Wednesday 31 January 2018

So cold!

Had a bath and I'm so cold now!  😦

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements and they are kicking in nice and quickly... just need to remember to take 'em every day is all!

Pup walked 250% this morning

Last time Steve went to see the nurse, she said to not walk the pup the morning he goes to see her, just to see what happens, so I walked the pup this morning and she did 250% of the walk.

I was wondering if she'd want to do 300% but she didn't want to so I didn't force her.

Monday 29 January 2018

That's a relief then!

BC haven't taken a payment since September, so I've just phoned them and they said I defaulted for some reason.

Soooo, I've made my first payment of the year and set up a standing order for the money to come out on the 28th of every month starting in February.

Means that it's one less thing to worry about now and I know that the money is going out for sure now.

Also know my account number now too lol

Sunday 28 January 2018

If your internet suddenly goes down and it doesn't usually...

It's because there's another Windows update!

Steve took the pup out for her walkies this morning

It wasn't wet out there this morning, so Steve took Mitzi out for her walk this morning.

He's feeding her too, I might be getting him trained!  lol

Apparently they went just past the postbox this morning and the pup poo'd so Steve was responsible by picking up after her then came home and was tempted to leave it in our neighbours bin like they leave dirty nappies in ours!

Saturday 27 January 2018

48 hours

Steve took Mitzi out for her walkies yesterday, but not this morning "because it's a bit wet out there" to quote him.

So as soon as I've finished my cough supressing drink I'll take her out again.

Never lasts!

Friday 26 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements again.

Quick question about Vitamin C though:  is it OK to take more vit C than the RDA like with vit B or is it dangerous like with vit D please?

He's taken the pup out for her walk now

Apparently Mitzi was making him feel guilty so he took her out this morning anyway.

I suggested that he makes his nurse appointments as early in the day as possible then take the pup out after he gets back if his nurse is worried about his legs.

Can't remember now what he said, but if he does do it like that then he really doesn't need to worry about me nagging him any more and I can hopefully spend time recovering from my cold for a while too!

Thank you Steve!

Less than 12 hours

As predicted in last night's post, "it's looking a touch wet out there this morning so I'm gonna jip out of Mitzi's walk today.  I've fed her though!" says Steve.

So, as normal, either I go out, in the wet, with a cold and a hacking cough to walk the pup or she doesn't get walked.

"Besides" he continues, "the nurse wants me to try not walking Mitzi on the day I see her to see if it affects my legs being treated".

Strange that he's had problems with his legs for longer than we've had the pup but the nurse has, conveniently, only mentioned it on Monday.

"I'll definitely walk her tomorrow though" he says.

Yeah.  Right.  Of course.


Thursday 25 January 2018

Mitzi's supposed to be on a diet, but...

Mitzi has been on a diet for 2-3 years now and she is *this close* to being her ideal weight.

She's just been outside for a wee and Steve gave her 2 treats as a reward.  He also gave her a couple of quarters of his slices of ham that he had for his tea.  He also lets her lick the crumbs off his plate whenever he eats anything.


"It's our little routine!" according to Steve.  "Besides, we went on a hike this morning so she'll walk it off in no time!"

That's not the point of a diet though!

She gets very occasional treats when she poo's in the back yard from me and she very occasionally licks pasta sauce or rice off my plate, but that's it.

Every time Steve eats (twice a day) she licks his plate.  Everytime she asks to go outside she gets a treat.  If she poo's in the yard she gets 2 treats as well as getting human biscuits off him.

He only takes her out for walks when it's dry out there and then expects to be knighted every time.  If it's raining or snowing or hailing or even looking like it's going to rain, it's down to me to take her or she won't be walked at all then he wonders why I catch so many colds and he doesn't!

He gets the credit if she loses weight or she walks a little bit further, yet it's all my fault that her poo isn't cleared up or that she's put on weight or that we haven't arranged this or that.

I've been asking Steve for weeks to help me to get the pup into the bath to make her white again instead of her current grey.  "Yeah, maybe later or tomorrow or something" says Steve.




