Tuesday 8 August 2017

Just had someone phone about Patrick

Just had Assured Mobility on the phone.

Their engineer has gone off sick today and they don't know how long for, so they offered to lend me a powerchair while Patrick went off to get his tyres sorted.  I said that it wasn't a problem if they just needed to take Patrick away to fix his tyres without loaning me one, I just wanted his tyres sorted out was all.

So, update on tomorrow... somewhere between 11am and 12.30pm, someone is coming over either to take Patrick to be fixed or an engineer will be out to fix the tyres and I'll get my independence back either tomorrow if the engineer comes out or it'll take however long it takes to fix it off site then they'll bring it back to me.

Like Steve said, it's a great company to let me know there could, potentially, be a problem tomorrow... most places wouldn't have done it!

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