Thursday 31 August 2017

Pup walked and fed this morning, just taken me supplements

I walked and fed Mitzi first thing but completely forgot to put it on here, so thought I'd say it at the same time as taking me supplements.

Will try and do better tomorrow!

Wednesday 30 August 2017


Just bought another opal ring on Etsy for the first time ever and it's one of a kind too!

It said on the page that it'll be delivered in 2-3 days so hopefully I'll have it on my finger by Monday!

Doesn't matter if I win the eBay ring or not, I'll have this ring to inspire me instead!

I loves opals I does!


Just bid on a vintage opal ring on eBay.

Maximum bid is £50, no more.

I just want a reason to keep losing weight in my fingers and if I win the ring it'll mean I can wear the ring every day but still be able to take it off when I have baths and showers so that the opal doesn't explode.

You watch someone out-bid me now!  lol

Mitzi walked, fed and watered

It's raining out there and the pup wanted to come in after she'd wee'd but we walked the full amount this morning, Mitzi shook the rain off her fur after the first half of the walk, then came in and shook the rain off in the house too!

I remembered to take her harness and lead off this time, then went to feed and water her... the poor pup was obviously thirsty even though her water bowl was already half full!  As soon as I filled up her water bowl to the top, she got her head in and started drinking and I filled it right up again while she was eating her breakfast.

Supplements taken

All three of 'em went down without a single issue this morning!  Yay!

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Lunch today was...

4 hard boiled eggs... yumsk!

Gotta remember to take me supplements when me lunch has been digested so that I don't accidentally throw them up!

Pup walked, fed and watered

Forgot to take her harness off though!  lol

She was happy to go for the full length this morning so we did it all... I'm taking my lead from her from now on in case she's in pain while she's walking or something.  😕

Monday 28 August 2017

Shopping's just been and gone

Got a call from the driver saying he was running early, could he come and deliver our groceries 45 minutes early.

No problem for us!

We've just put everything away and Steve's tucking in to a pasty for his lunch already.  I'm gonna dig in soon too!

Supplements taken

The iron took a couple of gulps to swallow, but other than that they all went down OK this morning.

Discovered 8 bottles of water in the kitchen and another 8 are coming with the shopping this afternoon so it'll be at least 2 weeks before I need to get any more!  lol

Pup walked, fed and watered. Poo cleared up

I reckon yesterday's reluctance to go on her walk is because of her age 'cos it was the same again this morning!

I might take her on 2 shorter walks a day instead of 1 just to see how she gets on with that instead of forcing her into 1 walk a day.

Sunday 27 August 2017

Lunch today was...

Quorn fishless fingers and potato croquets.


Steve made way too much for the two of us though, so we are really bloaty bunnies right now!

Got a can of ginger beer on the go to try and settle my nausea though.

That's me supplements swallowed

The iron took two swallows but other than that, all three went down with no probs thankfully!

Took a while to persuade her, but...

Usual morning routine is that I come down, take the pup out for her walk, come home then feed and water her.

She's usually eager to go on her walk and runs to the bottom of the stairs as soon as I come down.

Not this morning though!

I got her harness and lead then went to sit at the bottom of the stairs.

Called "walkies".


"You coming for a walk pup?"


Shook her lead.

Still nothing.

Steve tried to persuade her too but she wasn't having any of it.

I went to the bathroom.

When I came back out I tried again.

She waddled over to me this time so I took her out for her walk but she only wanted half so we came back home and I'll try and persuade her to go on the other half in a couple of hours.

I reckon the pup is definitely feeling her age now  😟

Saturday 26 August 2017

Supplements taken again

All in a tizzwoz now 'cos we had an early lunch (we'd finished eating by 11.45am!!) but I've had me lunch, taken the pup out as well as feeding and watering her, then I wrote another manuscript and watched Masterchef.

Dunno what I'm gonna do with meself now!  lol

Friday 25 August 2017

Supplements taken

Just swallowed my 3 supplements and the multi is kicking in now, thankfully!

That's a relief!

I did leave the letter with my GP by accident yesterday so I'll go and get it and carry on with the appeal.

Apparently I need to go through a solicitor to get access to my medical records though?!