Well I've had it now.  Starting tomorrow I'll do exactly what Steve does for a week with the pup so that he can get the blame for the first time since we've had her if something goes wrong!

Bet he'll turn it around and make it my fault for not looking after her properly though!

Review: Rowse honey

✰✰ out of 5

Definitely not worth the money! :-(
I've got a cold right now and I'd read online that honey was a good way to ease colds.
We already had some runny honey in the house so I tried it with that first and it was a miracle! Within minutes of taking my first taste of it I'd stopped coughing for the first time in 4 days!
Maybe there really was something to the natural cough easer after all?
I finished off the first bottle of honey yesterday and couldn't wait to try this Rowse honey... more expensive and bigger bottle so faster results, right?
I've been coughing all day and the Rowse honey drink hasn't stopped it at all!
Didn't do anything different to the previous mugs of hot honey I'd had all weekend but I couldn't taste the honey at all. Even double the amount of honey in the second mug was barely detectable!
I've used up a third of the bottle just in one day and I've given myself a headache because I've been coughing so much.
I've learnt my lesson though... gonna put Sainsbury's own brand squeezy honey on next weeks order.
Better value, better taste and it actually stopped me coughing all day after only 2 mugs, but I've had 4 or 5 mugs using the Rowse honey today and haven't stopped coughing at all!
I've used almost triple the amount of Rowse honey in 10 hours without any kind of ease.
If you've got money to burn and you like tasteless honey, then get this one... if not, avoid it! I was hoping for too much after reading the 5 star review!
I won't be buying it again, it's a total waste of money!

New PB for the pup's walkies this morning, apparently.

Apparently Steve and the pup walked even further today... another 50ish% more than their usual distance.

They usually walk to the postbox and back which is awesome in itself.

Last time they worked to the gateway entrance thing and back.

Today they walked to the crossing opposite the BBC radio station bit and back!

They are both doing so well... they'll be walking a mini marathon next! lol

Wednesday 24 January 2018

If the sound on your computer has suddenly stopped working...

Had issues with not being able to hear anything on my likkle laptop all day and I thought it was maybe my headphones being broken or something.


There was a Windows update installing in the background and it was stopping the volume on me laptop working.

A reboot later and everything is back to normal again!

I was getting so stressed out and angry that I couldn't get the CD to play, so my in-house geek suggested a reboot which I did and it came up with a message saying it was on stage 6 of 6 of some updates, so I'm thinking it was something wrong with the audio of Windows this time.

Back to normal now though!


Pup walked, supplements taken

As of now, I've taken 120 pills 'cos I took the last of my Iron tablets just now and had to open my next Iron pills bottle ready to take again tomorrow, but all 3 of em are working their magic on me now!

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Just had my GP on the phone as well

I ran out of AD's and the pharmacy couldn't get hold of any lactose free ones from the manufacturer because they'd stopped making them or something.

Steve went into a bit of a panic last night and decided to phone the pharmacy as soon as they opened this morning.  They told him to contact my GP who has just phoned back and apparently he's got no problem with me completely stopping it, I just need to be prepared "to feel a bit woozy for a couple of weeks" while my body gets used to not having a med in my system that it's had since 2003.

I'm glad I don't need to take it any more and as long as the wooziness isn't throwing up constantly, I can live with the side effects for as long as my body needs to re-adjust!

Means that I can keep going to bed at midnight and being awake at 6.30am now which is a huge relief after being asleep for 12 hours and exhausted for the other 12 hours!  Just need to keep taking the multi now along with extra B12 boosts as needed in winter.

Things will be rough for a while, I know that and I can prepare for it, but for the first time in 1.5 decades I just don't feel the need to be on AD's at all!

On a scale of one to ten, right now I'm at eleven!

Just had a letter from HMCTS about PIP

Apparently they've had a request for an urgent hearing.

They got the letter on 5th January, so why has it taken almost 3 weeks since then to contact me about it?!

Also, it'll be in Cardiff so how the flip am I supposed to get there as well?!

Definitely approve of the new timings for...

