Sunday 31 October 2010

I'm now...

I’m feeling really proud of myself right now… I’ve just got into a size 16 skirt and done the button and zip up straight after drying myself after getting out of the bath!

Last time I tried to get into this skirt it was my fat bum holding it up and I couldn’t do up the zip let alone the button! Thanks to this, I’m now officially a size 16 which means I’ve dropped 5 clothes sizes since I came out of hospital a few years ago! It also means that I’ve only got 3 sizes to go down before I can get into size 10 clothes again!

I’m feeling really proud of myself right now!

Thursday 28 October 2010

Is it wrong of me to

Is it wrong of me to not want children that are ours by blood and to want to adopt instead?

I've got several reasons for wanting to adopt and they are:

1) Both me and my mum are short in height so whatever it is it's obviously a genetic thing that I don't want to pass on to our children

2) There are already lots of unwanted children looking for parents so why not adopt one (or more) of them instead of bringing another child into the world

3) Steven is obese and I'm about 2 stone overweight so I don't want to pass that on either

4) I've been ill for over a decade and still don't know what it is so don't want to pass it on just in case it's hereditary

5) I've got Endometriosis so might be infertile and even if I'm not the Endometriosis might be passed on to female children

6) My dad died of cancer back in June this year so this is another reason I'm wondering about adopting instead of having our own flesh and blood knowing that they could get cancer too

7) We are both getting on a bit in age (I'm 33 and Steven is 39) so we would be getting on a bit by the time a flesh-and-blood child went to school but if we adopt then we could adopt an older child so that we wouldn't be so much older than them

8) Because of the Growth Hormone I took as a child I'm not allowed to give blood so I'm worried about passing whatever it is that stops me onto our biological children.

I'm seriously thinking of getting my tubes tied but every time I mention it to Steven he says "it's your body so it's up to you" which doesn't really help!

Just thinking is all... I'm hitting the hay now... nite all!