Monday 22 January 2018

Just taken me supplements

Took my prescription at 5pm yesterday and was only asleep for 5 hours then I was up and about for the rest of the night.

So, I'm going to test out a theory tonight... I've just taken me supplements which will, in theory, keep me awake until late tonight, I'll take me prescription at about 11pm and see what time I wake up tomorrow... in theory it'll be 4am, then I'll just listen to the radio until 6am and come downstairs ready to start writing.

I hope!  lol

Means that I'll have a more respectable bedtime of 11pm rather than 8pm and I'll still be up and about bright and early ready to start the day at a more respectable time too!

Today is gonna be the start of my new routine if it works like I've explained up there  ^^!

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