Sunday 22 February 2015

Mitzi was a naughty/good girl on her walk this morning

It started well... Mitzi flew out of the door and squatted straight down for a wee, then the dog at the end of the road started barking and Mitzi went nuts!

Mitzi and the dog at the end of the road have a conversation when we get to the door and I don't mind that, but today she started barking before she'd even finished weeing then pulled, hard, on her lead all the way up, barking all the way and totally ignoring the person at the other end of the lead!

We got to the top of the road, Mitzi yapping and wanting to turn back the whole way.

On the way back there was another loud conversation between the 2 dogs.  I feel sorry for the people living in the street for the first part of the walk!

When we turned around and started walking back for the second part of Mitzi's walk, she barked once but the other dog didn't reply this time so Mitzi was a good girl for the second half of her walk!


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