Monday 15 January 2018

That's a relief!

Just had a letter from one of my remaining two credit cards asking me to call them to discuss my repayment plan.

I panicked when I read that but found the courage to call them.

Glad I did!  The lady I spoke to went through my monthly outgoings and was happy for me to keep paying what I've been paying for the last year and I've got less than £800 left to pay off the card now so that'll be totally cleared in 32 months so that'll leave me with just the one credit card to pay off which is my biggest balance, but when I've finished paying off CO I'll be able to increase BC up to £100 a month which'll clear it even quicker!

Just gotta stop spending on things we don't need any more - spending has been an addiction for me so I'll prolly always have to battle that demon, but I'm a lot better with that than I used to be, so I've just gotta keep on keeping on now!

I'll only have one more card left to pay off in a couple of years but as long as BC are still happy to have £75 a month instead of the minimum payment, that'll be sorted in a couple of years too!

I can so do this!!

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