Took me prescription at 10.30pm last night, went to bed at just gone midnight and woke up at 6.30am.  That means I've had 6.5 hours sleep and I feel great (other than me cold) so I'm gonna keep doing that every evening now!

I'll take me supplements at lunchtimeish and head to bed at midnight, ready to come downstairs bright and early the next morning.


Monday 22 January 2018

Definitely prefer at-home cures for nausea and coughing!

Since 2003 I've used ginger to stop nausea and found it worked so much better than prescription anti-emetics without the associated long-term usage of prescription anti-emetics.

I've had a bad cold since Friday and the only thing that has stopped me coughing has been runny honey in hot water.  Cheaper than lozenges and more instantly effective too!

Definitely going to keep stock of the honey this year as well as the ginger beer!

Just taken me supplements

Took my prescription at 5pm yesterday and was only asleep for 5 hours then I was up and about for the rest of the night.

So, I'm going to test out a theory tonight... I've just taken me supplements which will, in theory, keep me awake until late tonight, I'll take me prescription at about 11pm and see what time I wake up tomorrow... in theory it'll be 4am, then I'll just listen to the radio until 6am and come downstairs ready to start writing.

I hope!  lol

Means that I'll have a more respectable bedtime of 11pm rather than 8pm and I'll still be up and about bright and early ready to start the day at a more respectable time too!

Today is gonna be the start of my new routine if it works like I've explained up there  ^^!

So proud of you, Steve!

Steve's just got back from taking Mitzi for her walk and they went the other way at the end of the road this time!

Last time they headed left and down to the post box, this time they took a right and went up to the pub and back.

Apparently the pup saw her reflection in the glass door of the block of flats and she was confused by it or something, bless her tiny little heart!

Sunday 21 January 2018

Pup walked, supplements taken

I went to bed at 4pm yesterday and woke up at 10am wondering why it was dark outside.

I was just so cream crackered yesterday that I slept for 20 hours!

Worked out first thing that it was 'cos I hadn't taken me supplements yesterday, so I took me supplements first thing and I already feel so much better!

Just got back from walking the pup and Steve's asked his dad to take me for a blood test tomorrow so that I don't get a wet bum trying to put the batteries into Patrick!  lol

It'll be so much easier to go for appointments and stuff in Summer as well as being able to go into Gloucester 'cos there is less chance of rain then!  lol

Wanna go into Cheltenham at some point this year, just to see if it's doable in a wheelchair on buses is all.  If I *can* get to Cheltenham on the bus that'll be so totally awesome 'cos it's been at least 1.5 decades since I was last there!

As long as it's still all in the centre of Cheltenham I'll be fine, I'm sure, I just want to say that I can go into both Gloucester and Cheltenham is all.  I know I can get a taxi in and stuff, but the prices are just so different between bus and taxi!

Saturday 20 January 2018


I've been AVG's customer almost from the start.

1998 or 1999 I think it was.

They have helped me twice since last July and they have somehow finally uninstalled McAfee for me that's been on since this laptop was ordered 4 or 5 years ago.

They offer a free version and a paid for version.  I'm using the paid for version and I want to say a huuuuuge thank you to Tam and Mohammed for sorting out the problem I've been having with AVG saying it's not up to date.

I'm now fully protected though, and as soon as I've paid off my two credit cards, I'm going to invest in the error fixing dooberry too, then save up the £100 a month to get Steve a car so that we can finally go over and see my mum again! 

In theory, it's £125 after I paid off SB at the end of last year but that extra £25 can be put towards the shopping and we won't need to rely on Basics stuff!

2018 is an expensive year - £99 for AVG for 3 years protection and loads of Namehog stuff, but if I can make it through this year without going overdrawn then I'll be a happy bunny and my credit score will get out of the red again too!

Yes, £99 is expensive, but it covers you for 3 years for all sorts of viruses and trojans and malware and stuff!  Surely your online safety is worth £33 a year? 

It is for me!

Friday 19 January 2018

Taken my last AD, because...

I've been taking an AD and AP since I came out of hospital at the start of 2003.

The pharmacy have known since then (as in 1.5 decades) that I'm allergic to dairy.

