Wednesday 23 August 2017

I've got 2 witnesses now, so...

Steve's gone to sign on but when he comes back I'll phone my GP surgery and ask either for a copy of my medical records to be sent to me or if there's any way I can see them online to back me up.

I've got proof that I've told them about the brain damage from the start too 'cos I've got exactly what I put on the form to them when I first applied.

I've got Patrick so that I can get my independence back... without him I would only be able to get to the end of the street with my quad cane that I told them about too!

Steve's just got back and he's trying to get through to the Benefits bods about his ESA appeal too, so as soon as he's finished talking to them, I'll phone my doc about my medical records... there's a way to do everything online that I'll ask about too - assuming I remember of course!  lol

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