Not to worry, the most important thing was the letter  👍

Thursday 24 August 2017

Just cleared out the corner by the sofa...

Filled up 2 black bags and a carrier and cleared everything up so that I could see the floor and the letter definitely wasn't there which means I didn't bring it in and loose it, it's not in my neck bag because I've checked once and Steve's checked twice.  It's not in the car or in the street, so the only other place it could be is at my GP surgery.

Gotta try and remember to call them in the morning to see if they've still got it... I hope they have!!

Gonna wash me hands and take me prescriptions then head to bed for the night... I think I deserve it!

I'm online with my GP surgery now, but...

... I can't find the mandatory reconsideration letter that I took as proof of my address and I forgot to get the name of the person that deals with medical records at the surgery so I've gotta call again tomorrow and get their name and write it down this time!  👎

I know I had it with me when I came home and it's not in the car so it's somewhere here, I just don't know where!  I'm thinking I'll have to get a bin bag and sort out all the stuff down the side of the sofa and hope that it hasn't gone missing or I won't be able to appeal!

Wednesday 23 August 2017

I've got 2 witnesses now, so...

Steve's gone to sign on but when he comes back I'll phone my GP surgery and ask either for a copy of my medical records to be sent to me or if there's any way I can see them online to back me up.

I've got proof that I've told them about the brain damage from the start too 'cos I've got exactly what I put on the form to them when I first applied.

I've got Patrick so that I can get my independence back... without him I would only be able to get to the end of the street with my quad cane that I told them about too!

Steve's just got back and he's trying to get through to the Benefits bods about his ESA appeal too, so as soon as he's finished talking to them, I'll phone my doc about my medical records... there's a way to do everything online that I'll ask about too - assuming I remember of course!  lol

Didn't get PIP, sooo...

Got the letter from the DWP this morning with the result of the mandatory reconsideration.

They didn't award me it again.

They said that I hadn't told them about the brain damage even though I put it on the form I sent them, told the doctor who came out to assess me as well as on the call.  They also said that because I'd bought Patrick privately instead of with the NHS, they couldn't take that into account either.

I've looked at the appeal website and I'm going to ask for a paper appeal then get Steve and hopefully C to act as witnesses for me.  Then I'll phone my GP when they re-open after lunch and ask for my medical records which I'll photocopy for my own benefit and add that to the appeal form.  As well as that, I'll contact the CAB and ask them to be my representative too.

I'm entitled to PIP and the DWP have got a fight on their hands if they think I'll just roll over and accept their wrong decision!!

Supplements taken, pup walked and poo cleared up

Just taken me supplements and the pup has been walked so far, she poo'd on her walk so I cleared that up too.

Gonna have some chocolate then hopefully we'll have a cooked lunch before Steve goes to sign on.

He promised yesterday morning that we would, so I'm gonna make sure we do!

Tuesday 22 August 2017

Our neighbour is ace!

Not only has he helped me to fold up Patrick and bring him into the house for me, he helped Steve at lunchtime too!

There's a car parked right outside our door so there is no way Steve could have got between the car and either of our bins.

Our neighbour noticed that Steve was going to have a problem getting passed so he moved one of the bins out of the way, let Steve get to the door and get his keys out of his executive briefcase (a carrier bag) then moved the bin back.

The same one that said hello to the pup this morning... he has 100% approval in this house!

I definitely approve of Pooch and Mutt!

I emailed Pooch and Mutt the other day about how to keep their food fresh and suggesting that they put some sort of resealing thing on their bags and maybe they would consider making semi-moist or wet food.

They offered suggestions for both and there are already things in the pipeline about both too.

They replied really quickly too and their food is grain-free as well as doing food choices that no other company I've found do which is even better... just gotta work out which one of the two to try Mitzi on is all!


Pup walked and fed

Walked, fed and watered the pup too.  She made a friend of our neighbour on her walk this morning too!  He was down at the other end of the street, her little tail was wagging into a blur when he waved at her.  When we got back to his house he started walking back up and I took the pup for the second half of her walk.

By the time we got back to his house the second time he was back and let the pup sniff his hand then he stroked her head.  The pup was in heaven!  Bless her little furry paws!