There have been 2 changes to my prescription since then, both to the AP part, first to the brand name about 5ish years ago and then to reduce the dose last April.  No problem with either of those.

For the last 2 months there has been a problem with the AD part... first off, last month, it took almost a week longer than normal to deliver it because of the supplier and this month they didn't deliver it at all because the manufacturer no longer makes the lactose free version that I've been having for well over a decade.

I've been considering stopping the AD just to see if I still need it, or if I was just low in vitamins, so now that I don't have any more of my AD left, I'll give it a try without and maybe ask about having a regular course of B12 jabs throughout the Winter months 'cos even the first jab in the last course did wonders for me, so I wanna give it a try for a while just to see what happens.

Means that I need to remember to take at least my multi every morning now though, cos I haven't got the back-up of the AD any more!

Supplements taken, virus scan started

The multi has woken me up and improved my mood, same as normal... almost forgot to take them this morning though!

Started the weekly deep scan of my likkle laptop too - totally forgot about that!

All set now though, so I can hopefully wake my muse up and start planning my novel again.

Thursday 18 January 2018

Take a guess what this post is about lol

Taken me supplements again and the multi is already kicking in again - yay!  👍

Wednesday 17 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just my normal quick post to remind myself that I've taken me supplements!

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements again and the multi should be kicking in any second!

Monday 15 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements and I'll run out of the first bottle of Iron in 7 days time.

I've got the next bottle already lined up 'cos I buy a years supply at a time so I've got 6 months and 1 week left of my supplements now.

I love Simply Supplements and have done for 1.5 decades... I'll never go anywhere else now!  If you want 20% off your first order with them, just put my name (Amanda George) in the box at the checkout and it's all sorted!  If there's more than one of me, just lemme know in the comments bit on this blog and I'll give you my email address!

That's a relief!

Just had a letter from one of my remaining two credit cards asking me to call them to discuss my repayment plan.

I panicked when I read that but found the courage to call them.

Glad I did!  The lady I spoke to went through my monthly outgoings and was happy for me to keep paying what I've been paying for the last year and I've got less than £800 left to pay off the card now so that'll be totally cleared in 32 months so that'll leave me with just the one credit card to pay off which is my biggest balance, but when I've finished paying off CO I'll be able to increase BC up to £100 a month which'll clear it even quicker!

Just gotta stop spending on things we don't need any more - spending has been an addiction for me so I'll prolly always have to battle that demon, but I'm a lot better with that than I used to be, so I've just gotta keep on keeping on now!

I'll only have one more card left to pay off in a couple of years but as long as BC are still happy to have £75 a month instead of the minimum payment, that'll be sorted in a couple of years too!

I can so do this!!

The pup's morning walkies with Steve

The pup made a friend on her walk this morning... apparently someone came out of the flats as they were walking back.

Steve talked to this lady and she spotted Mitzi's lead and asked about it, so Steve explained. Then she spotted the pup's harness and they started talking about Mitzi's Dogs Trust story.

The lady asked how old the pup was and Steve said she's 6 when she's actually 8 and we've had her for 7 years.

The lady bent down to say hello to the pup and Mitzi left a couple of dirty paw marks on her jeans!

Apparently Steve stood there apologising and she was like "no problem at all!" 

It's amazing what can be achieved when you're friendly to your neighbours and you've got a little pup to introduce you!

Mitzi now knows 5 people in the street and 4 of them like her... the other one just isn't worth it... he's got a problem with me, not the pup! She knows both neighbours and one across the street as well as today's lady and they all like her almost as much as we love her!

Sunday 14 January 2018

Just been for Mitzi's second walk of the day

I'm feeling so much better, even though it took a few minutes for Mitzi to jump off the back of the sofa.

We did an extra 200% just now, so all three of us deserve our sleep tonight!  The pup has walked her equivalent of a half marathon today which is so totally awesome!

All three of us are getting some much-needed exercise now which will help us to loose some more weight too.

I won't take her for any more than that every afternoon though, just need to get my Endorphin rush to pick up my mood every morning is all!

