Thursday 19 February 2015

That saves me...

... about £5 a month!

OK, so a fiver isn't much, but every pound adds up!  £60 a year at the very minimum!  After 18 months, that's £100!

The regular reader of my blog will be sitting there, looking confused now, right?  ;-)

I've just found out that the multivitamin I take has got over 80% of the RDA of Vitamin C in it, so that's one less pill I need to pop!

It means that I need to take 4 supplements a day instead of 5 and I'll still be getting most of the RDA of Vitamin C!

I'm guessing I can stop taking the B vitamin booster too, but could be wrong about that 'cos I haven't checked that yet!

That takes it down to 3 supplements a day (multivitamin, calcium and B12) plus my 2 prescriptions!  The multivitamin is awesome - OK, so it doesn't save a fortune, but reducing my daily pill count by 2 just from the multivitamin is wonderful 'cos I hate popping pills, but I need to take the prescriptions for my mental health, the calcium because I'm allergic to dairy and the B12 because I get low in it really easily.  The multivitamin covers everything else because I'm a disabled vegetarian!

I really appreciate Simply Supplements making the multivitamin packed with the things I need into one pill!  They sell them in packs of 360 too, so from now on I only need to spend £10 a year... so worth it!

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