Steve's Amazon TV didn't come so I'll have to wait around for a stupid courier now!

I give up!

Ho hum :-/

I really don't fancy going in to Gloucester to get my debit card reader unlocked so it's time to go around the houses with my secondary bank again when Steve's finished talking to his work on Skype.


Monday 2 February 2015

Post 550 and...

...I'm grumpily heading to bed after a nightmare evening!

Not happy now! :-(

Just tried calling my secondary bank to unlock the card reader so that I could check my balance and a "2 or 3 minute" call to "check your identity" turned into a "3 or 4 minute call for authorisation" that turned into a 21 minute call and less than a minute later, the phone rang for Steve and as I went to give the phone to Steve, Marie came to the door, closely followed by the food shopping.

I took most of the shopping into the kitchen while Marie put it away and I came to vent in here... sorry!

Upshot is that I've got to be sent around the same houses with the same script and the same answers tomorrow and I really can't be arsed with it any more!

I'm going to try going into town tomorrow to try unlocking it there then try on the phone again.

Because I've only had the card since Friday last week, Steve made the good point that they might have changed the pin number on the card and I couldn't log in online because I haven't got the new pin!

I hope it comes with the post tomorrow... I won't be happy, again, if it doesn't!

I suppose I should be grateful that it's so secure but I'm the genuine account holder and being forced into a 21 minute phone call instead of a 3 minute one doesn't make me happy!

That's impressive speed!

When I got back from taking Mitzi for her walk this morning, I came onto the laptop and things didn't go as easily as I hoped.

My email kept not responding, Word said it wasn't an authorised copy, my emails kept doubling up and it took forever to do my assignments for my communities.

After an hour, things turned around and I've just got to install the most up to date copy of Word now then I'll be having a long, relaxing bubble bath ready for when Marie comes to help put away the shopping!

I'm going to take my supplements now then I'll see how easy or hard it is to uninstall Office that was with the laptop when I bought it 4.5 years ago and install the Office 365 version that Steve reckons can be installed by 2 people in the same house or something?

I just hope it works!

*That's* where yesterday's sums went wrong!

I've just worked it out... £300x3 is £900 not £1,200!  lol

So, this is the accurate sums now:

December to February - £1,000
March to May - £1,900
June to August - £2,800
September to November - £3,700
December - £4,000

Et voila!

Sunday 1 February 2015

Today has been a positiveish day!

Nothing major went wrong.

Me and Steve got through the day without being at each other's throats.

Mitzi has been a good girl.

I had a yummy scrummy in my tummy veggie lasagne for tea

I've just checked my bank balance and I'm over £500 in credit.

It's my second pay day on Tuesday so I'll be really comfortably in credit.

Steve's agreed to me putting £250 into the joint account instead of my usual £300 which has shut my OCD because that means I've put exactly £1,000 into the account for a car for Steve since December and it's only February and I'll be comfortably able to make the £4,000 in time for Yule so I'll still be comfortably in credit and I'll have cracked my spending addiction too!

I really can do this, so screw you disbelievers!  lol

Hold on, I think my maths has been wrong.

February means there's £1,000 in there.

3 months is another £1,200

and there's another 3 lots of 3 months so it's 3 x £1,200 which is £3,600 yeah?

Plus the £1,000 makes it £4,600 plus another £300 for December makes it £4,900 then I only need to take £100 out of my secondary bank account to make it up to £5,000.

That can't be right though, can it?

December to February is £1,000
March to May is £1,200
so I'm at £2,200 so far, yeah?
June to August is another £1,200
which gives me £3,400
then September to November is the final £1,200
which takes it up to £4,600
plus £300 in December makes £4,900
then only £100 from my secondary account takes it to £5,000

Where has the extra £1,900 come from?

In theory, I can give Steve £5,000 for his car rather than the £4,000 I was thinking this morning.

I is muchly confuzzled now!

Are there any maths geniuses out there reading this that can help me get things straight please?

Post 545 now!

Blimey I'm a chatty cow!

Next total I'm working towards is 550 then 555  :-)  The OCD is still strong!  lol

So far today...

Mitzi has been on her walk and I'm not meeting up with Chris after all  :-(

Mitzi was a good little girl on her walk today... she wanted to talk to her doggie friend but he wasn't there today and I can hear her belly rumbling from all the way over here!  Her breakfast is in the kitchen, waiting for her, but she's on the back of the sofa and doesn't want to move!  Bless her little doggie paws!

Chris isn't feeling very well so I hope he feels better soon!  I haven't seen him for 3 weeks and I miss him!  I just want him to feel better... feeling yucky isn't nice!  :-(