Monday 14 August 2017

Pup walked, supplements taken, cat poo cleared up

I'm going to walk the pup twice a day from now on... she wanted to come back after half her walk again this morning, so I'm going to walk her half way first thing then the second half at lunchtime 'cos I reckon she's just not able to walk that far at once so I'm still going to walk her, just split it up is all

Took me supplements too - all 3 went down with no problem today... maybe I need to wait for 90ish minutes for a windows update to install every morning!  lol

A cat poo'd around our wheelie bin at the weekend and I stupidly put the recycling box on top of it yesterday and the recycling bods must have ground the recycling box into it this morning when they came to take our recycling so I had to go and spread it through the hallway so had to use several wipes to clear it up.


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