Tuesday 24 February 2015

Just ranting and raving

I'm going to be swearing in this post so if you don't want to read it then that's OK, I just need to let it out somewhere.

Last chance to not read it!

I've just got off the phone to the Benefits bods and it was, to put it simply, a total fucking waste of time.

It said on the letter that if I wanted someone to fill in the form to phone them and they would arrange for someone to phone me back.

That's what I damn-well called them for.

The idiot woman I spoke to refused to do it for me and asked if I could get down to the CAB.

After repeating my fucking self three damn times that I couldn't get there, she asked if a family member or friend could fill it in for me.  I stupidly said I lived with my husband but we had a blazing row last time he filled in the form for me but that didn't put her off, she was like a fucking dog with a bloody bone after that!

I was on the phone for 13 minutes and 43 seconds and the only thing I achieved was to have another blazing row with Steve, my mood to hit the floor and I'm no further fucking forward!

You can't say I didn't warn you about the swearing!  lol

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Steve's agreed to fill in the form for me as long as I don't nag him about it, but it's only 3 weeks before the cut-off date!

I won't nag him about it until the weekend then I'll gently remind him and take it from there... it's 4 days without me even mentioning it, so hopefully that will be enough.

*heavy sigh*

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