So unbelievably proud of you, Steve!

Steve's been helping me to walk the pup for the last 5 days.

Started off with me doing most of it and Steve taking her for the last part.

Not today though!

Today he walked the pup on his own to the post box, posted a letter and walked back with me still being in the house!

He did it twice as fast as I was thinking too... I thought to myself that he'd be at the end of the road, but he wasn't!  30 seconds later he was home!

I was sat on the sofa with my laptop booting up and in he walked!

Apparently he stopped once to catch his breath, but he did it totally alone for the first time in more than a decade!

He says his next target is the bus stop, but that's double the length he walked today so he needs to slow down a bit!  lol

He seems to be enjoying his morning walks with the pup though... once he had the motivation and he got through the barrier, he's waking up in a better mood and ready to do it as soon as I wake up and come downstairs now!

So proud of you for being able to do so much in less than a week, Steve!!

Saturday 13 January 2018

7 days

If we'd said to each other a week ago that Steve would be having a bowl of chips and 2 sausage rolls for his lunch as well as willingly wanting to walk the pup every morning and being willing to take the pup to the post box on his own, neither of us would have believed it!

Now that he's got the motivation to take the pup out with me and he's ready to take the pup out before I've even come downstairs, hopefully he'll still be willing to do it for the rest of the year!  He's already aiming for the chippy, but I think he should take things a lot slower than that!  lol

He's just said about getting to the garage to get us a Subway roll each and it's an amazing thing to aim for, he just needs to take it a lot slower though... I just don't want him to try to get to the garage next weekend and get stuck and lose all the confidence he's starting to build up is all!

I want him to build up slowly and the first target should be getting to his GP and back first, then taking it from there... it's like he's expecting to run a marathon after only jogging for a mile first off is all.  He'll do it, just not as quickly as he's hoping for!

Taken me supplements

They all went down OKish... the Calcium gave me a bit of pain when I crunched it up (it's too big for me to swallow whole, so I crunch that one up) 'cos a little crumb got attached to the top of me tooth without realising it so when I crunched again, my two teeth came into contact with the crumb and it was a bit ouchie but no big deal.

Had another PPI thing through the post this morning

Apparently Santander and looking at my claim both for Debenhams and Dorothy Perkins.

I've just filled in the form and got it ready for tomorrow, so Steve's got a reason to go to the postbox tomorrow now!

He knows he can do it when it's just him 'cos that's what he did on Tuesday, but he's going to walk our pup tomorrow as well as posting the letter for me.

I'm gonna stay in the house and hopefully Steve'll remember to take his mobile with him just in case he needs it, to put both of our minds at rest.

He said that he stopped to catch his breath once on his way back on Tuesday so hopefully he'll be able to do it without any stops at all tomorrow!

So proud of you, Steve!

Sort of family walkies today

Other than taking the pup out of the door, holding onto her lead while Steve cleared up her poo and bringing her in, Steve did the whole lot today!

I asked him if he wanted to try the entire thing alone tomorrow and he nervously said yes!

I'm not pressuring him, but he's done so much more in the last 4 days than he has for more than a decade!

You're awesome, Steve!  Just take things slowly and you'll be walking into town again before you know it!  You already know you can walk to the post box alone, so the next step is the hospital and you'll be well away!

It doesn't matter how long it takes, just keep pushing yourself a tiny bit more each time and you'll be fine!  In less than a week you've gone from walking to the postbox occasionally to taking our pup for her entire morning walk!

I've just asked him about taking the pup to the postbox tomorrow and he agreed as long as it's not raining!

Keep at it Steve... you're doing so well!

Friday 12 January 2018

Taken me supplements

Just taken me 3 supplements and, as usual, the multi is already starting to kick in again.

Just need to remember to take them each morning and I'll be sorted for the day!

325% and family walkies this morning

We took the pup out on family walkies again this morning and while we didn't walk quite as far as yesterday, Steve took her for half of it which he's never done before!

He's going to come for our morning walkies every morning that it isn't wet out there too apparently!

