Monday 15 January 2018

The pup's morning walkies with Steve

The pup made a friend on her walk this morning... apparently someone came out of the flats as they were walking back.

Steve talked to this lady and she spotted Mitzi's lead and asked about it, so Steve explained. Then she spotted the pup's harness and they started talking about Mitzi's Dogs Trust story.

The lady asked how old the pup was and Steve said she's 6 when she's actually 8 and we've had her for 7 years.

The lady bent down to say hello to the pup and Mitzi left a couple of dirty paw marks on her jeans!

Apparently Steve stood there apologising and she was like "no problem at all!" 

It's amazing what can be achieved when you're friendly to your neighbours and you've got a little pup to introduce you!

Mitzi now knows 5 people in the street and 4 of them like her... the other one just isn't worth it... he's got a problem with me, not the pup! She knows both neighbours and one across the street as well as today's lady and they all like her almost as much as we love her!

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