Supplements taken

Taken me supplements and the multi is already kicking in, just gotta remember to take them every day so that I can get the kick I need to get me through every day.

Monday 21 August 2017

Must be low in B12 again

Just sprayed the B12 oral spray and it's already working, thankfully.

So tired!

Yes.  Again.

Didn't take me supplements this morning so that could be why and it's a bit late for the B12 spray now and the shopping is coming tonight so it'll be a late night for me anyway so maybe I should do just one spray?

Sunday 20 August 2017

Supplements taken now

The supplements went down easily too, thankfully!  Maybe that means today will be a good day if walking the pup and taking me supplements went so well?

Hope so!

Pup walked and fed, about to take me supplements

The pup was a good girl on her walk this morning, no pulling or dragging or stroppiness, she just walked slightly in front of me for the whole walk!

Gonna take me supplements now so that I don't forget.

Saturday 19 August 2017

Next Saturday, I need to remember...

Just finished backing everything up, same as I do every Saturday morning.

It was quicker and a lot less frustrating to back up 2 or 3 folders at a time onto my external hard drive than to back up everything at the same time, so next Saturday morning I need to remember to back everything up bit by bit instead of the whole thing at once.

Took less than half an hour to do that this morning, rather than several hours when I back up everything at once!

Friday 18 August 2017

Prescription delivered and letter posted, so...

Steve posted the letter this morning and my prescriptions have just been delivered, so the rest of the day is mine now!

Pup walked, fed and watered too

Walked, fed and watered the pup as well as taking the recycling through to the kitchen.

Still got to remember to ask Marie to take the chairs back with her next time she comes over 'cos they are just too long for our kitchen when they are closed up and Steve's just puts his clothes on them right now!

Cache's cleared, virus scan started, supplements taken

Just waiting for my prescriptions to be delivered now, then I'll back up my hard drive and head to bed!

Thursday 17 August 2017

So tired!

Wish I'd taken me supplements this morning!

Wednesday 16 August 2017

Pup walked and fed, about to take me supplements

Supplements taken.

Nice and easy this morning... crunched up the calcium into powder and swallowed it without throwing up.  The iron and multi went down first swallow too!

The pup was a good girl on her walk this morning and she got straight onto eating it as soon as I put her food into her bowl too... such a spectacular little girl!

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken

Despite having a late night because of the shopping last night, I was still awake at 7.30am, so took the pup out for her walk then fed her and took me supplements.

I seem to be waking up at 7.30am no matter what time I go to bed for some reason!

Monday 14 August 2017

Bitch button

Just got back from taking the pup on part 2 of her walk

I was happy to do the other half of her walk but she kept walking so we did an extra half today!

I'm going to try taking her out at lunchtime instead of first thing tomorrow though... like Steve said, she could just be too sleepy in the morning, so I'll see how she feels about lunchtime walks instead of morning walks tomorrow and take it from there.

She's 8 years old now and I just want to do what's best for her is all, so if she prefers lunchtime walks then that's fine by me!  😃

The ramps turned up while I was waiting for the updates too

I ordered a set of ramps to help me get Patrick over the kerb and into the house that turned up this morning too... so heavy together so I'm gonna de-box them and try them out later on.

Had the phone PIP assessment while the updates were installing too and the only one I didn't score points on was the communication part so hopefully I'll get something from the mandatory reconsideration!

Pup walked, supplements taken, cat poo cleared up

I'm going to walk the pup twice a day from now on... she wanted to come back after half her walk again this morning, so I'm going to walk her half way first thing then the second half at lunchtime 'cos I reckon she's just not able to walk that far at once so I'm still going to walk her, just split it up is all

Took me supplements too - all 3 went down with no problem today... maybe I need to wait for 90ish minutes for a windows update to install every morning!  lol

A cat poo'd around our wheelie bin at the weekend and I stupidly put the recycling box on top of it yesterday and the recycling bods must have ground the recycling box into it this morning when they came to take our recycling so I had to go and spread it through the hallway so had to use several wipes to clear it up.


