Sunday 27 August 2017

Took a while to persuade her, but...

Usual morning routine is that I come down, take the pup out for her walk, come home then feed and water her.

She's usually eager to go on her walk and runs to the bottom of the stairs as soon as I come down.

Not this morning though!

I got her harness and lead then went to sit at the bottom of the stairs.

Called "walkies".


"You coming for a walk pup?"


Shook her lead.

Still nothing.

Steve tried to persuade her too but she wasn't having any of it.

I went to the bathroom.

When I came back out I tried again.

She waddled over to me this time so I took her out for her walk but she only wanted half so we came back home and I'll try and persuade her to go on the other half in a couple of hours.

I reckon the pup is definitely feeling her age now  😟

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