The last 3 days has obviously encouraged him to walk a little bit more and he seemed to have more energy and feel better mentally yesterday and Wednesday too which is awesome!

The 15 minute walk I do with the pup set me up for the day and the half hour walks with Steve set him up for the day too 'cos he's already working on his laptop instead of being asleep until lunchtime like he was last week!

WTG Steve and Mitzi!

Thursday 11 January 2018

Family walkies again!!

Me and Mitzi took Steve on our usual daily walk.

I was happy with 100% but the pup carried on walking, so we did 200% and Steve suggested going to the end of the road again so we ended up doing about 400% this morning!!

My legs are killing me, Mitzi is wiped out and I bet Steve'll be asleep for at least a couple of hours today, but it's helping the three of us to lose weight!  Steve's clinically obese, I'm overweight and so is Mitzi, but if we keep going on family walks every morning then we'll lose weight together!

So proud of the three of us again this morning!

Wednesday 10 January 2018

Family walkies again this morning

Steve posted another letter for me this morning so we went on a family walk to the end of the road.

To quote Steve, she made a dirty protest of him going for part of the walk without her 'cos she poo'd at the end of the road so Steve stayed at the end with the pup while I came home for a carrier bag, then he cleared it up and we brought it home with us.

I've just asked about going on family walkies every morning and he agreed!  We'll build up slowly but Steve's just agreed to do it so that'll help him to firm up and lose even more weight!

Once a week for a while then twice a week etc etc.

You can do it, Steve!

Tuesday 9 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements again and they all went down pretty easily again.

Monday 8 January 2018

40 minutes early!

We've just had our groceries delivered.

40 minutes early!

Steve phoned his mum to let Marie know not to come and there were only maybe 5 carrier bags anyway so we sorted it out ourselves.

Not bad for £40... the doughnuts I ordered were a bit dry like Steve's fruit cake, but other than that there was nowt to complain about this week!

For a change!  lol

Just treated meself to...

As I'm slowly loosing weight, my rings are starting to slip and I'm worried about them coming off my fingers totally, so I've just ordered a pack of ring snuggies so that I can add them to my rings without risking my rings falling off.

They will be here by Wednesday so look out for a review of them when they arrive!

Supplements taken again

They all went down really easily this morning!

The council are back again and they are doing the pavements instead of the road today on the other side.  That means it'll be this side tomorrow then that's it done!

Sunday 7 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me supplements again and the multi-vitamin is kicking in quickly again.

Steve got into a grumpy mood with me for asking me to fill up the bottles with squash so that I could take them... grumpy old man!  lol

That's the Namehog stuff paid until July

My New Look card PPI claim paid into my account overnight so I've spent £243 on my Namehog stuff until July so that I can save up my tenner a week into B to cover the rest of the renewals.

New Look was my lowest credit limit of £500ish so if they pay out £616 in PPI claims, what are my highest credit limit cards going to pay out?!  👍 😁

Saturday 6 January 2018

Jacket tatties for lunch again

Had jacket tatties for our lunch after I'd written 3 chapters this morning.

The baked beans are repeating on me something chronic though!  lol

Friday 5 January 2018

So proud of you Steve!

Steve's just got back from seeing his doc and he got weighed again.

He's 1.1kg off his own personal target weight and he's lost 3kg since 8th December which makes it 3 stones since he seriously started making an effort to lose weight in September.

All we've done is to almost totally cut out take-aways and have home-cooked food instead.

We used to have at least one take-away a day it's maybe once or twice a month now!

That includes the Christmas feast that we had with his family... usually he goes back for seconds and has a competition with his brother to see how much he can eat for their Christmas lunch.  Steve struggled to finish his first plate of food on Christmas Day and it was noticeably less food on that plate too!

When he next gets weighed at the start of February he'll be past his target and he'll have to set himself another target... it's definitely do-able though - keep going Steve and we'll get there in the end!

So proud of you!

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements too.  They all went down pretty easily today, thankfully.

Pup walked and fed

The "footway" is being re-done so the pup had loads of different sounds and smells to experience today.

