Friday 27 February 2015

Mitzi had a busy walk this morning!

We got to the end of the road and someone on the other side of the road came out of their front door, said good morning to me and waved at Mitzi.

That was the start of Mitzi wagging her little tail off.

By the time we got to the end of the road, the person had turned their car around and started, slowly and quietly as a car can be, making their way up the road.

Mitzi followed it with her little head.

Then our next door neighbour came out and greeted us... Mitzi's little tail started wagging again.

On the second trip up the road, a cyclist rode past and Mitzi's little tail wagged again.

When we got to the top, a woman with a push chair went past the end of the road.  Mitzi's tail kept wagging.

Then as we were on our way back home someone else at the other side of the street came out and said good morning to me and Mitzi.  I don't think Mitzi's tail stopped wagging for more than a minute, literally, on her whole walk this morning!

She's such a friendly little pup!

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