Sunday 13 August 2017

That's me supplements swallowed

The Calcium was hard to swallow and the multi was a nightmare too, only the Iron was swallowed straight away  😔

About to take me supplements

Taken me until now to remember, but hopefully the multi will wake me up!

Saturday 12 August 2017



Been trying to get my fingerprint added to my new mobile.

It's taken a while but I've done it now!

The phone warns that fingerprints are less secure than a strong pattern or password, but surely it's not is it?  Fingerprints are unique aren't they?  Not even identical twins have the same finger print, do they??

Haven't been awarded PIP, soooo...

Got the decision letter about my PIP claim yesterday morning.

I wasn't awarded it, even though I'm street-bound!

Apparently that happens frequently so I'm going to phone the Benefits Agency about a mandatory reconsideration and hope that they see sense.

I used an online tool that helped me to write a letter to them about not awarding me the PIP and I just hope things work out in my favour!

Friday 11 August 2017

I was wrong!

Saved £7 more than I thought!  Patrick's quick repair cost £40.06 instead of the £47 I thought!

Bought a couple of ramps too that'll be here next week so as soon as they arrive I'll charge up Patrick's batteries and away I go!

Patrick's back already!

Just had the driver bring Patrick back and I was charged less than £47 instead of the £150 I was expecting!

That means I can look into getting a ramp to get him up the kerb and into the house now and I've got £350 to spend on it right now without even swapping money around between my accounts!

Means I can use the £50 a month into one of my back-up accounts too which is just so totally awesome!

Thursday 10 August 2017

Heard back from the OU and Assured Mobility while I was out with C

Assured Mobility was about Patrick and they wouldn't talk to Steve about it, so I'm waiting for a call back about it in the next half an hourish.

The Open University emailed me back about my VHS question that I sent them too... they use CDs, DVDs and books on their courses which is fantastic!  Just need to work out which courses to take that don't have residential schools now!

Just got back from seeing C

It feels like forever since I last saw him because of the train breaking down on Monday!

So good to hug him and talk to him again!

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken, forum read.

The pup has been walked and fed and her ears done, I've taken me supplements and read the forum, so I've just got to keep on top of everything that comes in from now on.

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Just phoned about Patrick being taken to the workshop

Just phoned Assured Mobility about how much it would cost now that Patrick is going to the workshop and the lady I spoke to said they would call to let me know the price before they did anything.

I can afford £400 tops, all in 'cos I've only got that much in B!

Being wheelchair bound is an expensive business!  lol

Patrick's just gone to be fixed

I was told yesterday morning it'd be between 11am and 12pm that the engineer would be out today.  They phoned in the afternoon and said 11.30 to 12.30.  I phoned at 1pm today 'cos they still hadn't turned up and was told it was 12pm to 1pm.

1.30pm ticks around and I get a call from the person coming to pick him up to say he'd be here about 1.55pm.

 Several hours later than I was told yesterday and he didn't know how much it'd be to get him fixed in the workshop so I've gotta phone them again to find out... can't afford more than £200 on top of what I was expecting though!

Supplements taken

They were difficult to swallow again, but they are sorted now and the multi is already starting to kick in, thankfully.

Mitzi is really feeling her age now!

Took the senior pup for her walk this morning and for the third time this week she wanted to come home after half of it.

Yesterday and today I persuaded her to do the full length, but I'm wondering if she's in pain or something?

Tuesday 8 August 2017

Just had someone phone about Patrick

Just had Assured Mobility on the phone.

Their engineer has gone off sick today and they don't know how long for, so they offered to lend me a powerchair while Patrick went off to get his tyres sorted.  I said that it wasn't a problem if they just needed to take Patrick away to fix his tyres without loaning me one, I just wanted his tyres sorted out was all.

So, update on tomorrow... somewhere between 11am and 12.30pm, someone is coming over either to take Patrick to be fixed or an engineer will be out to fix the tyres and I'll get my independence back either tomorrow if the engineer comes out or it'll take however long it takes to fix it off site then they'll bring it back to me.

Like Steve said, it's a great company to let me know there could, potentially, be a problem tomorrow... most places wouldn't have done it!

Pup walked, fed and watered, supplements taken

The senior pup only wanted half her walk again this morning, but I managed to persuade her to do the second half then we came home and I fed and watered her.

