Wednesday 23 August 2017

Didn't get PIP, sooo...

Got the letter from the DWP this morning with the result of the mandatory reconsideration.

They didn't award me it again.

They said that I hadn't told them about the brain damage even though I put it on the form I sent them, told the doctor who came out to assess me as well as on the call.  They also said that because I'd bought Patrick privately instead of with the NHS, they couldn't take that into account either.

I've looked at the appeal website and I'm going to ask for a paper appeal then get Steve and hopefully C to act as witnesses for me.  Then I'll phone my GP when they re-open after lunch and ask for my medical records which I'll photocopy for my own benefit and add that to the appeal form.  As well as that, I'll contact the CAB and ask them to be my representative too.

I'm entitled to PIP and the DWP have got a fight on their hands if they think I'll just roll over and accept their wrong decision!!

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