She did really well though and walked for 100% of her walk this morning then waited at the door to come in, bless her little paws!

Thursday 4 January 2018

Pup walked, supplements taken

After the huge family walk yesterday, my knees were killing me so we only did the 100% of the walk today.  Mitzi wanted to keep walking, but there was no way I would have been able to stay upright if we'd kept walking... sorry pup!

Just taken me supplements too and I'm already feeling more awake!  Gonna watch The Bill then carry on writing... I'm a sixth of the way through the manuscript already!

Wednesday 3 January 2018

Supplements taken

Just taken me 3 supplements and the multi was a nightmare to swallow today... took 3 or 4 huge gulps of squash to get it down me throat and another big drink to wash it the rest of the way down too!

Thankfully the multi is kicking in nice and quickly again though, so I reckon I can let it off!  lol

Family walkies today!

I asked Steve to post a letter for me while he was out yesterday but he forgot so he promised to do it today instead.

Me and Mitzi walked up the road with him and waited for him.  Mitzi started getting restless so I brought her back then we walked back up and waited for him again.

When Steve came around the corner, the pup went nuts and greeted him as if he'd been gone for hours instead of minutes bless her.  We came home and I fed her then the three of us collapsed in the living room and we'll all be asleep by the end of The Bill!  lol

Steve said that the post box and back is the furthest he can safely go right now 'cos his knees were starting to get wobbly but he walked through all the corridors and stuff of the hospital yesterday so it's understandable that he's feeling it this morning!  I am too!  lol

Keep it up Steve... you'll get there in the end!

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Supplements taken for the first time in a few days

Just taken my 3 supplements for the first time in a few days and I'm already feeling the positive effects again... just got to get back into the routine of taking them every morning again and within a couple of minutes I'll be more awake, just like now!

Not only do I feel more awake, but I feel more creative too which is awesome!

That was a nice surprise with the post!

Got a letter through the post about one of my PPI things.

I've been awarded £616.51 in mis-sold PPI which is either from Debenhams or Barclaycard.  I'm assuming it's Debenhams 'cos wouldn't Barclaycard use Barclays to send the letter instead of Santander?

Dunno for sure, but I'm going to email the PPI bods who started it for me to say I've accepted it and ask them how much their fee will be when it turns up in my account.

You watch me forget now though!  lol

Monday 1 January 2018

I worked out in the car on the way home that...

Just got back from spending the day with the in-law's again and I worked out that we've spent more hours with Steve's family in the last 8 days than we have with my mum since my father's funeral in 2010!

We spent 10 hours with them on Christmas Day, 8 hours with them on Saturday and another 6 hours today.  That adds up to 24 hours in 8 days.

We spent 6 hours with me mum on the day of my father's funeral, 4 hours a week later and 4 hours the week after we got the pup.  We haven't been over there since.  That's 14 hours since 2010 but we've spent longer than that with Steve's family in just over a week.

The only reason I agreed to move to Gloucester was on the condition that we went over to see my mum regularly.

Steve happily agreed.

So why haven't we seen her in 7.5 years then?

Steve says that it's 'cos we don't have a car.

We could hire one.

He's putting in even less effort into getting a car than he is a job!!

I give up.

I'm not going to pressure him any more about getting a job or going over to see me mum.  I also won't go to the in-laws... after all, we don't have transport!  I won't buy any more gifts for them, only for my mum and friends.  Steve doesn't reckon he's got any money to get them gifts yet he gets more PIP than I do ESA yet I'm supposed to magic the money out of thin air for things he wants.

No more pushing me over.

I'll be as selfish in 2018 as he's been since 2010.

I give it until Valentine's Day... he'll whine that I haven't even got him a card let alone a gift, but he hasn't got me a card or gift for any reason (Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday or Christmas) for at least 2 years so why is he whining for me being as selfish as him?

I give it until the end of February before he starts whining and I'll be expected to shoulder the blame for his faults.


He's expecting me to put up with it so surely I should be expecting the same of him?!

Happy new year, blog readers!


Happy New Year everyone!  I hope your 2018 is your best year yet!