Steve filled 4 more bottles of water up with squash for me to take my supplements so I've achieved a good amount already today.

Just need to phone Assured Mobility to find out how much it will cost and if they accept debit cards or if they would prefer a cheque before I forget.

In theory I could move £200 from B into NW to cover it either way then just use the other account for the ramp to go from the road onto the pavement and from the pavement into the house.

I'll just take it as it comes I guess.

Monday 7 August 2017

Just phoned about Patrick's wheels

Just phoned Assured Mobility about coming out to repair Patrick's wheels.

They've got to phone head office to arrange it then they'll call me back about what they say.

That's the worst bit over and done with now though!

I've got £400 in B thanks to the PPI claim so that'll more than cover the punctures.


They are coming over on Wednesday lunchtimeish so I'll hopefully be able to get the ramp by the weekend then total freedom is mine again!  Yaaay!


Just had a Facebook message from C to say that the train he was going to get has broken down so I'm not seeing him today after all  😞

I'm missing him already... it feels like forever since I last saw him  😟

Gonna phone up about getting Patrick's wheels sorted after lunch though  👌


Taken me supplements now and I'm meeting up with C at lunchtime... can't wait!

Pup walked and fed. About to take me supplements

Walked and fed our senior pup.

Taken me supplements out of the drawer.

At 9am I'll try and remember to phone Assured Mobility about coming to fix Patrick's wheels then that's it until the shopping comes tonight.

Sunday 6 August 2017

Pup walked and fed, supplements taken

Took the pup our for her walk first thing then came home and took me supplements.

Was going to have me Quorn lasagne for lunch but it was 5 days out of date, so I had chocolate rolls and a drinking chocolate instead!  lol

Gonna work on my OU stuff this afternoon then I'll be doing editing next week while I'm waiting for inspiration to strike so that I can write another novel.

Saturday 5 August 2017

Pup only wanted half her walk today

Only went up and down once before she refused to go any further, so I'm gonna try with the second part later on... maybe she's feeling stiff and achey now that she's a senior pup?

Supplements taken, so...

Gonna walk the pup then come home, check my email and forums then keep studying.

Wanna find an Open University course that doesn't have exams though!  lol  I don't mind TMA's although I prefer eTMA's... I just can't remember a year's education in 2 hours is all!


Assuming the £50 from my paid off and closed credit card doesn't come out of my account on the 15th, I'll move it over to one of my backup accounts for three months then I'll get Patrick's wheels sorted, get a ramp then I'll have my independence back again at last!


Backup done, about to take me supplements

Didn't get in an arsey mood about the lead coming out of the external hard drive for a change this time!

Gonna take me supplements now then take the pup for her walk.

Friday 4 August 2017

Supplements taken, virus scan started

Just taken me supplements and all 3 went down without a problem this time.

Cleared out the cache in both browsers and started the virus scan... 9% done so far and it'll hopefully be finished by 8.30pm tonight, then I need to back up my hard drive and head to bed.

Thursday 3 August 2017

The pup's baaaack!

The pup had to go to the vet because her groomer thought she might have an ear infection.

She has got an infection in her right ear so she's got some drops for the next 14 days and she's 10.9kg now so she's only 900g overweight now and she's lost a lot of weight and won't need to be on the vet food for much longer.  Yay!

Cost me £52 for the consultation and drops, so far from cheap but she's sooo worth it to me and I would willingly have paid double for it if I had to... she means everything to me, she does!

Just taken me supplements

The Calcium went down fine this morning, it was the Iron and multi that caused me problems this time!

Gonna spray me B12 now to hopefully wake me up a bit more too.

Wednesday 2 August 2017

My new smartphone is ace!

Can't work out how to use the fingerprint recognition on it but other than that it's totally ace!

It's the Cubot CHEETAH 2 is what it's called if you're looking for a smartphone!

Supplements taken again

The Calcium took a couple more mouthfuls of squash than usual before it went down but all 3 have been taken now and the multi is starting to kick in again already!

Tuesday 1 August 2017

Supplements taken today

It's been a couple of days since I last took them but I've taken them again now and the multi is kicking in again already, thankfully!