Friday 27 February 2015

I never remember my dreams but...

... I had oneheckuva weird one last night!

Me and Steve lived in my mum's house while she was on holiday and I was back to full health.

Mitzi was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly a cat walked into my mum's house and said quite clearly "please help, my kittens are stuck down a big hole next door and can't get out!"

I followed the cat to the hole and laid down on my front to try to get the kittens out and Mitzi suddenly appeared, holding on to my legs so that I didn't fall down the hole too.

I gently lifted out the kittens, one by one, and the cat said thank you as I lifted each kitten to safety.

After I'd got all the kittens out, the mother cat hugged me and walked off with the kittens in a perfect line behind her.

I tried to stand up but couldn't.  I sat on the ground and my legs refused to move.

Mitzi pushed the electric wheelchair to me and Steve appeared just in time to help me get into the seat.

When we got back to my mum's house, there were ramps everywhere so that I didn't need to get out of the wheelchair and a stairlift upstairs to the bathroom.

Then I woke up.

I've never been owned by a cat or kitten, there is no way that Mitzi would be strong enough to hold on to my legs to stop me falling down the hole and she's only knee high at full stretch.  She's a clever pup, but she's only a small dog so there's no way she could even attempt to push a wheelchair in reality!

Also, the neighbour's house that I dreamed about is a full floor higher than my mum's house... in all seriousness a window upstairs in my mum's house is at ground level for the neighbour!

Anyone fancy taking a stab at interpreting this dream for me, please?

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